Breath of the Lion

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Breath of the Lion

Postby phdinfunk » Thu Mar 10, 2005 4:13 am

Alright, I've been wanting to post this since I came to this group, I believe someone will find it useful. I think it would particularly be useful for anyone who is kitra. I discovered a very unlikely person who tought it to me, after praying in earnest to one loving Goddess.

This is a method for creating an immense amount of energy in your body. The energy is basically kundalini power, but it is very sexual in this case (I have been able to project it as a 'calming' kind of energy, in the way that an embrace between lovers is calming, but in the end, it's pretty strongly sexual :)).

If you ever manage to observe an entire lion's body as it roars, you can observe its belly moving outwards even as the air is leaving the lungs as a mighty roar. The movement is particularly in the lower belly.and this is an important key.

In order to breathe this way it is easiest to start with the chin upon the chest (back straight if you're sitting, or you can get down on all fours with back straight as per the yogic lion pose). Now make an, "aaahhh" sound (preferably as sexually as possible) and begin tilting your head back smoothly. As you tilt your head back draw the sound out "aaaaauuuuuuuggh" (I tend to do it like a cat in ecstacy, "aaaaaaaaauuuuuwwwwrrrrlllllll" but perhaps that's only my own tastes coming through, I swear it makes me feel sexier though). If you're sitting up you should end staring almost at the ceiling, if you're on all fours you should end looking ahead of you (or if you're on your back you should end with your spine nicely arched and your head thrown back :D). If you do this right your 'energy' will move down into your lower belly, and your lower belly will be expanded compared to what it is on a normal outbreath. Some people seem to be able to build sexual energy from this almost immediately, some people have to play with it a lot.

The startling thing about this breathing method is just how much energy it creates. For one thing, it can cause extremely intense orgasms. Additionally, I am male and I can have multiple and continuous extended orgasms from it (depending on how turned on I am going into it this can take awhile to build up towards). The point I'm trying to make here is, you can create MONSTROUS amounts of energy with this method. Sometimes I will use it to focus and relax and get an energy boost for a particular task, either spiritual, mental, or physical. It's got all kinds of uses. If you're into invocation of entities it can be helpful for that also.

If you read Liber 66 "The Stellae Rubae" (not "The Star Ruby" in The Book of Lies) by Aleister Crowley, I believe he is referencing something similar in the last line. He describes the Lion as the male sexual atavism (see his tarot card deck, for instance), but I have tought two women this method as well and they enjoyed the ever loving hell out of it. At any rate, I think there is a precedent for this in western occultism, in case anyone cares :wink: .

Oh yea, and this entire meditation gives you a hell of an abodominal workout.

Jonathan (McCavity Cat)

PS: My experience is that some folks could care less about this, and some people think it will be a benefit to them spiritually or sexually or whatever. I would be happy to help anyone 'get' this as well as I can. Just email me privately and I'll try to answer any questions you have.
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Awesome post

Postby The Madame X » Sun Mar 13, 2005 5:55 pm

Thank you for your insight.
Its a really great technique, I too like using roars, laughter and hissing to raise or manipulate energy.
There are similar techniques used in chi kong methods.
Thank you for sharing.
Keep it coming.
You may want to do a formal write up of this technique and post it as an article ... in the Outer Circle articles section ...
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Postby Ileana » Sat Nov 26, 2005 5:08 am

This was interesting. I'll have to look into trying this.
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