The Thrall

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The Thrall

Postby Aislin Ni MorRhiaghan » Mon Oct 16, 2006 2:43 am

The thrall is commonly referred to as a sort of fascination, obsession, or instinctual pull towards a person that belies logical explanation. It can be an intense curiosity, obsessive, or intense fascination with finding prey. It is an intense form of intentional charisma that entraps as it effects one's mental, sexual, and emotional ability to discern properly.
Normally vampyres seeking to feed often exude charisma and pheromones that attract others like flies to honey. Likewise in this
mode, the vampyre is also likely be just as enthralled with
their intended donor as the donor is with the vampyre, perhaps moreso.
The charm and energy exuded by a vampyre on the prowl can relay a
feeling of superiority, false sense of security, extreme
attachment and attraction, a slight feeling of being overwhelmed.

The fascination on the vampyre's end is raw and instinctive with the
end result being to acquire what they need from the person. The
beacon (the mental capability to call out to donors, lovers,
aid, etc) is utilized to draw and the thrall is then used to finish
the intention. During this process, a bond is forming that can later
be used for other means.

Those under the thrall may feel as if they are uncontrollably
drawn to the other person. They find it difficult to concentrate, feel
obsessively curious, and have the innate desire to be in that
person's presence. This can certainly be mistaken for romantic
feelings but is nothing more than one person's biochemical
reactions to the pheromones of a hungry vampyre.

Thrall certainly has it's light and dark aspects, as does
everything else. If done properly it can increase loyalty,
protection, and attraction. If done with the wrong intentions it can
certainly be detrimental to all involved. This commonly occurs
during communion however, it can also happen while using the beacon,
or at a time of hunger. I equate it to a fly being haplessly drawn
to a spider's web only to be devoured seconds after landing and
realizing that it is trapped.

The thrall is very much like working magick, but at the same time it
is very different. Sometimes it just happens without intention. When
it happens with intention it is magickal, very nearly like a binding
spell so beware when you use it you or choose to receive it on any
level you will be bound to the other person. Can these bindings be
removed? Certainly, if both people are 100 per cent willing to
reliquish those bonds. If you engage in communion with this person
it can be considerably more difficult but not impossible. Understand
the role that unconscious volition plays in this technique and how
in this state energy is easily manipulated. Unconscious volition is
acting without the consent of the logical brain in response to
either spiritual or energetic stimuli. It is automatic and very
nearly unable to resist (such as being drawn to a book in a
bookstore only to discover that there was some intense reasoning for
it, automatic writing, and changing traveling plans at the last
minute only to find that your plane crashed hours later). Normally
the term is used in conjuction with higher consciousness.

Consider how many people you have shared energy in any form with
that did not carry some part of you with them and them with you. Any
kind of energy exchange involves sharing a part of yourself as does
any kind of power exchange. Choose wisely those who you choose to
share with. These are not things to be taken lightly and carry a
great deal of responsibility. If any one of the party is unstable,
mentally and emotionally unprepared, or simply not mature enough it
could have very awkward if not outright bad repurcusions. The
thrall, if used properly is mutually beneficial for everyone
involved. More than one vampyre have found themselves on the
receiving end of either an obsessed donor or a donor with an
obsessed vampyre. The thrall may also effect newly awakened in the
same manner.

It is also very much like a glamoury in that the goal is to win the
submission of the prey involved by appeal. The intendor will push
their energy out thus making themselves more noticeable, brighter if
you will, and even more powerful because of their sudden appearance.
They will seem to come out of nowhere, but the energy they send out
will be strong for the sake of appealing to our more bestial natures
that recognises dominance and power. However it is not a glamoury in
that the residual effects are more long lasting and does not go away
after the person leaves the room. The purpose of glamoury is to
trick the eye into seeing something that isn't there. It's an
alteration of perception. The thrall does not trick the eye but the

The initial intent of the thrall is to satisfy the beast within,
whether it is by following someone for blocks or whether it is by
luring them (or even calling them) to your side. Sending out
tendrils and seeing who "bites" is the beginning of the
establishment of a connection. In most cases, initial contact will
trigger fascination. Intense, deep, fascination that may involve
persistent thoughts of that person akin to infatuation but borders
on obsession. It will happen quickly and aggressively. Should
physical contact occur, whether through casual contact or more
intimate contact, deeper connections are formed. The connection that
is formed during this state is powerful and doesn't go away over
night. If that person who is enthralled engages in communion of any
kind (either on the astral, the physical, in a dreaming state
through dreamwalking etc) those bonds have then become very strong.
If someone is constantly exposed to thrall it can have very
long lasting effects indeed and the more communion is involved the
more it will take to shake it off.

You may find yourself irresistably drawn to the other person
regardless of how badly they may treat you. If you are involved in a
kitral/vampyre relationship you may find yourself craving communion.
This can be a means of control for both parties as one craves the
intimacy of communion and the other craves the power of receiving
communion. Ideally it is a give and take of equal portions. In an
imbalanced situation one can form an addiction to either giving or
receiving from the other person and eventually to the other person
altogether. You can see how this can quickly slip into obsessive
behavior in some situations.

If done in a balanced manner between two people who are mature and
stable enough to handle this type of bond, it can be utilized to
share wisdom, form protective bonds, deepen communion for both
people, strengthen loyalties, and assist in transitions. The thrall
can be helpful or hurtful. Use this responsibility and this gift

I would follow thee and make a heaven of hell
To die upon the hand I love so well
For in that sleep of death what dream may come
When we've shuffled off this mortal coil...


Aislin Ni MorRhiaghan

Postby GOTHIKA » Tue May 08, 2007 11:45 pm

I often use my power of thrall to do draw my "prey" in but I haven't been much on the prowl like I used to be.
I'm now more into cycling energy so that I have a rather low intake level of need right now.
But just the other day I was using "my thrall" on an intended male subject.
I got on the elevator in my building with him and immediately stared him down in the eyes and projected myself onto him turning on my powers full blast holding him in place taking on a superior position.
He could barely even hold my gaze and probably knew what I was doing since we have a history together which I hope to one day be able to add on to.
He is an Empath so I know he could feel my essence and my longing to resolve our issues and come back together again.
Our conversation went quite well actually and he told me we would speak again in the future.
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Re: The Thrall

Postby The Madame X » Tue Feb 22, 2011 2:37 pm

Awakened individuals radiate a very strong charismatic energy that the unawakened may perceive as sexual desire, finding themselves inexplicably sexually drawn to us. This may be a product of what is called ‘The Thrall’ where individuals become obsessively drawn to an awakened individual. It is best to avoid sexual intimacy with such smitten people, because they will assume that it means their love is requited and there is a possibility of a long-term or permanent relationship. We must be compassionate and avoid taking sexual advantage of their vulnerability. Eventually their attraction will pass, and a warm mutual respect and friendship will remain. Particularly of note for Vamps, we have the inherent talent of making strong lasting bonds that persist despite our will and physical separation; our intrinsic allure can be deeper than what we often give ourselves credit, so we must beware of the choices we make, particularly when it comes to intimacy.
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Re: The Thrall

Postby The Madame X » Wed Jun 04, 2014 2:31 pm

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Re: The Thrall

Postby LadyGigiFrost » Mon Jul 07, 2014 12:53 am

This just happen to me, been happening for two month's. The more this female hangs around with me the more open she become. To the point, she started seeing spirit's.
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Re: The Thrall

Postby LadyGigiFrost » Mon Jul 07, 2014 12:57 am

Oh sorry: PS:
I am being taught to do what is natural for as a vampire to do. I am learning a lot from this, I am finding out how strong willed I am, but always kind and loving.
Thus far, the last three days: I have felt stronger, and more alive than I have in along time. I am grateful to be learning this.
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Re: The Thrall

Postby The Madame X » Wed Jul 23, 2014 3:01 pm

Wonderful news Gigi!
Always growing, always learning. We are Catalysts, noone is ever the same after we 'touch' them, much like the sailor who sees the mermaid :)
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