Musical Draw

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Musical Draw

Postby Aislin Ni MorRhiaghan » Tue Jan 29, 2008 5:15 am

Musical Draw

Music is an energy unlike any other. It pulls within our core and speaks to us on deeply personal and passionate levels. As an empath, I am deeply affected by music. It’s most uncommon for me to write or even study without music blasting into my ears. Music is not only an addiction for me, it is a deep searing need. The higher vibration the music, the more energy it has, the more I love it. It is a craving that is harmlessly fulfilled. You can find it anywhere and there are very few occasions that do not use music to set the tone of the evening. Music is a powerful thing and for some of us it is also a direct non human method of feeding.

Those of us who are empathic are deeply affected by the scores of music around us. It flows through us like few things can because it is universal and does not come from a specific source. Music is nothing more than passion translated into sound and vibration. It is those vibrations that connect with us and open our ability to pull it in. As an energy source it can be vibrant and each style of music has a different “taste”.

The music that we are drawn to usually reflects the status and needs of our chakras. Lower tones usually apply to feeding our lower chakras below the solar plexus. Higher tones usually feed those chakras from the solar plexus and above. The ancient art of toning is meant to balance, harmonize, and raise our vibration thus creating a higher state of awareness. This use of sound for mystical and magickal purposes is ages old and a primal instinct. It is sensual, wild and ecstatic and appeals to us as intimately as a beautiful youth or innocent maiden. It calls to us much like that beautiful unmarred flesh and in its arms we may find as much fulfillment. The tones and overlapping harmonics of the voices and effects are intended to evoke an emotion. These emotions allow us to respond to the sounds and form an attachment so that we wish to hear it again. It could be said that for the music feeder music has a different scent, taste, texture, and look. Listening to a piece of music is an altogether sensual experience. Not only can we taste and feel the music, we see it and interact with it. It moves through us as easily as oxygen and in that way we become one with the music for a short time. It is this connection that allows us to take it in as a form of feeding.

When we hear something that calls to us we naturally respond to it. In time we not only respond to it we embrace it taking it within us. Music flows pure and unbridled as a form of translated energy. As our chakras open to receive it so do our minds, bodies, and spirits. All levels of awareness are awakened and thirst for a deeper communion with this energy. We open up to receive it with every cell in our being and it flows into us and through us revitalizing our centers and our spirits. The energy we acquire through this sort of communion is one of universal harmonics and balancing rather than the sort we achieve through communion with a physical form. For the most part I’ve found it to be the purest draw that may be attained as filtering is not needed, risk of disease is impossible, and music is everywhere to be pulled from. Unlike ambient energies that require filtering, it’s a simple matter to focus on music and pull it in. It requires little effort or bandages (unless of course you happen to get too close to a feeding vamp) and there are many available outlets.
Cultivating a “taste” for music is simple. Feeding from it might take a little more effort if it is not second nature already. Find a music that you like, something that really gets your attention. Feel the music. Notice where you feel the music pulsing. Is it in your chest, your shoulders, near your eyes, or lower in your sacral or solar plexus? When you dance to this song which body part leads you? Do you find yourself reaching for what others can’t readily see? Breathe in deeply, feel the difference in the air. It’s charged with the energy this music produces. Notice your skin and how it has changed. It’s likely by now you’re humming with the vibration this music has evoked. Open your eyes and see it. Notice the shades of color, the texture, whether it is delicious dark velvet or silky satin. Pull it around you and into your being. Absorb it in your cells, your energy cores, your being.

Feeding from music is an acquired taste but one that is an option to feeding from ambient energies or from individuals. This is a safe and effective method of doing so that even a newly awakened vampyre can utilize. I am primarily sanguine but I’ve discovered over the years that going long periods without a donor can be detrimental to my health and my overall demeanor. A hungry vampyre is a grumpy vampyre. Thus I started exploring other means of feeding. Music came quite naturally from a young age, although it was quite difficult until the late 80’s when electronic music became popular. I found myself hopelessly addicted to it as it lifted my spirits and generally made me less hungry than I had been previously. I found through experimentation that it could be drawn in as easily as blood but had less obvious risks. I did experimentations with plants and found that my mood greatly affected their general wellbeing. I also found that placing plants in a room with energetic music also affected their mood. Thus something in the music was as potent as the energy being absorbed by the plant. From there I formulated magickal working that could be utilized through the harvesting and use of musical energies so that the music itself was as effective as spellwork. It is especially effective in the use of thrall, the beacon, beast control and beast evocation, achieving a heightened state of awareness, trancing, and raising pheromone levels to attract others to our side.

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Re: Musical Draw

Postby Samandryel » Sun Apr 24, 2011 8:02 pm

Wow this is quite a concept... I would like to hear more of this and possibly explore it further.

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