Why Be a Black Swan?

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Why Be a Black Swan?

Postby Hesperus » Thu Jan 16, 2014 2:20 pm

Article written by Hesperus
(in collaboration with Madame X, Imon, and Acrophobic Pixie)
(c) 2014

With such an extensive list of important gifts Black Swans can offer, some may find themselves wondering what it is that Black Swans get out of this arrangement. Surely, if the relationship between Black Swans and their Partners were completely parasitic, we wouldn't expect very many volunteers, so what exactly are some of the ways Black Swans can expect to benefit from their exchanges with other members of the community?

Satisfying a Need to be Needed – Sometimes what we need most is to be needed by someone else, to have someone else acknowledge our inherent worth. That need is completely valid and, though it manifests differently from person to person, entirely normal. For some, this need is most thoroughly or meaningfully satisfied by providing vital sustenance or other forms of support for a Nightkind Partner or the community as a whole.

Relieving Excess Energy – Some Black Swans report struggling with a natural excess of energy that they need to give off just as vampires need to take extra energy in. Without relief, this unused energy can prove burdensome or unhealthy. Acrophobic Pixie, founding member of Black Swan Haven (http://www.blackswanhaven.org/), provides a prime example of how becoming a Black Swan offers one means of transforming this burden into a blessing.

Promoting Positive Emotions – Those who sustain themselves on the emotions of others must, naturally, experience those emotions at least to some degree; this creates a natural motivation and, often, inherent tendency, in vampires to inspire the very emotions they prefer feeling. As such, during donations or other interactions with vampires, many Black Swans feel elated, inspired, peaceful, amused, or even aroused.

Catharsis – Occasionally, we face emotional turmoil that the gentle influence of a vampire's presence just can't overcome. Life can erect obstacles so great that we simply have to burrow through them rather than bypass them completely, and sometimes the echoes of past traumas will resound unexpectedly. While traditional feeding is not typically advisable during these periods, as you may need all your available energy to get through such a difficult time, some vampires are particularly skilled in working with your energy—especially those who have become familiar with you after working with you over time—and can help to filter out any emotional stagnation. Outside healing processes like these, your Nightkind Partner should have a natural and powerful motivation to create and maintain an environment of safety and validation for you, in which your feelings will be acknowledged and your efforts to work through them at your own pace fully supported.

General Symbiosis – The truth is that what vampires need varies from one individual to the next, and these distinctions extend far beyond blood vs. prana; exactly what patterns of energy, for example, most satisfy one psi-vamp may vary widely from those which best sustain another. At the same time, each Black Swan has unique needs and abundances. Accordingly, an ideal pairing of a Black Swan and a vampire would be one in which these traits complement each other; that is, the particular deficit that a vampire needs balanced corresponds to a natural surplus in the Black Swan. In such arrangements, the siphoning off of that excess from the Black Swan by their Partner, when undertaken within mutually agreeable limits, should create little or no sense of loss in the Black Swan. Furthermore, the accumulation of forms of energy that are not naturally expressed can lead to feelings of lethargy or other manifestations of energetic stagnation; by giving away this built-up energy to someone else who could use more of exactly that type of energy, everyone wins.

Spiritual and Personal Validation – As described by our very own Imon, working with Nightkind can be "an opportunity to step out of the ordinary and into the world of the extraordinary." Whatever your personal beliefs, having some vital part of yourself drawn out doesn't merely deplete your own reserves, it stands as evidence that that strength, in whatever form it takes, exists within you to be tapped into. There is something vital and precious flowing through you at all times. Regularly validating that fact facilitates some Black Swans' access to their own inner strengths, revealing insights about themselves they might not have otherwise uncovered.

Recognition and Prestige – A strong partnership shines brightly for the whole community to see. Not only will your Partner personally celebrate your invaluable contributions, but it's no secret throughout the Nightkind community that the success of an endeavor often depends largely upon the availability of resources that come directly from Black Swans. Your Nightkind Partners function their best and produce their most inspired and acclaimed work with your donations of life and general support, and a great deal of the praise for your Partner's accomplishments is rightfully aimed at you. Finding the perfect Partner can result in a potent dynamic that will drive you both to achieve greatness that others cannot help but recognize and applaud.

It's important to remember that each relationship is unique; not every partnership will include all of these elements, and your own needs and expectations may differ from those listed here. Voicing what you are personally looking for from your role as Black Swan as well as what contributions you are and are not willing to offer remains an important element of establishing a healthy relationship with a Partner, and this conversation should be revisited frankly and regularly, as needs and interests evolve with time. The bond between Black Swans and their Nightkind Partners is sacred and powerful, demanding the utmost respect and it should be enjoyable and empowering for all parties involved.
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Re: Why Be a Black Swan?

Postby The Madame X » Fri Jan 17, 2014 2:09 pm

Brilliant Hesperus!
It is important for our Swans to know that they too are benefiting from the partnership.
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