ARTICLE: Donor Bill of Rights

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ARTICLE: Donor Bill of Rights

Postby Bholanath » Sat Mar 20, 2004 3:22 am

I found this document floating around and heard a few people talking about it. I thought I would repost it here in case anyone finds it educationa and / or worthy of discussion.

Donor Bill Of Rights...
Created by Belfazaar Ashantison,
With a supporting cast of good friends, Demoness Barbie, Maggie Bones, Spooky and my beautiful Des…. Take this to the community as you need to, but this is now a copyrighted letter.

This ‘Bill of Rights’ is to promote the continued safety of the most precious of gifts to us, their life essence. It is suggested that this be signed by both the vampire and the donor on a 30/60/90 day trial basis. After this, the contract can be resigned for an extended period of time which can be either the 30/60/90/ or 6 months to 1 year. At the end of these contracts, discussions can be made as to whether or not changes should be done. What will be allowed and what will not be allowed.

1) As a donor, I know that it is through my personal sacrifice that the vampire’s needs are met. It is my loving nature that allows this relationship to continue. It is my right to decline to feed the vampire for any reason.

2) As a donor to a vampiric being, it is my right to know that I am in a vampiric/donor relationship that will be mutually beneficial to both me and the vampire I am donating my life essence to.

3) I am the essence provider. It is for me to decide whether or not I am able to give of my essence to the vampire I am with. I must be allotted time to heal and regain my essence in order to better support my vampiric partner.

4) At no time should my wounds not be allowed to heal.

5) At no time should I feel stressed about giving of my essence, if at any time I feel stressed, I have the right to back away from the feed, without being or feeling threatened by my vampiric partner.

6) Should I feel threatened in any way, shape or form, I have the right to seek guidance and council from other donors and leaders of the vampire community.

7) As a donor to a vampiric individual, I have the right to know that my position as lover, friend, family, roommate should not be jeopardized by my not wanting to give of my essence. In the slang, “it should not cost me my ass to be a donor.”

As a donor, I should also respect the needs of the vampire and try to learn more about his/her feeding habits in order to help stabilize his/her imbalances in energy.

9) As a donor in a vampire/donor relationship, I realize that though I have many necessary rights, I must also take cares not to abuse the person I am donating my essence to. These same rights afforded me in this ‘Bill of Rights’ should also be extended to the vampire I am donating too.

10) Ultimately it is my right to know that I will be safe in all aspects of the vampiric/donor relationship and should I ever feel that my safety is jeopardized, I have the right to walk away clear and free.

Ultimately, it is our (both the donor and the vampire) responsibility to insure that we are not abused. It is our (both the donor and the vampire) personal responsibility to leave a vampire/donor relationship that we feel is abusive in any nature. We can not be abused unless we allow ourselves to be.
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Postby Guest » Thu May 27, 2004 1:40 pm

I would like to call special attention to this post.

Thank you,


Postby Aislin Ni MorRhiaghan » Fri Feb 10, 2006 5:58 pm

*bump* I am so glad to see this here. May I add this to my own local msn group page? This is of vital importance as so many donors often feel as if they have to tolerate abuse and mistreatment in order to be truly giving. Unfortunately, too many times young ones are caught up in the whole drama of abusive vamps that either through disregard for the safety and well being of another or through sheer ignorance, do not know the proper ways to draw or that they are entitled to treat their donors badly. Likewise sometimes donors also feel as if the vamp is entitled to treat them badly because of the illusion of power, the hope fo sharing their gift, or the concept that we are so above the natural laws that we must also be above mundane laws as well. This is not the case and I really intend to bring this home in my own community as I feel it is needed at this time. Forceably or violently feeding from someone is more of a dehumanizing and degrading experience than rape or even murder. It bores into someone's very psyche and leaves long lasting scar tissue...both spiritual and physical...that take a very long time to heal. No one should have to endure such a thing and certainly not someone that offers theirself in such a manner.

Thank you so much Bholanath.

Eternally lost in the night,

Aislin Ni MorRhiaghan

Postby The Madame X » Mon Feb 20, 2006 7:17 am

Absolutely, you may certainly cross post it to your groups.
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