Gathering on Eagle Mountain

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Gathering on Eagle Mountain

Postby arijahankhkhalid » Fri Jun 06, 2008 1:01 pm

The Gathering will be held on July 18-20th in
Tracy City Tennessee on (Monteagle Mountain).

The Full Buck Moon of July/ Full Thunder Moon. The full moon falls on July 18th.

It is referred to as Buck moon by many native americans because this is the time when the first sprouts of antlers form upon the stag, and full thunder moon, because it is the time of the most amazing thunderstorms.

The stag first forming antlers is very symbolic, just beginning its formation and as a symbol of the woodland energies.
Taima/Thunder, resonating with Thor,and the zodiac cancer, corresponding to family, friendship, and understanding.

At this time, we will also be consecrating the outdoor altar, so if you would like to bring something personal to place, it would be welcomed.

we will be camping out under the night sky, bonfire, drumming and dancing, along with magickal discussions and crafts...if you'd like to bring some hotdogs or marshmallows for the fire, that would be great! B.Y.O.B is fine too.

We are looking to provide a nice relaxed atmosphere, where we can commune and discuss ideas and exchange information.

Bring the family, the signifigant other, the kids...hell, bring the dog if you want.(just don't forget to bring the tent). ;)

Please send a message to,, or for more information, details, directions, etc. or contact us through our myspace if you are interested in attending.

The main focus of this meeting, other than getting acquainted, is eating good food, and raising a little hell, so it should be a great opportunity for alot us to meetup, not to mention have alot of fun.

You should have our pages listed, and our messengers, so if you would like to contact us via myspace or messenger, that would be fine as well. Just trying to get an idea of how many are interested in attending. Also, if you would be so kind as to pass that information to those who don't have it, it would be greatly appreciated.

We will probably get started about 8 p.m. on Friday, and go until Sunday afternoon.

looking forward to hearing from you! If all goes well, it may be possible to make this an annual celebration!


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