Night side Energy; uncovering the hidden.

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Night side Energy; uncovering the hidden.

Postby ImmortalBlue » Sat Oct 06, 2018 5:06 pm

Are there places in our lives that seem to take on little or no meaning for us during the daylight hours, that paradoxically come alive at Night. This I believe is because of an energy shift that happens at Night that is extremely subtle during the daylight hours. During the day we are in the Jack of All trades mode, master of none. People are doing all different sorts of things, Job related, fun related, taking care of responsibilities and chores. Being productive in a variety of fashions, or choosing not to be at all.

At Night time there is an energy shift that can either empower or bring one into hiding and fear. You either embrace the darkness or you try to stay inside away from it. But there is little middle ground at Night. Three places for me during the day I take little notice of. Yet those same three places come a live at Night. From my day side perspective, there is a normal uninteresting bridge in Glen Ridge New Jersey. A grove of pine trees that are nice to look at for a few minutes but hold no real powerful energy I can feel by the light of the sun. And the 3rd place is a large locked wooden door no one uses that from a day side perspective is always closed. Not too interesting during the day. But all three of these spots take on an entirely new energy at Night. They go from not even in the game to the top of the charts.

The bridge I don't even give a second glance in the day is in a town that is lit at night by old Gas Lights from the 19th century. No normal street lights. So under the bridge there is a real darkness with no lights at all a very soothing energy, rejuvenating and peaceful. A place to be empowered by the Night itself.

The Grove of pine trees is a nice enough spot during the day, but at Night the energy from this spot increases ten fold. Just touching a tree for about 20 seconds opens up a flood of Earth energy. Creating a state of healing or even extacy. Spiritual activity can be seen in the form of swirling white lights. Shadows and movements along the trees. In the woods at Night all are on the same page. Either you dare to enter or stay outside of its sphere. But once inside Spirits, Nature, Animals and human all embrace the Night or are asleep. That same page energy causes a bonding at Night that in the day is much more subtle. When I return during daylight hours the same grove of trees gives off a small amount of energy that is hard to notice but there. But at Night the energy from those same trees turns into a flood breaking the dam.

The large unused door during the day that seems to have no function is actually the entrance to Qxts Night club at Night. A haven for Night kind activities like the Iron Garden. Also one of the last full time Goth Clubs in the area with part time competition in the city. This is a club that truly comes alive at Night and I have spent some of my best Nights here. The music can be timeless. But like most Night clubs it almost looks abandoned in the day when has not woken up yet to its natural time. Night energy truly changes the game and more of us are on the same page at night, as the middle ground of life fades away until dawn.
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Re: Night side Energy; uncovering the hidden.

Postby The Madame X » Sat Oct 13, 2018 2:37 pm

This is such a beautiful introspection <3 Thank you for sharing.
and you are quite right some places, somethings do rest sleeping during the day to finally come alive at night.
I mentioned to you in person the other day about trees and how some change their breath at night. You might want to look into that :)
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