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Being an Empath

Postby The Madame X » Wed Apr 05, 2006 4:00 pm

Being an Empath
By Ellie Crystal

The word "empathy" derives from the Greek words "empatheia"
meaning "passion" and "pathein" meaning "to experience,

According to Miriam-Webster's on-line dictionary - "Empathy
is the action of understanding, being aware of, being
sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing the feelings,
thoughts, and experience of another of either the past or present
without having the feelings, thoughts, and experience fully
communicated in an objectively explicit manner."

As humans - our empathic skill are always turned on - as
with all things - we just need to be open to receive the
messages. It's like a radio - it may be playing - but are you

If you are a healer or psychic - you are always adjusting
your frequency - like an antenna - just as an empath does -
to help others.

Not all empaths are sympathic. Empaths feel emotions of
others - but do not have to feel sympathy for them. Empaths -
for the most part - are compassionate though - with a
desire to heal and help others.

One can be an empath from childhood. They are called
natural empaths who inherit this ability allowing them to
experience in higher frequency of awareness. Some people develop
their empathic abilities later in life when they are more

Most are right brained in the sense of using the creative
intuitive side of the brain - people who use higher
frequencies to connect.

Strong empaths must learn how to discern their own emotions
from someone else's.

There are degrees of empathic abilities which vary from
empath to empath.

Empaths are always sensitive people.

Empaths not only pick of others emotions - they can project
emotions as well - that will get picked up by those on the
same frequency.

Some people in metaphysics believe that people with light
eyes are more empathic. This is not true.

We all have certain degrees of empathic abilities. By this
I mean - we all have the ability to adjust our emotional
bodies with that of someone we are close to - especially if
there is a love connection. This does not have to be a
romantic connection. When you live with someone - or just love
them - you can align your emotional body with theirs and
feel their pain. The pain can be physical or emotional.

Being empathic means become one with someone or something
else. You can connect with plants, animals, just about
anything including the universe itself. It is almost a form of
remote viewing. You can read emotions and thoughts through
vibrational frequency.

Being able to empathize with people often helps you deal
with them. You know what to say and do to keep balanced.

Physical Empathy...

One can take on the pain of another - especially in the
case of twins - their frequencies are often linked.

When I am reading someone and I want to scan for health
issues - I telepathically - or empathically - connect my body
with theirs. I feel what they feel. If I find myself
coughing - that person either has allergies or smokes -
cigarettes or other. I quickly sense where I have pain in my body
and go there to see what the problem is.

Emotional Empathy

Most empaths are more attuned to emotions than thoughts. To
be an emotional empath is to experience the emotions of
others - the positive and negative - pain and suffering and as
well as love and compassion.

We become emotional empaths when we watch a film or TV
show. This is a vicarious way of experiencing the emotions we
came here to explore - but are not part of our personal

We return to soap operas - TV series such as the latest
series of reality shows - as part of being emotional empaths.
Positive people will hope for a positive outcome of the
storyline. For negative people it will be the opposite.

Most of us can turn our empathic abilities on and off as we
tape in to the frequencies. But for others - they seem to
have no control over what they experience.

Those in control - embrace the subject - and those not in
control feel a loss of power and hate it.

Under stress - awareness is heightened as well as empathic
abilities.. It is best to pause - and go back to the
emotions you experienced before the negative ones surfaced - then

If you have empathic gifts - you also want to understand
and control what is happening for you - to manage your
empathic abilities and not become overwhelmed.

Being an empath is a soul decision.

We often believe that entities who come from higher realms
have great empathic abilities. This is due to their higher
frequency of thought. They are telepathic and usually have
no oral language as they are not physical. Everything is
telepathic and empathic for them.

People use their empathic abilities when in other
paranormal activates such as ghost hunting.

The TV series Star Trek had an episode called, 'The Empath'
about an alien woman with empathic abilities. The lesson in
that program was about overcoming one's fears. Fears
paralyze us - the loss of control - which creates more fear.

To increase empathic abilities - you most open the 'right
side' of your brain - moving the logical mind aside. Begin
with something creative - art - listening to music -
meditation - yoga - writing for pleasure - being in nature or in
the water - etc.

Practice your empathic abilities when you are with someone
either by being in the same proximity - or by gently
touching their hand.

You can try this by remote viewing by seeing the person in
your mind then becoming one with their emotional body.

If you are reading this file - you have empathic abilities.
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Postby zhiva » Mon Apr 10, 2006 10:34 pm

Who Is An Empath? - Christel Broederlow

Empaths are often poets in motion. They are the born writers, singers, and artists with a high degree of creativity and imagination. They are known for many talents as their interests are varied, broad and continual, loving, loyal and humorous. They often have interests in many cultures and view them with a broad-minded perspective. They are mother, father, child, friend, nurse, caregiver, teacher, doctor, sales people... to psychic, clairvoyant, healer, etc. (That is not to say that any of these categories are all empaths.) The list is extensive and really unimportant. It is more important to notice that empaths are everywhere--in every culture and throughout the world.

Empaths are often very affectionate in personality and _expression, great listeners and counselors (and not just in the professional area). They will find themselves helping others and often putting their own needs aside to do so. In the same breath, they can be much the opposite. They may be quiet, withdrawn from the outside world, loners, depressed, neurotic, lifeís daydreamers, or even narcissistic.

They are most often passionate towards nature and respect its bountiful beauty. One will often find empaths enjoying the outdoors, beaches, walking, etc. Empaths may find themselves continually drawn to nature as a form of release. It is the opportune place to recapture their senses and gain a sense of peace in the hectic lives they may live. The time to get away from it all and unwind with nature becomes essential to the empath. Animals are often dear to the heart of empaths, not as a power object, but as a natural love. It is not uncommon for empaths to have more than one pet in their homes.

Traits of an Empath

Empaths are often quiet and can take a while to handle a compliment for they're more inclined to point out another's positive attributes. They are highly expressive in all areas of emotional connection, and talk openly, and, at times, quite frankly in respect to themselves. They may have few problems talking about their feelings.

However, they can be the exact opposite: reclusive and apparently unresponsive at the best of times. They may even appear ignorant. Some are very good at blocking out others and that's not always a bad thing, at least for the learning empath struggling with a barrage of emotions from others, as well as their own feelings.

Empaths have a tendency to openly feel what is outside of them more so than what is inside of them. This can cause empaths to ignore their own needs. In general an empath is non-violent, non-aggressive and leans more towards being the peacemaker. Any area filled with disharmony creates an uncomfortable feeling in an empath. If they find themselves in the middle of a confrontation, they will endeavor to settle the situation as quickly as possible, if not avoid it all together. If any harsh words are expressed in defending themselves, they will likely resent their lack of self-control, and have a preference to peacefully resolve the problem quickly.

Empaths are sensitive to TV, videos, movies, news and broadcasts. Violence or emotional dramas depicting shocking scenes of physical or emotional pain inflicted on adults, children or animals can bring an empath easily to tears. At times, they may feel physically ill or choke back the tears. Some empaths will struggle to comprehend any such cruelty, and will have grave difficulty in expressing themselves in the face of another's ignorance, closed-mindedness and obvious lack of compassion. They simply cannot justify the suffering they feel and see.

People of all walks of life and animals are attracted to the warmth and genuine compassion of empaths. Regardless of whether others are aware of one being empathic, people are drawn to them as a metal object is to a magnet! They are like beacons of light.

Even complete strangers find it easy to talk to empaths about the most personal things, and before they know it, they have poured out their hearts and souls without intending to do so consciously. It is as though on a sub-conscious level that person knows instinctively that empaths would listen with compassionate understanding.

Here are the listeners of life. Empaths are often problem solvers, thinkers, and studiers of many things. As far as empaths are concerned, where a problem is, so too is the answer. They often will search until they find one--if only for peace of mind.

Written By Christel Broederlow Copyright (c) 2002 Christel Broederlow Shortened Version from The Empath Report 101
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Postby LadyJaneWelsh » Tue Apr 18, 2006 2:16 am

I have been reading a lot about empathic abilities so I can understand my own and i why i've been feeling sick and run down around crowds. It's funny how many sites mess up the information and confuse empaths with psi vamps. Empaths are sympathetic and react to emotions of others, but react with our own emotions. Psy vamps drain energy from others.

I have a feeling, that in crowds, my shielding is not working so well because i'm over tired from working so much lately, i'm taking on everyone elses emotions and feeding everyone else around me from the emotional energy i'm feeling. Then I get so drained i am feeding on everything i can - electronics, the elements, pranic, tantric and very rare meat - i'm more eclectic on what i can feed on. I need to find a better way to shield and a better balance of feeding so i'm not such a yo-yo! i'm going for acupuncture this week - julie (my acupuncturist) can help open my chakras and help me get centered to see if that helps me focus better.

The past 3 months, my empathic abilities have grown quickly .Any other suggestions on dealing with this?
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the sponge and the sieve

Postby The Madame X » Tue Apr 18, 2006 2:28 am

Right now you are a sponge.
Be a sieve.

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Postby LadyJaneWelsh » Tue Apr 18, 2006 2:38 am

lol no kidding! I'm trying to figure out how! Sheesh!

It's like telling someone they need a code to post an image for html and then not giving the the code or how to use the code!
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Postby Syngin » Wed Apr 19, 2006 9:53 pm

Ladt Jane try to disassociate or what I call splitting in two. I have found it is a good way to use the energy of highly emotional or stressful situations without it hurting me. You just slow down and see the situation as a third person. Its hard to explain it's like going astral and watching yourself in a dream. Geez now that I've confused you and myself....
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Postby zhiva » Thu Apr 20, 2006 1:24 am

What I do is vent the energy. I also have those times where due to stress, overwork, or just lack of attention to myself that I let my shield weaken and I absorb everything around good and bad. Venting can be done a variety of ways in accordance to what is practical and what suits the individual. My favorite and what seems to work the best for me is getting out in the yard at night barefoot and connecting with the Earth, centering with ujayi breathing (a breath technique I learned in yoga class) and sending all of my energy to the ground. Then, when I have released it all, drawing up energy from the ground through all of my chakras until I feel reenergized. Such involved practice isn't always practical so the same thing can be done inside, or with a foot bath or even a shower, but for me I find going to the Earth to be the best.

Then there are those situations that are repetitive, like dealing with our families or co-workers. I find that if i have difficulty shielding around a specific person, or I can't disconnect from them empathically, that free-writing helps to get a bigger picture of the issue that needs to be resolved.
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Postby LadyJaneWelsh » Thu Apr 20, 2006 2:17 am

Thank you for your suggestions - I'll try those!
I bought a book that is actually helping me with all of this - Toltec Wisdom by don Miguel Ruiz. I also picked up two other books of his: The mastery of love, and The Four Agreements. So far, they are all quite interesting! There is a lot about transforming emotions and changing negative energy into positive energy.

There are also great questions:
Can you think of some beliefs that have been draining your energy?
Can you identify some behaviors that are sucking you dry?
Do you see any ways that you have been giving away your power to others?

Great questions, aren't they?
Lady Jane Welsh
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Postby LadyJaneWelsh » Wed Apr 26, 2006 1:11 am

I meant to post this and completely forgot!

I had a very, very informative dream that actually showed me how to handle my problem. I was sitting across from someone - I actually think i was sitting across from myself, trying to work this out for myself...
I took the emotional energy being thrown at me, raised my hand up to stop it and surround me, with the emotions looking like stained glass - so it was like i was in a kaleidascope. I was able to move the emotional energy around and pick and choose which ones felt good, that i wanted to absorb, then push the rest away from me. It took a few times to practice it and I had to use my hands at first, but now I just do it all in my mind with visualization.

The only thing that does get confusing for me is when someone is around me feeling heavy emotions, I seem to absorb it but feel it a day or two later. I then can't figure out where it came from and found i actually look for a reason to have that emotion! lol I was able to purge it out of my system when I went to the beach and stood in the sand and walked in the water (freezing though!). I actually have some shells I'm going to keep with me to see if they will help me ground in certain situations. I keep a bag of sea salt with fresh lavendar in my car so i can vent out anger in traffic! it actually works! I should sell it as road rage remedy! lol
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Postby doreanne_shade » Tue Jun 02, 2009 4:43 am

Under stress - awareness is heightened as well as empathic
abilities.. It is best to pause - and go back to the
emotions you experienced before the negative ones surfaced - then

I am so glad this was bumped up. I used to hate the empathic side of me. it would become to strong, draining me and caused me to have emotinal moments where I was frozen, lost in the moment. Thank you for pulling this article back out. It was beautifully written and very informative.
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Postby DarkRed » Mon Feb 22, 2010 6:17 pm

What I have noticed with my empathy is I am a "physical" empath, for instance, if someone was projecting an emotion to me, I will physically feel this. Such as an intimate emotion, I will feel a "tug" around the sacral and base chakras.

It has taken a lot of time, and this is still at work in progress, to correlate what I feel as to what I am picking up from others.
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Re: Being an Empath

Postby Wulfsunus » Sun Feb 28, 2010 12:32 am

The Madame X wrote:Being an Empath
By Ellie Crystal

As humans - our empathic skill are always turned on - as
with all things - we just need to be open to receive the
messages. It's like a radio - it may be playing - but are you

I do believe that to some degree on another we all do or have had it, but like an appendage that is not used we will soon lose the ability of that if not used.

I do know personally it is always on for me, the real test is trying to turn it off when I need additional focus for other chores.
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Re: Being an Empath

Postby Aneishka » Sun Oct 05, 2014 4:12 am

My abilities are odd. If I am psychically linked to someone (which I currently am) their emotional states are the easiest to sense. I have it down to when they are thinking about me as well.. But I can sense the emotions of my sire if we are just chatting online. Then there is the ability to feel emotions while reading someone but being able to push myself away from continuously feeling their confusing at times.
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Re: Being an Empath

Postby lady_sequanna » Mon Oct 06, 2014 9:15 pm

What type of shielding do you consider the most effective to allow us to differentiate what is our own and what we are picking up? i dont mean completely blocking it out, just controlling it better.
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