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Drifting is the art of appearing to move across the room while simultaneously cloaking or shielding one’s energy. This takes both a conscious pushing outward and moving inward and can be done in a crowd or within a small gathering. The general effect is one of moving through the room as if you’ve left and disappearing from view. It takes practice and won’t occur over night but it will be worth the effort and energy expended.

Before anyone can move energy one must first move the delusion that we have no control over the energy around us. Removing the impossibility factor is the first key to casting any illusion, as someone practiced in energy work of any kind well knows. Cloaking happens when you pull in your energy and hide your aura and energy from those around you. To achieve this sit in a quiet place and be aware of the energy around you. Note the energy difference between yourself and the rest of the room. Recognize your own energy and note how it molds itself to your desires.

There are several ways to achieve cloaking. They are all very effective and take practice. One of the simplest means of doing so is to imagine that you are sitting in a dark room. Visualize yourself sitting on the floor in a dark room. Note the perceptible energy around yourself and the rest of the room. Note where the demarcation begins. This is where the cloak should cover and where it should blend. As you are sitting there, imagine a beautiful black cloak. It is heavy and luxurious and lined with more heavy black velvet. It is soft and comfortable and has the distinct feeling of a soft warm place. You feel this cloak and rub it against your skin. Pull your energy into this cloak, bond with it, and feel that it also responds to your whims. Pull this cloak around your and feel your aura diminish in brightness as this veil of darkness covers you. You see yourself blend seamlessly with the darkness around you until you are no longer visible.

Another way of hiding your energy is to visualize a light switch that brightens or dims your aura. It flips it off and on and is found deep within your mind. See your self walking to the switch and flipping it off. Imagine your aura shutting off like a light. Using the shadows around you can also be a creative way of cloaking yourself. Simply imagine that the shadows are soft and malleable. They are cool and welcoming, since most people tend to perceive those who give off the most heat first use this to your advantage. Imagine that they are easily wrapped around you. You can touch them, move them, command them if needed. Visualize your self wrapping them around you like a cape, covering you entirely. When you have mastered cloaking you can then move on to the next part of the illusion.

Energy itself is relatively easy to manipulate, when it is your own it molds itself to your desires seamlessly with enough time and training. Creating a transparency of yourself is a little trickier but effective if you can manage it. This is a step towards drifting that includes pulling in your aura and residual energy as well. When you create a transparency you are creating an energy film of yourself, much like a veneer of yourself. You are placing it in your mind and when the time comes you’ll send it out. It will appear to move in a predetermined manner to a predetermined location without hesitancy or acknowledgement of others around you.

I’ve found that it’s much easier to do if there are large crowds, but it’s not impossible to do so in smaller gatherings. Before you do this practice pulling in energy, pushing outward, and shaping that energy to form a pure form of yourself. Sit in a small room or wooded area. Close your eyes and imagine yourself covered in a deep velvet cloak that covers you from head to foot. Imagine your aura also being covered by this cloak. It is hidden from view of others around you. Next imagine that you are moving from one place to another. Focus on one spot of the room or a tree that you wish to move to. Imagine the energy you’ve pulled in. Visualize yourself sitting in front of a mirror. Look at your reflection and visualize yourself standing. Watch yourself rising and imagine your image filling with energy. Imagine it taking on depth, perception, and solidify. Next visualize your reflection stepping out of the mirror and moving toward the intended goal. Notice how much brighter it seems versus how dim you look. As you are still sitting see your illusionary self. Take in the details and see how much like you it appears. Also make a note of where there are flaws. Correct any hint that this is merely an illusion. Practice this until you can do it at will. It may take some time but daily practice will create a more solid illusion. When this is mastered you will be able to send this illusion out at will to give the illusion that you have either left the room, or that you have moved across the room. This will be a visual illusion perceptible to others around you so it is important that every detail be down to the last thread. An effective illusion will make it appear as if you have walked through the crowd and have left the vicinity. When you are ready to reappear simply remove the cloak, force your energy outward and you will seem to have appeared out of the blue.

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Aislin Ni MorRhiaghan

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