Majesty and Malady: The Wonders and Risks of Tantric Energy

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Majesty and Malady: The Wonders and Risks of Tantric Energy

Postby Hesperus » Fri Feb 21, 2014 7:46 pm

By Hesperus (c) 2013

One of the most defining moments of my Awakening was reading Michelle Belanger's seminal work, The Psychic Vampire Codex. I had identified as a psychic vampire for some time when I finally purchased and began eagerly devouring this brilliant text, but I still had so much to learn. I, like many young vampires, lacked much of the core vocabulary that is so validating, as it establishes a sense of shared experience and, by extension, community. One of the phrases in particular that struck me was "Tantric Exchange." I'll never forget the moment I read that passage, largely because my initial reaction was a flood of relief, having finally found an explanation for some disturbing experiences in my own life. As an Awakening psychic vampire who was simultaneously developing his identity as a gay man, I employed a rudimentary form of this exchange... extensively. In doing so without the deeper understanding that further study later afforded me, I incurred some unfortunate consequences. Luckily no irreparable harm was done, but I could have benefited much from a few caveats before I jumped in head first.

For clarity's sake, Tantric exchange in the vampiric sense is a specific form of energy exchange in which a vampire derives sustenance from the energy generated by sexual intimacy. This ought not be confused with the more general rites and beliefs of the spiritual philosophy of Tantra which describes processes for the expansion of awareness that include but are not limited to sexual rites and are certainly not exclusively vampiric. The basic concept in Tantric energy exchange is that a skilled manipulator of energy (such as a vampire) can intentionally arouse, refine, and maximize the sexual energies generated by a partner and then accept some of that energy as nourishment. This means of feeding is particularly special given that, when properly executed, it leaves both partners—feeder and donor alike—highly energized.

Tantric feeding also poses some unique challenges. Firstly, and most obviously, this method requires a high level of intimacy. It simply cannot be done discreetly like ambient or surface feeding, which do not require physical contact. (It should be noted here, however, that it is possible to achieve Tantric exchange without direct physical contact, as it is generated by the emotional and energetic exchange and not mundane, physical forces; all parties involved in such an exchange, however, would necessarily be aware that a very intimate interaction was occurring whether or not that interaction involved physical touching.) Additionally, this technique demands a preternatural level of concentration; any instinctual drive to satisfy one's own sexual urges must be subordinated to the desire to inspire pleasure and excitation in the donor. Not only the natural sexual urges, but the fundamental drive to feed must be kept under control. One cannot simply allow one's instincts to do all the work here as one may in some other forms of feeding by becoming a vacuum and letting nature take its course; one must actively arouse in the donor the generation of sexual energy. (For this reason, it is not typically advisable to utilize this method of feeding during times of deep need when self-control can be most challenging.)

Any vampire making use of Tantric feeding should also be aware of the significant effects this exchange has on a donor. As mentioned above, this interaction ideally results in an increase in energy for both the donor and the vampire. While this is one of the major benefits of this form of feeding, those involved must take into account the side effects of a sudden increase in energy and plan accordingly. The donor is likely to experience dizziness and light-headedness, as with any rush of energy or excitement, that can be profound and discourage movement, so allotting some time for afterglow is especially important. Also, following the exchange, both donor and vampire will likely experience heightened sensitivity of the senses. As vampires, we are accustomed to this effect of feeding, but our donors may find it alarming or disconcerting; it is advisable to inform them that this sensitivity is normal, harmless, and temporary. One may also notice (especially with one's newly honed senses) an increase in the temperature of the room; this is a normal side effect of the transfer of energy and occurs to some degree during any form of feeding but is often more pronounced when the quantity of energy exchanged is as high as that by the Tantric method. Another sensation that I have had donors report is a sense of timelessness during the act itself. The duration of Tantric exchange often extends beyond that of standard lovemaking but, regardless of the time actually passing during the process, a dissociation with the passage of time can present itself. This may manifest as the sex seeming to last an eternity or as hours passing while the encounter seemed to the donor to be comparatively brief. (On a side note, this effect always reminds me of the story of Circe from the Odyssey in which she seems to derive her power from Tantric feeding and her donors experience a dramatically different perception of the passage of time.)

In most other forms of feeding, the primary concern is refraining from taking too much and leaving the donor overly exhausted or even in a state of sympathetic vampirism. In Tantric exchange, however, this is not a compelling concern so long as the process is not interrupted by personal distraction or external means; the focus must be on selecting a suitable donor for the experience. Any donor who is even remotely psychologically unstable should be avoided for most types of feeding (though vampiric counseling and healing need not be eschewed) but particularly stay away from those with addictive personalities for this interaction. The effects of Tantric energy exchange are euphoric and extremely potent and therefore prone to encouraging psychological addiction. The production of this much energy within donors can also cause hyperactivity and even a temporary state of mania so make sure that potential donors have no predisposition to any manic disorder or bipolar disorder, as they may become fixed in a manic state. Additionally, the depth of connection between vampire and donor in this form of exchange can lead to psychological contagion, wherein insecurities, strong emotions, or mental ailments bleed over from donor to vampire, so screen any potential donors for any such undesirable traits before feeding to avoid any spiritually transmitted diseases.

On a much more personal note, when I became sexually active myself, I quickly realized that feeding during sex was highly satisfying and that, by focusing on my partners, I could draw more potent energy from them than were I to focus on my own transient enjoyment. As a result, I saw every sexual opportunity as an opportunity to attempt this exchange. This was incredibly irresponsible, though I didn't realize it at the time, and I would urge any reader similarly tempted to learn from my incipient mistakes. My sex partners informed me of some of their sensations and the unusual intensity of our sex, but, in my inexperience, I failed to attribute their experiences to my feeding and assumed they were merely being polite and complimentary. This perceived politeness ended in almost every case, however, within the first few occurrences of sex. My partners would become increasingly demanding sexually and occasionally exhibit obsessive or even psychotic behavior. Believing I just had bad luck with lovers, I would end the relationship each time this happened and move on. At one point I simultaneously had five active stalkers and was terrified to leave my home alone. Reading Michelle Belanger's warnings about the possible psychological effects of feeding on unstable donors may well have saved my life, as educating myself ended my ignorant carelessness. (Lest anyone be concerned, all donors afflicted by my youthful indiscretions have since made a full recovery, returning to their uninfluenced psychological states after a complete absence of communication with me allowed our subtle links to fade.) Knowing a donor intimately before attempting Tantric exchange is absolutely vital and callous disregard for the risks of feeding is inexcusably unethical.

Tantric energy exchange is remarkably beautiful when treated with the reverence it demands. By choosing your partners wisely and establishing strong bonds with them before attempting to feed this way, your well-established communication lines will ease the development of the skills necessary to successfully effect this transfer and allow for the obviation of any objectionable consequences. Reserve experimentation for those with whom you desire to share a lifelong connection and, even with the appropriate partner elected, for special occasions; this is a rare gift that should be savored and cherished.
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