Lady Sequanna
Lady Sequanna
Lisbon, Portugal
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Lady Sequanna was born and raised in the ancient land known to some as Lusitania. After some time abroad, she is now again residing in her beloved city of Lisbon.

Lady Sequanna was formally introduced to the Vampyre Community through Bloodlines International, having been the first representative for the now extinct Portuguese chapter. Her explorations have led Lady Sequanna to spend some time in many European nations, namely Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, England, Romania, and the Netherlands. While living in the US, Massachusetts, Lady Sequanna had an opportunity to establish a multitude of contacts throughout the East Coast, exploring clubs, stores and different places of interest that allowed for a stronger connection to the American Vampyre Community. Some of her best memories were times spent with new friends at the State Cathedral in Washington DC, in the Philly nightclubs, at the Maryland Renaissance Fair and in the southern haunts of Savannah and Tampa Bay.

Lady Sequanna is walking the path of the Kitra. She has been a friendly ear and shoulder to many. Her life focus to know and help people, she developed both formally and informally valuable counseling skills. The workings of each individual mind and the twists and turns of someone’s personal history are a very rich and intricate field to unfurl, weaving at the same time the most exquisite and delicate fabric. She has a degree in clinical psychology with an applied focus, hands on as well as academic, on adolescents.

Aside from Psychology she is deeply interested in History, Literature and Art. As such, Lady Sequanna’s inner world is comprised of dark beauty and passionate poetry combined with a never ending curiosity about the workings of the human mind. Nothing is too somber to be delved into; nothing is too bright to be stared at; nothing is too painful to be touched.

Lady Sequanna is often found engaging in photography sessions, looking for the perfect location, the perfect composition, the perfect image, knowing that imperfection can be perfect. The representation of reality becomes reality itself. And in that game anything and everything is possible.


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"Abyssus abyssum invocat."


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