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Postby Aislin Ni MorRhiaghan » Thu Dec 13, 2007 8:00 pm

One often thinks of wafers and wine, priests and stained glass windows when the word communion is spoken. In actuality the word denotes the concept of being in union with the divine or in a place of transubstantiation in which the spiritual self is renewed or transformed into something greater. There is another form of communion, the communion between a vampyre and their donor and the communion between a vampyre and their chylde. Both are as sacred as any sacrament offered in any given rite and are as old as time itself.

The vampyre achieves their divine state through the communion with the Ancients. While many do not perceive the vampyre as being a creature of divine origins it is apparent that our vibrations are indeed much higher than those of other individuals and as such our bodies need to constantly replace the prana we are missing. In order to do this the vampyre receives this much needed life force from another source, the donor, and in turn also gives healing energies to the donor so that they may also recharge after a session. This communion is often referred to as feeding although personally I dislike the term. Personally I view communion as something much deeper than simply feeding. Feeding satisfies a hunger. Communion satisfies a spiritual hunger. Feeding does not bond one to another as communion does.

Communion may occur on many different levels and in many different ways. A vampyre may feed astrally, pranicly, tantricly ( either without sexual contact or with it), and through sanguine draw. Some may choose more than one manner of feeding and some switch between methods. There has been some controversy over whether or not a vampyre may successfully draw from the elements, specifically whether or not this should be considered as a type of valid communion. One may certainly pull energy from the elements and especially from storms and the like, however communion is intended to be for the harvesting of prana which elemental draw is lacking. It certainly helps to recharge the batteries, but a vampyre will only be completely sated when they have received prana.

Sanguine communion occurs when there is an exchange of blood between two willing and legally adult individuals. This communion is a sharing of life force on a very intimate levels as it carries the very life blood that we protect. Communion in this manner should be well thought out and never done on a whim or during a beasting episode in which the nature of the vampyre is in total control. Nor is it a good idea to allow one self to become that depleted. Communion should only be done when everyone is in good health, drug and alcohol free, is able to provide up to date health screening, and knowledgeable about safe drawing and first aid. Some of the things to keep on hand are clean and disposable lancets, razors, gauze, numbing cream, Neosporin or other antibacterial ointment, alcohol, bandage tape, bandages, and tourniquet. Incisions should be shallow, never deep, never within range of major arteries or veins, and if possible know which areas are the least likely to scar and cause nerve damage. For instance, a small incision may be made in the area between the pinky finger and hand, where the two meld. A sufficient amount of blood may be obtained there with little to no significant danger. An incision may be made on the top of the forearm, not the underside, as well as on the lower end of the shoulder near the shoulder joint. Take special care not to cut deeply as a little cut will be sufficient. The average vampyre only needs roughly two shot glasses worth of blood to sustain them. After communion the vampyre should offer their donor cold juice or water, allow them to rest and perform a thorough cleaning and bandaging of the area. If the area is painful a numbing cream should be applied, preferably one with antibiotic qualities as well. Vampyres with the capacity to heal should certainly utilize this gift to their donors to speed their recovery.

Astral communion occurs on the astral but may not occur singularly on the astral. It is possible to obtain communion during dream encounters through dreamwalking or through communion with an Ancient through dream travels. Those who are avid travelers of the astral via meditations and trance work will be able to commune through the astral should the need arise. This can occur in the form of an intimate encounter, pranic exchange, or symbolic sanguine communion. Although on the astral the blood is not actual blood but purely a symbolism of prana it serves the same purpose. After all what is blood if not the physical carrier for the life force we need?

Pranic communion occurs when a vampyre and their donor exchange life force. This does not involve lancets or other medical utensils, only the willingness to allow one to flow into the other. In this case the vampyre draws from their source slowly as to not negatively affect their donor. They may pull from the back near the shoulders, at the base of the spine, in an embrace, or palm to palm in a circle of giving and receiving. When communion is over both should feel refreshed although it is not uncommon for the donor to feel tired and wish to sleep.

Some methods of draw for astral as well as pranic communion release tendrils that wrap around energy bodies and pull from them. This form of communion is referred to as deep feeding, especially when it takes place near the solar plexus…our center chakra that contains our life core energy. This can be accomplished with or without communion however, it is generally in the best interest that everyone be on the same page when this type of feeding can occur. I once saw a friend doubled over at a local event because an unethical feeder opted to attack her solar plexus and left her pale, quite ill, and in a great deal of discomfort.

Tantric communion may occur with or without sexual contact and may certainly involve a great deal more intimacy than other forms of communion. Tantric communion involves feeding from the kundalini energy or the serpent energy that is coiled at the base of the spine. It is this energy that is raised during sexual encounters or sensual play and it is this energy that is harvested for communion. Communion in this manner takes a considerable amount of time and preparation. Since there are literally hundreds of variations on communing in this way I’m only going to offer one or two.

The first form of communion is through non sexual contact. In this way the vampyre and donor sit cross legged across from each other. Placing the palms together move forward so that the crown of both parties touch. Visualize a tendril of shining light moving upward through your chakras and into the forehead of your donor. Imagine that your hands together are binding you as one unified strand of energy. Now imagine that your tendril is moving down into the kundalini of your donor and bringing the serpent to life. This energy form uncoils and moves upward activating all of the chakras as it moves foreward until it joins with the strand of glimmering tendril that you’ve released. At this time imagine that even as you are bringing in the life force of your donor, you are also releasing energy of your own into your donor so that neither are depleted but rather both are balanced. As you reach a state of completion, slowly embrace your donor and move back into your original position.

Communion through sexual means utilizes much of the same techniques but with the completion of physical union. In this manner energy is built up over an extended amount of time, sometimes hours, and released in a rush of energy during orgasm that is received by the vampyre.

Although concentration here has been placed on the donor vampyre relationship, those vampyres who do not have regular donors may choose to feed from residual energies….those naturally given off by large groups of people….or from nature itself. Trees, grass, gardens, are all living things and produce prana. Because they produce pure prana without the drama of every day humanity, they may be a better and easier choice for many vamps as an alternate to other types of feeding. However, vampyres are not the only ones who engage in communion.

Otherkin also have very high vibrations and as a result must also replenish their energy supplies. As these people tend to be naturally drawn to plants and elemental energies, they tend to also feed from this. This could include music as well as music is an energetic expression of an emotion and both carries and creates more energy in the process. Otherkin communion between plants, elementals, and animals occurs briefly. As these were the first “tree huggers” they tend to pull from large trees that have been established for some time. The energies that nature offers the Otherkin seeking communion is freely given and received, takes relatively little time or effort on their part and occurs naturally.

Communion between a vampyre and his or her donor is a sacred thing and nothing to be taken lightly. It is a gift to be able to share ourselves with someone so thoroughly but also a great honor as no other creatures understand this bond moreso than we do.


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Aislin Ni MorRhiaghan

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