Ambient, Psi and Biological feeding for Sexual Vampires

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Ambient, Psi and Biological feeding for Sexual Vampires

Postby deacongray » Sat May 31, 2008 3:40 am

Ambient, Psi and Biological feeding for Sexual Vampires

Sexual Vampires, or Eros types as I called them in a pervious article, are not only made up of many different Natures, Paths, Feeding requirements, but also method of energy intake. Primarily there are two main types Biological, and Psi, and one secondary type, Passive Ambient.

Obviously the Biological feeders have to have some kind of physical aspect to their feeding. This could be anything from the actual act of sexual intercourse, extreme foreplay, drinking excited blood, or as complex as a physical response to a Tantric energy manipulation. Psi skills can lead to a physical response, and thus allow for feeding. This kind of feeding, from my own experience tends to be one of the most fulfilling but also the longest sustaining effect, though can breed gluttony.

Psi feeders on the other hand can do exactly the opposite. Psi feeders tend to use physical and Psi skills and gifts in order to excite the energy of others but it is not required of them to engage in most cases in actual sexual intercourse, or even physical contact to feed. For them it is effect the effort has on the energy that allows it to become assessable. This kind of feeding reminds me of eating gourmet food. This kind of feeding tends to be more sophisticated the energy and it’s cultivated and savored. While not as sustaining as Biological feeding, it is often well worth the wait.

Plainly this can be accomplished in many ways, and much of both aspects depend on the feeding requirements of the Vampyre and can be employed together in order to achieve the desired end result.

Passive ambient feeding is a lesser method only in that it takes almost no Psi or Physical effort on the part of the Vampire. “Passive Ambient” feeding is employed by simply being in the area of those who are already cultivating erotic energies. This kind of energy intake tends to be minor in regards to energy need.

I think the most common thing to take from all of this is not that any one thing is an absolute, but that each thing in its own can be a part of your personal gestalt, your whole self.

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