Understanding Your Pranic Intake Parameters

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Understanding Your Pranic Intake Parameters

Postby Mnemosyne » Tue Jan 29, 2008 12:21 am

Understanding Your Pranic Intake Parameters
By: Setmerusat [copyright 2008]

Although we are fortunate enough to live in a time period when information about living Vampyres is becoming more available, I’m often surprised by the lack of informed personal understanding many Vampyres exhibit about their own pranic intake needs. Many Vampyres seem to approach their intake needs in much the same way as normal humans approach eating. That is, to grab a quick bite of drive through junk food whenever the urge strikes and to eat way too much of all the wrong things while barely paying attention to what they are fueling themselves with. Vampyres who are newly Awakened, and even those who have been conscious of their make-up for some time, often seem to resort to a hit and miss method of intake that results in a host of problems. This article is designed to shed some light on some of the problems of unconscious feeding methods as well as to provide some ideas the pranic Vampyre can use to avoid the associated problems of unconscious intake.

Dangers of Unconscious Feeding Practices
Unconscious pranic feeding occurs when a Vampyre is unaware of their needs and the process of intake is completely neglected. The energetic system takes over and begins to take in whatever it can, whenever it feels a lack, regardless of what the consequences are to the Vampyre or the person being drawn from. Because the quality of energy, as well as the amounts is uncontrolled, the Vampyre is often left feeling constantly depleted and can even become ill. Although some Vampyres are able to process energy from mentally or physically ill people, as well as the energy from negative emotional emanations, it is a type of energy many Vampyres do not process well without serious filtering. Ethical concerns for the damage that can be done to these types of people are also overlooked when a draw is completely unconscious. Because this type of contaminated energy is easily available and easily taken from a weakened or open source, it is one of the easiest types for unconscious feeders to take in. The biggest danger with unconscious feeding of this type is that it creates a self-perpetuating and self-defeating cycle of endless need. This occurs because what is taken in actually works against the useful energy in the system by overloading and weakening the system with contaminants. Having large amounts of contaminated energy in the system slowly begins to poison the energy system and break down defenses. In severe cases this can lead to long term depression, lethargy and physical ailments that seem to have no explanation as to their cause. Beyond the danger to the Vampyre himself, the danger to those he comes in contact with can be equally high. Drawing from people who are ill or who have low energy to begin with can lead to worsening their condition and even causing serious harm in some cases. On the other end of the scale, if a Vampyre is fortunate enough to encounter a source with a high quality of energy to take in he will often overfeed unconsciously in an attempt to make up for what he has not been getting for so long. This can be detrimental as well. Much like eating way too much sugar in one sitting, it is taxing to the system and the crash can last for days or even weeks leaving the Vampyre in worse condition than before. There is also the danger of the Vampyre becoming addicted to the person who provides the high energy. Because of being unaware of what is really going on and how to control the intake, the unwary Vampyre can find himself driven by the need to be around this person more than is healthy or sane and various problems related to existing in a dependant relationship can begin to appear.

Defining and Understanding your Personal Needs

To avoid the problems of unconscious feeding and to find the most, rewarding and balanced way to meet energy needs a good dose of self-honesty and introspection is needed. One of the very first obstacles to overcome on the path toward self-understanding is that of imitating what everyone else is doing or imitating what your peers are doing because of fears of doing things wrong or not blending in. Although we learn by imitation and exploring what others do, this isn’t always the best course when it comes to having a real personal understanding of what feeding practices work best on a personal level.
Vampyres have a variety of reasons for taking in extra prana from sources outside the self. Knowing what your reasons are, even if they differ from the most popular or loudest voices on the matter, is important. Ask yourself the question “Why do I need additional prana?” Be completely honest when you answer yourself. If you find you are parroting an answer that someone has told you, examine why you are doing that and refine your answer to honestly and accurately fit what is really going on with you. Normally when someone finds they’ve adopted a ready-made answer from someone else it’s not because they are being consciously dishonest with themselves; it’s because they haven’t really thought out the answer to the question in any depth. Thinking about your real reasons can lead to making some surprising discoveries about your needs that you might have missed. Not all Vampyres are constructed alike and not everyone needs the same things in the same amounts or ways as someone else.
Once you have defined exactly why you feel you need extra prana the next step is to get clear on what you personally find to be the most fulfilling method in obtaining it. There are a variety of methods that pranic or psi Vampyres use and again, the same thing doesn’t work for everyone. Some Vampyres find the most fulfilling draws occur in the astral or the nightly “dreamscape”, while some find that a sexual of tantric type of draw is best. Ambient energy feeds alone work fine for some, while some others find they need more one on one contact with a donor. You may find a combination of approaches fits you best or that one approach is best. It’s a mistake to fall into believing that you have to “measure up” in your intake practices by fitting into the common denominator. Ambient feeding once every two weeks with an intensive astral feed once a month may be more than plenty for some. Some may get by on a once a month intensive astral feed or tantric exchange. Needs vary and what is most fulfilling for one person may be overdoing it for another. I tend to think the majority of Vampyres over feed possibly because they try to store-up while the getting is good. This leads to being lethargic (which can fool you into thinking you need to take in even more) as well as having other problems related to processing too much intake. Defining what works best for you is as simple as giving yourself permission to do so and being totally honest with yourself despite what you think everyone else is doing. Remember, you don’t have to fit into a specific mold just because you were told or read someplace that only a certain way was the right way. Writing down some of your experiences can be an aid to introspection. If you keep a magical journal or a record of some type, consider writing down your best and worst feeding experiences. Some ideas to include:
*What was good and why was it good?
*What was bad and why was it bad?
*What was the very best experience and how did it make you feel?
*What was lackluster or downright awful?
*What were the long term effects you noticed (effects of the feed over a week or so)?
No one needs to ever see or know your thoughts on the matter so you should be completely honest in detailing your feelings and experiences. Seeing your thoughts in writing can often provide a solid proof of what is consistently best for you. If you are concerned about someone finding your writings on the subject, consider learning to write in a code or to password protect your records if you keep them on computer. You can also find medium sized lock boxes to keep the journal locked in. There are many ways to keep your records of innermost thoughts safe from prying eyes if you so wish.

Determining Timing and Intake Cycles
After having defined why you feel you need extra prana, as well as the best personal method of obtaining it, learning about the timing and cycles of your needs should be next on your list. Timing and cycles of need for taking in extra prana works in much the same way as needing more or less food in different seasons of the year or times of the month. Finding your timing and cycles requires exploration. Again, keeping a journal or record you can reference back over a period of time will show patterns that occur and can be really helpful. In order to become aware of subtle nuances and actual cycles of need that you may go through you should plan to keep a fairly detailed record for at least a full year. Although this may sound like a lot of work, the amount of self-understanding you can gain by doing this is worth the effort. Information about your overall moods, stress patterns, libido, sleep patterns, eating habits (regular food) and other daily habits is included in this type of exploration so you will also find you can gain extra insight into more mundane aspects of your life as well. To gain an accurate picture over the course of the year your daily journal should include:
*Dominant inner feeling of the day. (This is not the fluctuating moods that occur and change depending on circumstances but rather the basic way you feel you feel underneath the more changeable moods).
*Weather and moon phase and well as any holidays you observe or special events. You should also write how you feel about these things.
* If you went to a mundane job that day and how that went or if it was a day off.
*How much sleep you had. What time you went to bed and what time you woke up as well as if you felt rested from it.
*What you ate in general all day (regular food) making note of anything out of the ordinary.
*If you fed that day or evening (pranic) as well as feelings about the experience and how you felt afterward.
*If you didn’t feed that day (pranic) and how you feel about it.
*Overall physical health.
*Socialization- who you are with and what activities you are doing.
*Any paranormal experiences
*Significant dreams (Lucid or astral experiences).
*Deja vu or other significant feelings of altered states of being (such as leaving the body slightly while doing a daily activity).

After you have compiled a record over a period of time look back through it and with and pay attention to what events and actions seem to being the best results for you. Patterns will begin to emerge based on repeating events and situations as well as the actions you take. Look for events, conditions and actions that seem closely connected to your desire to feed and also pay attention to those times when you feel the most balanced at content. Pinpointing the repeating cycles of need will enable you be more aware of what your needs are as well as to be forearmed with the knowledge of what you are going to need and when. This allows for you to plan ahead somewhat so that unconscious feeding doesn’t take over or so that bad spur of the moment choices in donors aren’t made.

A Final Note
Not everyone does well keeping written records or journals. If you find that you can’t keep a journal to make note of your personal cycles, patterns and experiences you can still gain a good understanding of these things by taking a daily assessment of the items listed above just before bed or in a time you set aside for daily introspection. This doesn’t have to be an intensive or drawn out process. Simply making a point to become more attentive and honest concerning your needs and the cycles of your needs can lead to gaining better understanding and control overall.
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Postby deacongray » Tue Jan 29, 2008 4:43 am

Wow this is very significant and a full read. I find myself wondering at some of the things I have expirenced in post feeding behavior. You see I am a product, or have been in the past...and some times still I must admit, in the old process of feast or famine.

I tend to get very down post energy infusion, part of me drifting like a bloated fool after too much turkey at thanksgiving dinner, and yet the difference is very potent all in its own...anyway

Another amazing piece!
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Postby Alterra Von Feuers » Sat Feb 02, 2008 2:28 am

This is excellent! Ok so I am quiet often guilty of the last part .Not keeping a good daily journal. I am going to put some serious effort into keeping up on one for the daily routine . I have been better about a dreaming journal up until lately as well. Both need better attending as I went through my dreaming journal and was amazed of the things I have written that have already slipped my mind ..I Think Im moving on from Half -timers to 3/4 timers :wink:
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Postby deacongray » Thu Jul 23, 2009 5:12 pm

I find this to be a very significant read, so I thought I would bump it back up for peoples consideration.
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Postby The Madame X » Sat Oct 16, 2010 2:58 am

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