Sangoerotic Draw

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Sangoerotic Draw

Postby Aislin Ni MorRhiaghan » Tue Jun 24, 2008 6:00 am

Sango~Erotic Draw
copyright May 2008, Aislin Ni MorRhiaghan of the Dreaming
wirh reference from Mag. Solomon Ibin Gabruel, HoS

Sex and vampyrism seem to go hand in hand. We are often depicted as being insufferably beautiful, intelligent, hot and cold by turn, untouchable and persistently irresitable. In dark romances we have insatiable appetites for both blood and passion, one feeding the other. In reality we may be irresistable but more times than not when a vampyre opens the bedside drawer and the blade or lancet emerges, our lovers too often run in the other direction. It becomes necessary as with all types of Nightkind to learn effective means of harvesting the same type of energy in variable ways.

Types of Sango~erotic Vampyres

I have over the years heard different terms for the same thing. In most cases sex and blood have always paired together, unless the vampyre in question is strictly psionic. Psi vamps tending to feed more so from emotions, passions, and tensions of a sexual nature more often define themselves as tantric vampyres or eros vampyres. The more well known vampyres in the genre of sango~erotic feeders are the incubi and the succubi, the male and female counterparts of each other.

Eros vampyres feed from the sexual tension among intimate situations with one or more parties or among a gathering of individuals where there is sexual tension and situations but not necessarily sexual activity. This type of feeding may be done at an event with dancing (as most dance moves tend to be overtly enticing and sensual in nature, especially at darkside events) Other sources of psi erotic feeding include fetish events and highly charged emotional atmospheres. The delineation between incubi, succubi and eros feeders is simply that eros vampyres tend to feed moreso from the emotional charge from such events and situations rather than the direct erotic charge of the situations. They are almost consistently psi vampsand ambient feeders rather than sanguine.

Incubi feed primarily from sexual activity and tend to be almost consistently sanguine. Sanguine feeding may be primary or secondary as either way it is usually done within sexual contact. The stereotype of the incubus as a rambling libertine is inaccurate as the energy they are seeking comes from an intimacy that is not usually found within casual relationships. Sex itself is not the primary goal but the energy that is produced and the intimacy of the draw. Intimacy has its own primal energy. Feeding from a casual partner would be akin to eating a Hershey bar when one really wants prime rib. In about 45 minutes the energy is gone and leaves very little to show for it. Since sango~erotic vamps have to be mindful of their health in all facets of their lives, casual relationships are not always either convenient or logical. They offer very little in return for the amount of energy that is put into them.

Succubi are the female counterparts to the incubus. They are also primarily sanguine although tantric and eros feedings are also common. Tantric feeding occurs when the vampyre feeds directly from sexual energy during communion. Both the incubus and the succubus are very charismatic, generate high pheromones, and tend to carry a sensuous presence wherever they go.


The human body is a magnificent mixture of sweet energy and delicious webbing of nerve endings. Locating and drawing that energy is the primary goal as we can not always feed in a sanguine manner. In some instances feeding in an erotic way may also be inhibited. Not every donor or lover will drool over the thought of bloodletting or other forms of sanguine feeding nor will every donor or lover enjoy fetish activity. The ability to meld feeding methods in accordance to the individuals in our lives takes time and maturity to develop. These methods can be formulated to our partner’s specific desires as every part of the body contains nerve endings that may be stimulated and produce the same sort of desire and response that is needed for adequate draw.

The human body also responds quite efficiently to chemical signals, those signals that are emitted from one person to the next when mating is being considered. When someone is aroused their body produces pheromones, hormones that attract the preferred gender and cause distinct physical reactions of arousal. The pupils in the eyes dilate, the irises become brighter, lips may part involuntarily, the heart and pulse rate increases, the skin may become warm and tighten making it more sensitive to touch. Anticipation increases tactile sensation by increasing nerve activity making pulling this energy from the skin very simple.

Among Nightkind the invitation to mate is very similar. Our eyes brighten, our skin becomes very sensitive, we develop heightened psychic sensitivity, pheromone levels increase drastically, and body language alters to invite feeding. Throats and shoulders may be bared, slight movements to bare feeding points may increase, and our auras brighten considerably. For this type of vamp foreplay begins first in the mind and on a chemical level and moves outward.


Drawing utilizing this method involves the skin and sense of touch. Every part of our body holds energy points to form a network of pranic webbing throughout the body. Energy drawn from any number of places may be done non invasively, that is it may be taken without puncturing the skin or otherwise invading the body.

Energy points may be found in the palms, along the inner forearm, shoulder, neck, back of neck, along the spine, base of spine, behind the thighs, behind the knees, center of foot, and below the ribcage. There are many smaller points in between them that may also be stimulated, but these get the strongest draw. Draw occurs the second a vampyre comes in close proximity with his or her donor or prey. The increase in brightness of our auras make us more visible and thus more attractive to our intended. The heightened pheromones increase arousal and curiosity. At this point a quick look at the aura of that (or those) individual(s) will show a hint of red, or an increased warmth. Kundalini energy is flooding the body increasing tactile sensation. The energy rises to the surface to stimulate the energy points which can then be drawn off of the surface in a method called skimming. When skimming is done the hand or fingertips lightly float across the skin, barely touching it at all, but pulling the energy up through the fingertips.

Other means of tactile draw include direct stimulation of the body by drawing in intimate situations and floating. Floating is very similar to skimming in that the energy is raised and pulled through the hand, however it is also stimulated with the hand without direct contact. Energy sent from the hand stirs energy points or centers directly to produce strong responses. Serpent energy is raised within the vampyre and pulled into the hand. It is then sent into the donor as heat which stimulates the energy within the donor. When the energy has been sufficiently raised, it is harvested via the center in the palm.


Stimulating and pulling energy via the lips and mouth. This area includes the lips directly, throat, area near the ears, tongue, and the firm spot beneath the tongue. The latter holds a great many nerve endings and can cause strong surges of energy.

The human voice could be considered a tool of non invasive draw as it stimulates the mind and brain which in turn stimulates the serpent energy which can then be skimmed either through touch or ambient draw. A tool that utilizes this stimulation is the subconscious mechanism in conjuncture with speech inflections and control. Placing emphasis on key words, eliminating the use of negatives, and subtle emphasis embeds thoughts into the other person. Eye contact is pivotal, close physical contact is preferred but a respectful distance is just as effective. The subconscious does not acknowledge negatives, only positives as well as short statements.

Keep the voice soft, husky, steady, only use inflection when it is necessary and use short, simple statements. Keep eye contact steady and soft. Keep lips barely parted. This is an international subconscious invitation to become intimate. The baring of the throat or the gentle arching of the neck is in mundane subconscious communication an invitation for intimacy. In vampyre society, it is an open invitation not only for intimacy but also for feeding.

Voice aside, kissing can produce the same effect in the same amount of time in a much more pleasurable manner. Just as voice and tactile draw is done with intent so is kissing. In this manner, the area beneath the tongue or the tongue itself may be slowly used to harvest energy. This utilizes another method of feeding, tendril feeding.

During kissing a tendril is sent into the mouth and down into the serpent coil where it coaxes it to life. It then wraps around it bringing it to the surface to be harvested in the waiting mouth of the vampyre. In the process of bringing it to the surface for harvesting this deep feeding method also stimulates other centers to offer a profoundly intense experience.


In the event that feeding takes a very intimate level drawing is intense, personal, and deeply sensual. I have heard more than one say that there is no sexual experience that compares to the experience of being with a vampyre. This is in all likelihood the truth. Many of us bond with our partners on very intense levels often feeling each other’s pleasure in addition to our own.

Part of that intensity revolves around our own intensely sensual natures. Involving ourselves deeply in our partner is second nature. We invest a great deal of time in foreplay, loving glances, intimate conversation and places, foods, and scents that involve the entire sensory perception of the individual. Lovemaking for the vampyre is not merely a matter of physical contact, it involves every aspect of the person including the very soul of the individual.

Prana harvested in this manner could be done in several ways: sanguine draw, serpent energy draw, residual draw. Sanguine draw during intercourse can be accomplished in two ways: invasive draw and non invasive draw.

Sanguine Draw Non~Invasive:
Blood drawn in a non~invasive manner (a method that does not involve puncturing the skin) may be done during the menstrual cycle or pulled to the surface (preferably without leaving a mark). Pulling blood to the surface may be done through oral stimulation of energy points but not necessarily drawing points (points that would be considered for puncturing). The bend of the forearm, the wrist, behind the knee, inner thigh, throat, to name a few, are ideal spots for non~invasive feeding. Ideally there should be no mark left, however the skin in those areas is very fragile and thin so some bruising is likely to occur. Marks left on any point below the throat is less likely to either be seen or commented upon.

Sanguine Draw Invasive

This type of draw involves piercing the skin. There are several means of doing this but it is important to remember that biting is not an acceptable means of exacting blood. Biting is painful, has a high risk of secondary infections, may cause permanent nerve damage to tissues and takes a great deal of time and often medications to heal. Remember that any time you break the skin you run the risk of infections. It’s vitally important to know the vascular system well, awareness of bloodborn pathogens, first aid and appropriate drawing methods and utilities. Knives, swords, scythes, thick bladed weaponry, and items with a considerable weight should never be used. Razor blades (preferably those used to cut bandages), lancets, and thin bladed straight razors may be used. Have on hand bleach, towels, sanitizer, antibacterial spray (the sort with cooling action is soothing), bandages, tourniquet if necessary, butterfly bandages, antibacterial ointment, soothing agent, oral hygiene items, and sanitary blades or lancets. These items should always be in a package and discarded in a bag marked biohazard and kept separately from the rest of your garbage. Some prefer to use syringes although personally I would not recommend it as it runs the risk of air bubbles which can be deadly. I would always suggest taking a course in phlebotomy for safe and effective drawing.

Sanguine communion is an incredibly intimate thing but more so when combined with erotic play. Constant intense eye contact, sending soothing energies, and increasing passion with sensual play, instilling intimacy by use of the voice, and warming the blood via energy exchange can make your partner more comfortable with this type of communion. Sources for sanguine communion include the shoulder not joining the throat (be aware of nerves in this area as well as location for the arteries in that area), forearm laterally top or inside, base of fore finger, where the hand joins the wrist, top of hand, above breasts, under curve of breasts, rib cage, hip, inner thigh laterally (point furthest from the femoral do NOT want to have an arterial clip), top of thigh, top of foot. Make the incision at the point or very near the point of orgasm.

Serpent energy and residual draw:

These types of draw involve two very different approaches but utilize the same energy. Serpent energy raised during sensual play and love making can be harvested in several different ways; touch through skimming over your partner’s bare skin (resulting in tingling and sometimes a ticklish sensation), orally through kissing lips, skin or performing oral sex, or via coitus. During the latter the serpent energy is raised and just as it is harvested via kissing it may be absorbed through either the solar plexus or the sex organs. In all cases the energy is pulled and directed from one partner to the other through any of these outlets.

Residual draw occurs either post coital or during. This energy is not harvested in any of the above manner but instead is harvested as a natural intake as the energy is raised and given off freely during play and intercourse. One partner releases it naturally and the other intakes it, although ideally both partners are giving and receiving this energy.

Ideally both partners should be giving and receiving pleasure and the energy created thereof. Energies from sexual activity or sensual love play should be harvested with the utmost of respect, discretion, and sincerity. Everyone should be aware and in accordance to the legal respects before sessions begin. It is also important that everyone be aware of their health and completely honest regarding their history and behaviors.
Aislin Ni MorRhiaghan

Postby Khan » Tue Jun 24, 2008 4:08 pm

Magnificent article, dear sister! Bravo.
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Postby Aislin Ni MorRhiaghan » Tue Jun 24, 2008 4:40 pm

Khan I am flattered indeed. That is quite a compliment :D !! I'm glad you enjoyed it.


Aislin Ni MorRhiaghan

Postby RavenHarte » Tue Jun 24, 2008 10:12 pm

Thank you, that was very thoroughly explained. I am always interested in reading these articles, being a donor. I think it behooves we donors to know as much as we can about the various ways vampyres might prefer to feed and why. Perfect!
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Postby deacongray » Wed Jun 25, 2008 12:04 am

Can I add this to my collection on sang space? I would love to add it to the info page I am putting together.
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Postby Aislin Ni MorRhiaghan » Wed Jun 25, 2008 1:58 am

Yes of course Deacon. I would be honored. :)
Aislin Ni MorRhiaghan

Postby lady_sequanna » Mon Dec 29, 2008 10:38 pm

An absolutely fantastic article Aislin! I missed it when you posted it but just bumped in to it now and let me tell you I am impressed! :D
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