The Taste of Prana

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The Taste of Prana

Postby The Madame X » Thu Dec 10, 2009 4:21 pm

The Taste of Prana
By Madame X (c) 2009

With each feeding, we draw into ourselves bits and pieces of our donors that we instinctively crave. Many pranic feeders lack the fundamental understanding of the energetic composition of what exactly they are partaking in. For many, feeding simply works, it is a process, as natural as eating to satiate hunger. It is important, of course, to keep in mind the potential and ever-so-emphasized risks of feeding, but it is equally important that every feeder, energy and sanguine alike, be aware of the dimensions of what they are drawing upon and incorporating into their own life-force. After all, we are what we eat… so, what are we eating?

Prana is often described as the life-energy that permeates and emanates from every human; then we generally go on to speak of the seven-point chakra system as it conducts energy throughout the body. Here we will leave behind the chakra system, exploring Prana and pranic intake from a slightly different angle. We will instead describe Prana as the energetic interaction between five different sources: Innate Life-force, inner Vitality, molecular Chemistry, inner drive or Spirit, and The astral Dreambody.

Depending on the type and intent of the draw, we can tap into any of these sources to supplement our own. It is important to know not only what we crave and how to access it, but also to understand why we need it, when, what we need to supplement and why. Answers to these questions will help us better understand ourselves and our needs, better manage our feeding sessions and our donors, as well as to better understand and enjoy the taste of prana.

In this article we will leave behind the specific methods of draw, acknowledging that there are various physical, visual, mental, emotive, sympathetic and astral methods to draw from any source. It is not the intent to further subdivide the community of energy feeders but to bring them together to seek out the answers to the questions we all share about the nature of energy, why we crave it and how we can better process it.

It is important to emphasize that there is no concrete division between the realms of body, mind and Spirit. In very much the same way Life-force, Vitality, Chemistry, Spirit, and Dreambody work together being intrinsically interconnected as part of the whole person, one depending on the other. Meaning that a feeder may draw from another’s Vitality to supplement his own Vitality in order to recharge his Sprit. While there is less internal alchemy involved in a simple draw to feed exchange, the direction and transformation of the draw depends, of course, on the intent of the pranic feeder; whereas (in general) the effort is to replenish energetic depletion, to sustain a healthful lifestyle, to prevent debility, and to prolong lifespan.

Understanding Prana:
Life-force, Vitality, Chemistry, Spirit and the Dreambody

Life-force also referred to as ‘the breath of life’; it is that primordial energy that bursts into all living beings as they are still in their respective embryonic forms. Life-force can best be paralleled to the energy stored in a battery. It begins to dissipate at birth, it is evident in children in their obvious surplus of energy, it is what carries adults thru health crisis, and what is finally depleted shortly before death. It is good practice to try to connect with our inner energy; its center is often located in the heart, solar plexus or diaphragm region like a glowing sphere of energy. This type of energy also moves rapidly along the spinal column and can be literally ‘felt’ behind the neck beneath the skin as a vibrating current of electricity. Life-force, much like a battery, can be recharged to some degree with specific life-long dietary habits, breathing exercises, as well as directed energy exchange. While many Hollywood vamps claim to sustain their immortal youth by feeding from the ever potent Life-force of virginal victims, drawing from this deep primordial energy source is generally discouraged as it may affect the health or lifespan of the donor while often being incompatible with that of the feeder.

Vitality is the healthful energy producing processes of the body that distribute nourishment and protection to the entire physical body; i.e. the digestive process. Vitality refers not only to the way in which nutrients are processed and absorbed, but also to the healthful energy generated to sustain and enliven the body. Vitality is readily witnessed in dynamic exuberant behavior displayed by strong healthy active adults. Vitality circulates throughout the body; it moves the body, it moves the blood; it moves prana. Its good practice to learn to ‘feel’ this form of energy in our body; it is akin to a warm smooth flowing fluid that flows immediately below and above the surface of the skin. Vitality is released during exertion, excitement, emotion, orgasm, and other adrenaline bursts, being naturally restored on a daily basis with food intake, hydration, rest and sleep periods. Many energy feeders claim that they are unable to maintain healthy levels of Vitality to function, finding instead that energy draw methods help stabilize their needs. It is generally the Vitality of the donor that is drawn by the emotion feeder, the tantric feeder and the eros-type feeder.

Chemistry is the fluids of the body, each containing its own type of energy. Blood, hormonal secretions, and bodily excretions all contain energy, best denominated as Chemistry. The Chemistry of blood is a potent source of energy, carrying with it highly processed nutrients, as well as red and white blood cells. The Chemistry of hormones is linked with metabolic functions, immunity, aging, virility, and sexuality, encompassing all the secretions of the endocrine system to include semen and sperm. Excretions or waste secretions, like perspiration, urine and menstrual fluids, contain primarily stagnant energy but for some, these can also be a desirable source of energy. Effective Chemistry, dictated by DNA, is the main factor in disease prevention and control, where Chemistry imbalances are debilitating and often life-threatening conditions. Among others, sanguines or blood-feeders, draw upon their donor’s Chemistry to supplement their energy needs. Different life-feeders experience this type of draw in different ways; while to some intaking Chemistry may be a soothing, quenching experience, to others it may be a euphoric intoxicating sensation. While it behooves every feeder to be aware of the potential risks associated with pranic draw, it is the Chemistry-feeder who interacts directly with the donor’s bodily fluids and because of this, it is also the Chemistry-feeder who needs to pay particular attention to his health and the health of the donor before, during and after the draw, being very safety minded with all feeding practices.

Spirit is our conscious awareness, our will, intent and our ego. It is that inner strength that motivates, that ignites our passions and emboldens our step. Strong Spirit Energy is readily observable in those high-spirited individuals who dare to defy the odds, fighting tooth’n´nail for what they believe in. Spirit energy may be observable in spiritual people, but such is not an effective parallel, as many high-spirited individuals may be disconnected from their spiritual side. Like Vitality, Spirit is particularly attractive to the emotion feeder, the tantric feeder and the eros-type feeder, as spirited individuals often feel their passions more deeply easily relinquishing high levels of dynamic Spirit energy. Spirit energy replenishment happens naturally, but it depends greatly on the healthy balances of Life-force, Vitality and Chemistry. Should any or all these energy sources be somehow weakened, they will in turn also affect and deplete the Spirit. To better understand and connect with this energy source focused meditative methods are recommended. Depending on whether the individual is thinking or feeling motivated, the center of this energy source can be respectively located either in the head or in the heart region very much like a multi-colored, multi-textured orb of light.

Dreambody is our subconscious knowledge, our intuition and our superego. The Dreambody connects us with our higher selves, the astral realms, divinity and through it we can achieve spiritual immortality. Tantic, Taoist and Yogic practices are particularly conducive to perform Dreambody energy cycling between partners. Eastern techniques realize the importance of this energy, encouraging adepts to dedicate their lives to its pursuit by following strict vows of fasting, silence, seclusion, etc. Much like Spirit, Dreambody Energy depends on the healthfull interaction of all energy sources to remain balanced and active. Individuals who regularly use and apply Dreambody energy on their daily lives have heightened centers of it, becoming the best possible sources. Dreambody energy is exercised, cycled and expelled during magical or astral work, meditation, and especially while dreaming. While the center of personal Dreambody energy is generally associated with the pineal and pituitary glands, both located in the head; this type of Dreambody energy can be best equated with an often colorful, diaphanous, glowing vapor rising skyward from the body. This subtle vapor-like energy can become an etheric or astral double acting in concert or independently of the physical body. Whether or not a physical or visual bridge is created, astral-feeders not only feed on Dreambody energy, but they also use Dreambody energy as an etheric bridge to establish the draw.

Some guidelines to maximize pranic intake:

Choose your donors wisely. Every life-feeder needs to be aware of the potential risks associated with pranic draw, selecting only screened, informed, healthy adults as donors. There are many resources available that elaborate in detail the necessary safety precautions that need be considered when choosing and preparing a donor. It is of the utmost importance to confirm the physical, emotional and psychological health of any donor, because any type of pranic draw can potentially transmit whatever is wrong with the donor to the feeder, albeit in a more-or-less temporary fashion. With this in mind, we need to realize that this matter is not an issue of concern only to blood-feeders but to all life-feeders. Furthermore, with the understanding of the different types of pranic sources, we should also be aware of the type of energy we need to replenish and what kind of individual would constitute a better donor to satiate our specific pranic needs by capitalizing on their specific assets; i.e.: an athlete may be a good source of Vitality, while a natural witch may be a better source of Dreambody energy.

Choose appropriate wardrobe. Synthetic fibers, jewelry, watches, glasses or any constrictive clothing like corsets, belts, collars and chokers may be counterproductive to a good pranic intake session. Even if a strong draw is established, constrictive synthetic apparel insulates, distracts and disperses prana. Instead, we may prefer a sky-clad session, or at least to be barefoot or lightly clothed. Wardrobe too can be a tool that may deepen, broaden or otherwise deliberately alter the dimensions of the session. Some may like to include certain apparel, garb and even props to generate a certain atmosphere, therefore a particular type of donor response; i.e.: an enacted fantasy or a BDSM encounter.

Choose the right environment. While an effective pranic draw can happen nearly anywhere, choosing the right place and the right time may just be the difference between an ‘ok session’ and a ‘terrific session’ for both exchange partners alike. Maybe a quiet more secluded environment, a more natural setting, or maybe even a cozier more comfortable place. Or, perhaps just the opposite is what is needed to spike-up the flavor of the draw; sometimes a little excitement, fear, discomfort or worry may be just the right spice. Many life-feeders also claim that the witching hours between 3 and 6 am are the best for drawing and processing pranic intake; this may be due to the high concentration of negatively charged ions in the atmosphere at that time. Time, location, level of privacy, environmental factors like temperature, dampness, background noise and lighting, as well as available space and body posturing, are some variables that can certainly be experimented with. It is perfectly acceptable for pranic exchange partners to explore new levels, try different techniques and agree on what is more mutually enjoyable.

Focus your senses. Mental attention is absolutely required to properly command and control the pranic draw. It is therefore important to consciously direct sensory awareness inward focusing on the actual energy exchange rather than on external circumstances. If the mind is distracted during the draw, the drawn prana strays aimlessly, dissipating instead of gathering and circulating with intended purpose. Eyes should be kept unfocused or closed while mentally visualizing the drawing process: the contact, the penetration, the attraction, the inner gathering, the circulation and the final disconnection. Ears should be focused on the internal sounds of mutual breath and heart rather than any external noise; although, some types of music or natural sounds like those of wind and water, may actually deepen the draw.

Establish the palate-throat bridge. This is an essential bridge connecting the mouth and the throat, two energy channels on the roof of the mouth, and activating two salivary ducts under the tongue. To connect these the tongue should be kept firmly pressed, or at best lightly touching, the palate immediately behind the upper front teeth. While some of us may find this to already be a natural subconscious posture during pranic exchanges, it is interesting to know that this bridging is a fundamental part of Yogic, Tantric and Taoist longevity practices.

Breathe. During the draw, proper breathing can assist not only in extraction but also with the guiding and distribution of prana thru the body, eliminating energy pooling or stagnation. Breathing is a basic energy intake tool that greatly influences the body’s bioelectric balance. Chee-gung and pranayama exercises can widen the understanding of this vital process, which many take for granted. Besides assimilating and circulating life energy, breathing helps purge toxins from the body, purifying the bloodstream and enhancing immunity. Breathing consists of 4 stages: inhalation, retention, exhalation and pause. To maximize pranic absorption a rotation of all 4 stages in equal duration is recommended.

Filter. Filtering insures that only the desired energy is absorbed. This is particularly important for the more aware feeder who does not only desire to intake ‘any’ prana but realizes he needs only a certain type of it. Without effective filtering we may find the need to waste time and energy in transforming pranic intake. In addition, we may not only pick up astral cooties and other unwanted energy strings, but we may also need to wastefully ground or even purge unwanted energies after the draw. There are many resources available that detail different filtering methods and exercises. While there are many types of effective filters and visualizations, the very best type of filtering is to know exactly what we desire, then draw only that into ourselves.

Gather prana in the lower abdomen. Located immediately bellow the navel, between the abdomen and the spine, the lower dan-tien is the perfect area to gather and savor prana before sending it coursing thru the body or applying it directly. Storing energy in the lower dan-tien is preferred to pooling it in the head or heart area preventing respective head-rushes and emotional surges during and immediately after the draw. To this end, it is important to keep the mind’s eye focused internally on this area of the body, seeking to explore and savor the newly acquired pranic intake.

Apply the body cavity seals. While there are several body cavity seals or diaphragms, two are of particular interest for pranic feeders, these being the glottis or throat seal and the urogenital or anal seal. Applying these two seals during pranic intake especially during breath retention and releasing them during exhalation is of particular interest as these seals help contain and gather drawn prana inside the body. Very much like breathing and the above-mentioned palate-throat bridging, some of us may already be naturally using this technique for sealing prana inside without much conscious processing. However, to consciously apply the throat seal we simply close the throat by contracting its muscles while tucking in the chin. This seals the upper body and prevents an immediate and otherwise unavoidable loss of prana through the upper cavities. Conversely, applying the anal seal, seals the lower body and prevents loss of prana from below. To properly apply the anal seal we must contract both sphincter rings. Applying both cavity seals creates an added focus on feeling, sensing and actually savoring the pranic intake, internalizing it and maximizing its benefits.

Do not over feed. The rule of thumb is to feed until 70-80% full. We are not gluttons, and we should only intake what we need; not to do so would be wasteful. Taking any more will create the added need to ground and might even deplete the donor beyond what they may be able to safely provide. It is important to mention that each draw expands our ability and tolerance to accept prana; therefore unscrupulous undisciplined feeding may not only cause physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual issues, but may also become addictive. So, while regular light feedings from informed screened donors are recommended to maintain an inner balance and avoid loss of control or pandemonium, it is likewise advisable to try to gradually extend the time span between deeper feedings. This method will maximize the understanding, efficiency and flavor of such deeper pranic intakes.

Disconnect from the source.
The term ‘disconnect’ here implies the full severance from the donor or pranic source; meaning that there is a complete break or removal of the established energetic connection. A strong visualization, or a physical movement like stomping, laughter or hand clapping can assist in disconnection. Disconnection is very important, because we do not wish to be permanently connected to our donor. We certainly do not want a reverse flux of energy back into our donor, nor do we want the donor to continue to send us their life-energy as this would of course weaken the donor and send us an unwanted surplus of energy when its no longer needed, and most likely of lesser quality.

Nourish your physical body with living foods. Raw living fruits and vegetables eaten immediately after being cut contain not only their own specific brand of life-energy but also live enzymes that assist in the digestive and metabolic processes. It is recommended that at least 50% of our daily food intake be raw food. Dark red fruits and vegetables like: cabbage, beets, pomegranates, berries and plums can be particularly satisfying. A raw egg blended into fresh-squeezed carrot juice can be a potent tonic as well and may help extend the time between feedings.

Detoxify. To better benefit from pranic intake, it is important to periodically cleanse the bloodstream and intestinal track, as poisonous by-product blockages affect the absorption, regeneration and movement of energy through the body. There are many natural detoxification methods to choose from that include special diets, fasts, teas, colon cleansers, etc, where only you can avail what is right for you.

In closing:

Many life-feeders go thru the act of feeding as if it were a quick fix or a simple act of sustenance, without really taking the time to understand or savor the experience. Effective journaling of facts and feelings alike is always recommended regarding both the actual draw as well as of the time between exchanges. Pranic intake should be a delectable, stimulating and fully satisfying experience that addresses and embraces our specific needs. With each exchange we have the opportunity to learn more about ourselves, about our instincts, our desires, how to better quench our thirst, and how to better enjoy The Taste of Prana.
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