Iron Garden One Year Anniversary 1/29/16

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Iron Garden One Year Anniversary 1/29/16

Postby The Madame X » Thu Feb 04, 2016 7:47 pm

Greetings, this is Madame X Host of the Iron Garden.

I would like to thank everyone who joined us at the Iron Garden for our One Year Anniversary last Friday. I had a splendid evening and trust you did too! The energy was simply great! A Special thank you to Sexy Asura and Lee Rivera for the lovely gifts. You are so talented!

A special thank you goes to our KeyNote Presenter, Hesperus aka Gordon Smith of House of the Dreaming, we enjoyed the diverse perspectives on the topic of Initiation and appreciate the follow up article at: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=4912
Special Thank-yous must go to our talented merchants: Stuart of Knightley and Company with their regal jewelry, Resident Candlesmith Anthony Torres of Tio Freddy’s Waxen Works, and to our Rune Reader Nykol.

Anthony Torres also created the beautiful Janus candles and assisted us in leading our Imbolc Preparation Mass of 13, with our Citizens as master pillars for the working. And in the shadow of Imbolc, not only did we bring in yet another Citizen, John Gavin of Gavin Photography (Black Swan House of the Dreaming) who has been with us since IG was just a dream, but we also renewed citizenship and post vows. Thank you all for sharing our vision to expand the horizons of the NJ Nightkind Community! It is my pleasure to publicly recognize our current Iron Garden Officers:
Marshall – Lord Traveler aka Don Smalls
Scribe – Finna D’Elf
Seneschal – Jabbar Martin
Cenobite – Deserie Brzosko
Guardians – Alex Longineet and Therion Blackwolf (Dedicant House of the Dreaming)
Amanuensis – Misses Arcanum and Louisa Krupp
Lectors – Herr Wulfsunus (Elder House of the Dreaming) and Suhana Adriensen

Our website will be updated shortly and there will be many exciting photos up on our gallery with thanks to our Resident Photographer David Ryzman of Moonrise Media
Photography! Including pictures of our anniversary cake beautifully decorated by Deserie – I heard it was pretty tasty ;)

A great big Thank You to QXT’s for making Area 51 and the Krypt available to us, as well as for the fabulous Champagne Toast! Thank you, Thank you. It was the perfect complement for our evening. This month our charming Alchemixtress Sami, also made sure that we had our choice of either TrueBlood or HolyWater, just in case…we are a very inclusive group lol

And last but not least, the winner of 50% of the raffle proceeds was Sexy Asura! We are very proud to have raised $384 to date with our 50/50 fundraiser to save the endangered NJ Big Brown Bats for the Bat Cave at the NJ Wildlife Education and Conservation Center!

All our Citizens put so much into this night! For me, it was both a pleasure and an honor to host our One-Year Anniversary gathering and to usher in a new year of socialization, education, spirituality and fun! But if that was not enough … on Sunday our Citizens hosted an outing to the The Neolyth Shamanic Center for a guided meditation and journey quest with Shaman Brian McGuire, and again we had 13 of us (plus Brian). Thank you all for being open to this praiseworthy collaborative effort to expand the horizons of all NJ Nightkind.

Do join us Friday, February 26th as we embark on an adventure into the ancient paths of Shamanism! Our Key Note speaker will be our friend Tony MoonHawk Langhorn, presenting on "Native American Traditions". Our Conclave Discussion on Shamanism will be led by our friend Brian McGuire of Neolyth. We will also have a special performance by none other than Jericho of the Angels, who is just back from Machu Picchu! Our Spiritual Ceremony will be a Circle Blessing and in our Merchants room we have invited back Marcey of Turtle 2 Turtle, and our new friends Krista and Andrea of Blessed Be Garden. We will bring back our Resident Psychic Genoveva Rossi (Black Swan House of the Dreaming) with her tarot and bone readings, and will be introducing Crystal Oracle readings by Jayson Tyler Yuchá. Plus join us and Save the Bats with our monthly charity raffle!

I thank all of you for your attendance, support and affection; as always do send me your feedback. I can’t wait to share our next … magical evening with you.
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