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Donor Safety

Postby Aislin Ni MorRhiaghan » Tue Feb 28, 2006 6:38 am

Donor Safety

While many of us throughout one or many lifetimes have found other means to alleviate the thirst once we start beasting, there is only one true way to satisfy the thirst once it sets in. The drinking of human blood is a sacred and intimate thing, while some regard it with as little intimacy as eating a bowl of steak tar tar, others regard it with a great deal of respect, myself included. Our donors are very important to us and so should be cared for without limit. We do not cage our donors, show them off to other vampyres, allow others to feed from them, nor do we allow any harm to come to them, and this includes from ourselves. If you are considering becoming a donor or if you have donors or considering taking one, please understand that they have every right to know what they are in for and that they have the right to protect themselves. We have an obligation to provide that knowledge.

A donor is someone who willingly gives something of themselves, whether it is their time, energy, money, or life force. A donor does not belong to us, is not our property, and should never be portrayed or treated as if they are. They are very important to us and to our lives and should be treated as such. They have the right to have other friends, relationships, jobs, and support systems. Because they willingly share so much with us, we should always allow them to exercise their free will and to live their lives without our interference. A donor should never fear physical retribution for socializing outside of their pledged Household, coven, or relationship, nor should they be marked by piercing, tattoos, scarring, or branded like cattle. Under no circumstances should a donor fear physical retaliation or abuse because they refuse to allow you to feed from them, nor should they be bullied or otherwise intimidated into doing so.

That being said choosing a donor is no simple matter. First and foremost no one should ever feed from anyone who is under 18 years of age and does not fully understand what they are getting into. Feeding from children in any state is illegal and punishable by the law and should be. These are not the pages of a gothic romance novel. It is not romantic and do not think that a judge will be sympathetic to your plight. We can not take the pain of the draw away with a mere glance, and we can not excuse our bad behavior on a beasting episode. We should never feed unless we have ourselves in complete and utter control. A donor should never allow us to feed from them in an agitated state.

These days with blood born pathogens at their height we must always be aware of illnesses, both short term and long term. We are vampyres but we are not immortal. If we contract HIV we will get sick and we will die just like everyone else. Any illness that can be contracted via a blood transfusion, or passed by viral transmission can be transferred to us via the blood. Stomach acid and the normal defensive bacteria in the mouth can protect against some bacterial infections, however, viruses are highly adaptable and it’s simply not worth the risk to test a theory. Once it was fashionable for a vampyre to “graze”, or to randomly feed from lots of sources without first establishing a relationship with them. Now it’s simply not a good idea. Donors as well as the vampyre they are donating to should be regularly screened for STD’s, and be drug free. We should never feed from a donor who is intoxicated on any substance and donors should never allow someone to feed from them that are intoxicated as well. Even though a person may offer their services while they are intoxicated, they may quickly forget it as they sober up. This could lead to legal issues and more trouble than either the community or the individual cares to deal with. If you wouldn’t let someone pierce you or tattoo you or do surgery on you while they are intoxicated, don’t let them feed from you if they are not sober.

It has often been suggested that vampyres take a few courses in anatomy and physiology and I could not agree more. We need to do this in order to take responsibility for the safety of our donors. We don't want them scarred for life, bleeding to death, or otherwise suffering from nerve damage because of inappropriate drawing. They are depending on us to ensure that they are safe while they are sharing their lives with us. Never take a donor until you know the basics of anatomy and physiology. Along with the basics in A & P, you should also know the basics in first aid. Be sure to know your donor’s doctor’s number, a local first aid referral, and how to tie a tourniquet or treat a cut that was deeper than expected. Be sure to know the correct way to tourniquet a cut as well as have the correct implements. Some of the things you want to keep on hand are a basic first aid kit, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, and bleach. Never try to apply stitches yourself unless you are experienced. Never be afraid to call first aid. It is easier to explain a cut than to explain a dead body. If someone is bleeding profusely they need medical attention. Be sure to also know appropriate care of utensils. Always use a fresh blade and dispose of items used to clean the wounds. Don’t forget to wipe any counters used down with a little bleach. Even if both of you have clean medical records, blood is a remarkable medium for growing bacteria. You don’t want to risk secondary infections later on. Biting may have its appeal in the movies, but it’s not very appealing in real life. Human bites are not nice neat little pinpricks. They are painful, leave deep scarring, can cause nerve and muscle damage, and are more prone to bacterial infection than regular incisions. For this reason, biting should be avoided.

The best way to ensure that everyone involved is safe is to simply know each other. Don’t allow someone to feed from you that is inexperienced, seems to have a blood fetish or addiction, or who preys on your sympathy or otherwise behaves in a manipulative manner. Anyone can give themselves a title; it doesn’t mean they have the experience needed to back it up. Likewise never take a donor that does not fully understand what is involved and what being a donor truly means. Boundaries should be set and put in writing. A contract should be written and signed by both vampire and donor outlining health testing, the type of relationship, what either of them can expect from the other, methods of extraction, and whether the draw will be pranic or sanguine. Both donor and vampyre should have a clean bill of health and be tested regularly.

It is very important to always consider the role of donor carefully before accepting the role and duties it may entail. The ideal relationship is one that is mutually beneficial and caring. It is also one that is safe and comfortable for both parties. Remember that the act of feeding is as intimate as sex if not more so and treat your donor as if they were a precious jewel, a lover, or someone that means as much to you as your own life. They are after all sustaining your life and making it easier to move through life without worrying about feeding. They are offering us a precious gift; it is up to us to return that gift with kindness, ethics, and love.

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Aislin Ni MorRhiaghan
Aislin Ni MorRhiaghan

Postby Syngin » Sat Apr 22, 2006 9:53 pm

Something that I thought I might add since I never see it posted anywhere. The human mouth is full of bacteria. You are more likely to get an infection from human teeth than a dog or cat bite. Make sure before you feed from your donor that you have brushed your teeth thouroghly and used an antiseptic mouthwash or even peroxide to clean your mouth. Your mouth should be minty fresh before it touches someone elses skin. Just think about the way you were on your dates in HS! Constantly worried about fresh breath and clean teeth just in case you got to first base.
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Postby Aislin Ni MorRhiaghan » Mon May 22, 2006 5:47 pm

The first edition of this article did have that info in it but since it's common knowledge I didn't see the point in mentioning it any further than stating that human bites can cause serious bacterial infection. Mouthwash is definitely a necessity when feeding subdermally even if the razor is clean and properly sanitized. The last thing anyone wants is for their donor to develope a bad infection because they didn't rinse. Yuck!!

Aislin Ni MorRhiaghan

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