Insight Delight: Feeding on Epiphany

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Insight Delight: Feeding on Epiphany

Postby Hesperus » Sat Feb 20, 2016 1:13 am

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One of the greatest challenges for psi-vampires is finding the method of energy draw that works best for them. Whether you’re an accomplished psi-vamp with years of experience in drawing through a specific method or you’re just getting started, donor burnout--when donors are exhausted from donating or feeling as though their own needs aren’t being met by donating--can significantly limit psi-vampires’ ability to sustain themselves. Even with a donor eager to offer what they can, many methods of psi-feeding seem to drain donors’ reserves, severely limiting the frequency with which they can comfortably donate. I’d like to share a method that I’ve found works well for me and which also leaves my donors feeling personally energized and excited to donate again in the future.

When establishing a link between myself and a donor, I become susceptible to their sensations and emotions, so, naturally, I try to inspire feelings in them that I would like to experience as well. One of my favorite feelings is the transcendent rush of epiphany--the sudden understanding or realization of something on a newly deep level. When a donor experiences this during an exchange, I experience a huge rush of energy that I find sustains me longer than most other forms of energy feeding.

Exactly how I go about inspiring those feelings varies among donors, as what would qualify as a deep and meaningful realization is quite different from one person to the next. The general method I employ, though, is to establish a link and explore (sometimes with an aloud conversation and sometimes, with donors more accustomed and comfortable with deeper forms of communication, with a more direct exploration of their psyche) what is meaningful to them, what issues they're facing, what their goals are for themselves, etc. and help them to make connections within themselves.

When they make a connection between two or more patterns of thought or emotion that makes them more capable of understanding themselves or solving a problem, the amount of energy that they had been applying to their thinking about the subject at hand becomes more than they need, as the new connection makes their thinking or feeling on this topic more efficient. As a result, there's a temporary overflow of energy--experienced as an epiphany by the donor--that flows naturally in the direction of an energy-worker who's currently linked to them.

Feel free to try this method for yourself, particularly if you find yourself regularly approached by people who spontaneously open up to you about their problems. It’s not for everyone, but if it works for you, you may have found a way of sustaining yourself that not only doesn’t drain your donor buy symbiotically benefits everyone involved!
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