Kitra And BDSM In Ritual...

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Kitra And BDSM In Ritual...

Postby Ileana » Mon Nov 28, 2005 9:33 pm

I didn't know whether to post this here or in the Crimson Circle, so I decided to post it here. I thought this interesting. This came from Madame Webb from the Current Of Elorath forum. She gave me permission to post it.

Some may have seen this before, I posted it on older boards.
I feel this is important to put out there for vampyres to know that they can personalize the rituals and find different ways to reach gnosis.
Not every Kitra will agree with what I wrote below.

I personally feel that a Kitra who takes on a traditional ‘bottom’ role within the Sanguine Mass can benefit from this practice, whether the Kitra is a masochist or a submissive.

These are just my views of how a Kitra can incorporate BDSM within ritual to help them achieve a Gnostic state of mind making energy channeling, weaving and manipulation more effective.

The Dragon breath, stance, and astral eye are all exercises to push our physical limits; this concept is much the same. BDSM is about reaching our physical and emotional limits and hopefully pushing past them and this could be a great way for a Kitra to reach gnosis during ritual.

People who experience the bottom role within BDSM want to loose control, release responsibility and let another person have power over them. To remove their inhibitions and all that they ‘think’ they are. No issues, concepts, personal preferences or theories. Humbly being humiliated to learn to let go of their pride and ego which stands in the way of them experiencing and achieving many things in their life. Pushing themselves to just ‘be’.

As a Kitra within ritual this would make them a perfect open vessel for the energy to channel into and their own emotional state would heighten the energy.

Any Top or dominant player can give you examples of how many emotional changes a bottom person can go through during a ‘play session’. As well, physically this causes heightened endorphins and creates an adrenaline rush.

The Strigoi Vii also has a flare for the dramatic and this is one way to add psychodrama to the ritual.

The triumvirate of the Priest, Kitra and Mradu caste must have a special relationship together. Trust, respect, like minded goals and purpose, and openness are ideal qualities to have between them in order to work well magickally together.

If BDSM is to be used on the Kitra during ritual, all parties within the triumvirate must agree. For example, if the Priest is disgusted by the acts of BDSM how can he/she effectively take energy from the Kitra or concentrate on the flow happening between them all? How can a Mradu who does not understand how to nor want to use to percussion toy participate effectively?

I feel that one who should be dominating the Kitra is the Mradu with the ritual triumvirate. The Kitra feeds off of the bi-product energy of the Mradu anyways.

The Mradu would be physically acting out his Caste role over the Kitra, protecting and cautious yet wielding the power.

For the masochist:

Safety is always the first concern. I would suggest using items that will not easily break the skin or hurt the Kitra bad enough that may require medical attention.

Be sure that what is to be done is always discussed before hand and that safe words are arranged.

Ideally percussion toys would be the best to use. The rhythmic sound of it, like a flogger, can be soothing to other attending members as well as for the pleasure of the Kitra.

This could be done while the ritual space is being set up and during the invocation to the quarters.

For the submissive:

Again safety should be the first concern. The Kitra can choose to be bound to a chair/throne in the ritual space, bound sitting on the ground, or bound to the altar.

This can last throughout the ritual or how ever long the Kitra determines, as well as how to be bound. IE, Japanese rope bondage, cuffs, body harness, scarves, etc. The Mradu should be the one to bind/tie up the Kitra and release her/him. The Mradu should stand close to ensure the comfort of the Kitra and in case he/she needs to be released quickly.

If there is more than one Kitra in the ritual, they can work together on this especially if one feels like an Active Kitra and other a Passive Kitra.
The Active could perhaps bind the Passive one and act as the energy conduit filtering it to the Passive Kitra.
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Postby Fra. Akira Dacophanos » Tue Nov 29, 2005 2:36 am

I have the privilege of knowing one (if not the most) powerful Kitra.
She is an alpha female and submits to no one.
The power of the Kitra stems not from submission or likewise dominance.

The power lies within presence, beauty, and strength.

Presence: She can make a room silent or at least shift discussion to her will.
Beauty: She is graceful, sophisticated beauty-both feral as well as calm.
Strength: In the sense that she does not have to show it, people just know and submit.

Now when it comes to Kitra and BDSM, a powerful Kitra will always remain dominant in a sense despite the roleplay involved. She is the hub, the central point of ritual. Focus will always be on her.
The Kitra I refer to was silent and did practically nothing at a ritual.
Despite her lack of physical action, she projected herself for all to behold.
People were amazed and fixated on her.

I have been beside her many times. I have learned much.
Any Kitra out there who seeks a role-model, come and hear what I have learned and witnessed.
Fra. Akira Dacophanos

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þeygi ec hana at heldr hefic".
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Postby Ileana » Tue Nov 29, 2005 10:49 pm

Interesting. She does sound like a very powerful Kitra. I would love to know what you have learned and witnessed.
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