Drawing the Fire ~ Elemental and Pranic Draw

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Drawing the Fire ~ Elemental and Pranic Draw

Postby Aislin Ni MorRhiaghan » Thu Dec 13, 2007 4:05 am

Drawing the Fire ~ Elemental and Pranic Draw

When most people think of psychic vampyres they tend to consider those individuals, usually mundane, that are so draining to be around that simply thinking of them is exhausting. Over the years Psi vamps have taken on a new and more accurate title as pranic vampyres. While all vampyres feed from prana these sorts draw from the well of soul fire to sate their hunger. Sometimes they do it unaware, sometimes if they are awakened and properly trained, they may draw a little from many sources or a little from one source. Some feed exclusively from the elements, even though this is more a trait of Otherkin feeding than vampyric.

Pranic feeders like many others types of Nighkind go through a stage of fearing the feeding process. In truth they are less likely to do harm to their donors than sanguine feeders and less likely to accumulate physical illness as a result of feeding from sanguine draw. It is actually a very important transitional process for every sanguine vampyre to learn effective drawing techniques from other sources. It is safer, cleaner, and less of a health risk. As a sanguine vampyre, I’ve come to greatly appreciate pranic feeding. Although my choice is music and the elements, I do occasionally sip from crowds of merry makers. While pranic vampyres do not usually feel the intensity of guilt that some sanguine undergo during feeding, there is a certain amount of guilt involved. Recently a newly awakened pranic vampyre confided that she was avoiding feeding because she did not know how to properly draw and felt that feeding was a form of stealing. Since everything in nature is designed to take from something else as a form of interdependence it is natural to take what is freely given off. In chemistry an atom that is lacking will attract particles from atoms that are in an abundance. The same is true of this type of feeding. The point is to only take what is freely given off or offered and never from a source that is shielded, has dire feelings about vampyres or vampirism, or is another member of Nightkind.

Everything in nature gives off energy from a speck of dirt to a blade of grass to flock of wild horses to a flock of wild humans. People in general are very much like little batteries that are constantly producing energy and giving it off in excess. Learning to draw the fire is exceedingly important for pranic and sanguine alike as there may be long periods without a steady donor. Drawing from a crowd is far more beneficial than drawing from a single individual, unless it is in a donor/vampyre relationship. Harvesting energy is much like opening the arms of your soul and allowing it to wash through you with the excess flowing back into the universe to be used elsewhere. This last bit is important. If energy is not filtered or drained off as effectively as it is pulled in, it can cause headaches, light headedness, sometimes nausea. Depending on what type of energy is harvested it may effect your mood.

Begin first by recognizing the need to feed. You may feel fatigued without reason, exhausted, have irregular heart beats, breathing problems, a craving for high carb foods and beverages (even though they are a bad placebo for the energy you really crave), a feeling of being penned in and needing to get outside, a draw to open spaces, natural environments, or large crowds, lethargic, have headaches, muscle aches, irritability, or tremors. These are a few of the better known symptoms of energy depletion however as always it is best to get any such symptoms checked out by a physician.

Second learn to feel energy. Start with your own. Take your palms and place them close together without allowing them to touch. Let them remain there until you feel your palms buzzing and growing warm. Stretch them apart slowly feeling the energy between them growing and expanding to fill the space. Now place an object in the palm of your hand. Notice that after a while the object is also warm to the touch and your energy can be felt around this object. If you are able to see auras you may notice that the aura around your hands may grow in size as the aura around the object may also grow. The aura of the object has been transferred to you and you to it. Try this outside with a piece of stone, leaf, or other natural object. Feel how different the stone feels before and after the charging. Practice this with various objects, sensing their energies and noticing everything about them. Keep a notebook if you wish of how various energies feel, how they taste, smell, or look. Go to various places and notice how you feel when you enter the place. Generally places that make us happy, creep us out, or feel heavy, light, or dark tend to maintain their energetic integrity. When we get bad or good vibes, emotions are evoked, or we have a positive or negative sense of the place, we are perceiving their energies as emotions. Once we understand that emotions are merely biochemical reactions to synapses that are nothing more than energy translations perceiving and understanding energy as a vital part of the life experience is simple. You are more than half way there once you learn to perceive energy and feel it effectively.

The next thing you will do is practice drawing it to you. Energy is like anything else. It is either attracted to something or deflected from something. Pranic vampyres sometimes attract energies of variable types whether they want to or not. When they need to feed they can attract whatever kinds of energies they are placing out there unconsciously as the body, mind, and spirit tries to correct the lack of prana. In short the law of attraction plays a nice role in the kind of harvesting you will be doing. A good working knowledge of filtering, blocking and shielding is important for harvesting to be effective. Be sure to know good techniques for all of the above prior to attempting to draw. Remember that we are what we eat. Eating healthy foods brings healthy bodies. Harvesting healthy energies brings healthy spirits.

Designing a filter is simple. If you have a good working knowledge of shielding techniques simply design the shield to act as a sieve, allowing only the specific types of energy you wish to come to you and keeping all others out. In this way the shield acts very much like a sieve. In fact visualizing your shield as a sieve or a fine net is a good way to bring in only what is truly wanted.

Next you will want to visualize the energy around you. If you’re able to see auras and energy in general you will want to take special care in noticing the type of energy that you are seeking specifically and when someone is putting it out and when someone is keeping it in or low. Never take from someone who is already has a low energy field, deep holes in their aura (sometimes looking like black spots or splotches in their auric field), or who has a grayish or black ring aura or ring around their aura. If their aura looks cloaked it likely is. Don’t bother them, they don’t wish to be fed from. Never try to force a feeding from a source. This type of attack is unnecessary and unethical. You will likely be heavily attracted to a source that is in abundance of energy as the natural way of things is to bring things into balance. This source could be an individual or a group of individuals. As a group people give off much excess energy without noticing it, you are simply taking in what is discarded. Open your sieve and allow it to flow to you. Allow it to flow through the sieve slowly. When you feel recharged close the sieve. To someone observing that would be able to see auras, your aura would appear to be very large, vibrant, and spikey when you arrive indicating a need to feed. During feeding it would appear to have tendrils taking in the excess energy being given off and as the feeding subsided it would appear to be vibrant still, but smoother and not as spikey. Someone who is able to see chakras would note that yours was dull in places until after you fed. Afterward they would return to their normal state.

Feeding is a need that we all have even those who don’t truly consider themselves to be vampyre but who consider themselves to be Otherkin. These individuals have a deep bond with nature and all things elemental and as such they more easily draw from the elementals. Although few vampyres could deny the energy that could be harvested from a good storm, the ocean winds, or even the sun itself, Otherkin may feed almost exclusively from natural surroundings rather than people.

Elemental draw is not impossible for sanguine vampyres to utilize as well and I’ve made it a regular practice as it helps to keep my energy up and is generally less chaotic than dealing with people. Elemental drawing may occur in a deep woods, a garden, at the ocean or waterways, before, during, or after a storm. I prefer the after storm as the energy all around is clear and recharged. Pulling it in also takes far less effort although it’s easy to not necessarily overload but pull in faster than it can be grounded off. Elemental draw is simple. Simply stand outside or sit in a meditative pose and allow the energy to flow into you and through you. It will feel like a gentle breeze or a slight buzzing feeling. If you’re sitting on the ground place your palms flat on the earth and allow the energy to flow up through your palms and circulate throughout your body. If you’re at the beach or near a large waterway, you’ll get results much quicker as it tends to stir up a lot of wind. You may feel a slight dizziness and then a buzz as it begins to flow into you and within seconds you feel recharged. Taking from storms occurs in much the same way. The energy before hand is charged but not necessarily clean. It may feel heavy. The energy after the storm has been recharged and cleaned making it easier to take in. It usually has a much lighter feel.

Occasionally with drawing a person can get overcharged. When this happens the energy reservoirs have been refilled but the sieve is still open. You have not yet learned effectively when to shut the sieve and when to allow energy to continually flow into you or how to ground off the excess and close the floodgate. When this happens you might have residual tingling, headaches, tingling in one or both arms, the palms may burn or tingle, or you might get lightheaded. Grounding is the practice of sending residual energies back into the earth or into the area so that you don’t become overloaded. It’s a way of stabilizing your energy so that nothing is wasted or taken in excess. Be aware of your own energy levels. When you begin to feel recharged slow the flow by closing the sieve. When the energy flow is shut off allow whatever is excess to flow through you via your feet or palms. The energy that you are releasing will likely be taken in by yet another life form that needed it.

One thing that I’d like to add before closing is that when you release your excess energy send it out clean. Bring in healthy energy but send out something that has been filtered and recharged within itself by visualizing it as leaving your body as white light. Few people have as strong a mind body connection as Nightkind and few are able to accomplish visualizing as effectively as we are. It is after all a huge part of energy work and we are nothing if not innate energy workers.

Practice often and maintain a healthy diet of fresh fruits and vegetables. Sushi, raw veggies, salads without dressing, and low carb and caffeine intake are all important to maintaining a healthy energy flow. A healthy exercise and meditation regiment is also important as these practices will help you draw more effectively and maintain your energy levels.

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