Odd shapped skulls!

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Odd shapped skulls!

Postby The Madame X » Fri Mar 20, 2009 2:50 pm

Take a look

http://www.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseac ... D=53082255

What do you think?
Human or alien? The Nephilim perhaps?

And here is an article on the same topic full link at: http://www.crystalinks.com/incanskulls.html

Incan Skulls

The data about the skulls is incomplete, and that makes the correct assessment of their age, context with other hominids, as well as placement of their origin extremely difficult. Some of the skulls are very distinct, as if they belong to entirely different species, remotely similar to genus Homo. The first thing that attracts attention is the size and shape of the cranium in all the specimens. There are 4 different groups represented in the pictures. As a matter of convenience, I labeled them "conehead", "jack-o-lantern" or "J" and "M" based on the shape of the skull, except the first and possibly earliest type of skull, which I call "premodern".

When some of these pictures (the first two) were posted on CompuServe more than year ago, the majority of people assumed that they represented an example of binding of the head, well known to be in fashion in ancient Nubia, Egypt and other cultures. The problem with this theory is that the inside of the cranium of the mentioned skulls, although elongated and with a back sloping, flattened forehead, have the same capacity as normal human skulls; the only difference is the shape achieved by frontal and side deformations. They are actually more similar to the first type of skull (premodern) with the rounded back, than the conehead type. The cone-shaped types of skull are not found amongst the usual skull-binding samples.

The first skull presents problems of its own. The frontal part of the skull seems to belong to an individual of the pre-Neanderthal family, but the lower jaw, though more robust than modern human type, has a modern shape and characteristics. The shape of the cranium does not have any comparison with the Erectus, Neanderthal types, nor the modern human type. Some minor Neanderthal characteristics are present, as is the occipital ridge on the bottom back of the skull and the flattened bottom of the cranium, other characteristics point more tovards Homo Erectus. The angle of the cranial bottom is, though, unusual. We cannot exclude the possibility of a deformed individual in this case, but it is highly unlikely that the angle of the frontal part would require a modification of the lower jaw in the process of growing to resemble modern human types with their projected chin rim. The answer seems to be that the skull belongs to a representantive of an unknown premodern human or humanoid type.

As is obvious from the comparison with a modern human skull, the cranial capacity lies within the modern human range. This is not surprising, since the late Neanderthals and early modern humans (Cro-Magnon) had larger cranial capacities (both roughly 1600 ccm to 1750 ccm) than modern humans (av. 1450 ccm). The decrease of the cranial capacity (sudden at that -- the specimens of modern humans after about 10500 BCE have smaller craniums) is a puzzling matter, but that's another story.

No less puzzling is what a representative of a premodern human type is doing on the South American continent. According to the orthodox anthropology, this skull simply does not exist, because it cannot be. Textbooks' oldest date of appearance of humans in North America is about 35000 BCE and much later for South America, based on the diffusion theory assumptions. The only accepted human types entering the continent are of the modern anatomy. There are some other sources that place all types of human genus in both Americas at much earlier dates based on numerous anomalous finds, but the academe sticks to its preconceived notions, no matter what. It's safer.


The "premodern" skull and the following three specimens were found in the Paracas region of Perú. It does not necessarily mean that they are related. There is some possibility that the "premodern" is in fact a precursor of the "conehead" type, but since we do not have any dating analysis at hand, we may only speculate in this regard.

The "conehead" type is very unusual because of the cranial shape. Here we have three specimens, which exclude the possibility of random or artificial deformation (the already mentioned Nubian deformations had quite a number of individual variations). They have individual characteristics within the range of overall morphology. There is no doubt that they are closely related and possibly represent quite a distinct branch of the genus Homo, if not an entirely different species.

The comparison of the C1 with a modern human skull has slight inaccuracies, caused by a degree of distortion when rotating the skull shape into position. As is obvious from C2 and C3, the angle of the bottom part of the cranium does not deviate from normal. However, the general proportions are correct.

The enormity of the cranial vault is obvious from all three pictures. By interpolation, we can estimate the minimum cranial capacity at 2200 ccm, but the value can be as high as 2500 ccm. The shape of the skull may be a biological response--a survival of the species mechanism--to increase the brain mass without the danger of relegating the species to extinction and keeping a viable biological reproduction intact. However, since we do not see the representatives of the "conehead" type in modern population, something prevented the type becoming as widespread as it is in the case of present-day moderns.


Pravda News - October 6, 2005

Russian media outlets have recently covered a story about yet another mystery of the ancient period of human civilization, when archaeologists discovered plates with drawings in South America. The plates or the so-called Iki stones are about 70 million years old. The drawings show people with disproportionately large heads. There are skulls of the same shape in the local museums. But archeologists find the elongated skulls in Russia too, in the North Caucasus. The Pyatigorsk museum of regional studies has them on display. Do those skulls have anything in common? And who started "the fashion?"

A hole in the crown of the head

"The Pyatigorsk skull was found at the excavation site of the Khasaot burial ground in the vicinity of Kislovodsk," says Doctor of Historical Sciences Vladimir Kuznetsov, the author of numerous studies of history of the North Caucasus. "The skull is part of culture of the ancient Alani. Approximately, it dates back to the 3rd - 5th centuries A.D. These strange skulls appeared at the same time when the Sarmatian and Alani hordes came around. Some of the nomads moved for the North Caucasus in 15th century."

"Researchers have repeatedly proved that the skulls had been deformed on purpose," says Mr. Kuznetsov. "Ropes or special blocks were tied tightly round the heads of infants, over the temples. The custom went out of fashion by 17th century. The reason behind the deformation phenomenon is still unknown. It is hard to say whether the methods worked effectively or not since nobody ever conducted scientific experiments regarding the binding of the infants' heads.

But "aliens" are not likely to be involved in this case," says the researcher.

Still, it is very strange that the deformed skulls are found in European countries including Norway and France. They are also found in Central Asia, in Central and South America. Taking into account huge distances and oceans separating different nations, how could people pass around the weird fashion?

"The skull exhibited here used to belong to a young woman in her twenties," says senior researcher of the Pyatigorsk museum of regional studies Mikhail Semendyaev. "Its volume is quite regular, about 1.5 liters. By the way, archeologists normally find 2-3 deformed skulls like this one in every hundred of skulls discovered during the excavation," adds Mr. Semendyaev.

Specialists have no explanation for a particular feature of the elongated skulls. If you take a closer look at the skull, you will see a tiny hole on the crown. The edges of the hole are extremely neat and even. Only elongated skulls have tidy holes. Could it be that the holes were used for picking information from space or from the egg-headed colleagues scattered around the world?

They wanted to look like aliens

"I did research on one of those skulls found near the town of Chihuahua in Mexico in the 1930s," says the well-known archeologist Lloyd Pye, the author of the book Everything You Know is Wrong. When the appearance of the "owner" was restored using Professor Gerasimov"s method, it became obvious that the guy resembled aliens the way they are portrayed by eyewitnesses. I ran a DNA test of his bones in two laboratories. His DNA links in some sections differed from the human ones. The skull should have contained around 2 liter of brain. The skull of present-day man can hold only 1.5 liters of brain," says Mr. Pye.

"Some specimens indicate that the "fashion" for elongated skulls is al least 20 thousand years old. It could have originated earlier on. I can not tell you exactly when. I can only assume that ancient people wanted to imitate somebody else. Maybe they wanted to look like those beings who were more perfect in terms of evolution. They could also imitate the aliens whose skulls probably had different dimensions," says Mr. Pye.
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[Gen 6:1] When men began to multiply on earth and daughters were born to them,
[Gen 6:2] the sons of heaven saw how beautiful the daughters of man were, and so they took for their wives as many of them as they chose.
[Gen 6:3] Then the LORD said: "My spirit shall not remain in man forever, since he is but flesh. His days shall comprise one hundred and twenty years."
[Gen 6:4] At that time the Nephilim appeared on earth (as well as later), after the sons of heaven had intercourse with the daughters of man, who bore them sons. They were the heroes of old, the men of renown.


Most of the skulls can be found in the Museum in Ica which is on the edge of nazca in Peru.

They were found in a place called Paracas which is on the coastline near the candelabra and the lines. Some were found burried under the lines.

The small bulbus skull can be found in a museum in Mexico in a city called merida. They were brought there from palenque.

There are no elongated skulls in the gold museum. Skulls with gold brain surgery yes.
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on Ancient Advanced Civilizations

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Ancient Advanced Civilizations

July 19, 2008 at 8:12 pm (Uncategorized)

Ancient Advanced Civilizations
Alien Technology,Lost Worlds
and Alternate Creation

AAC- Ancient Advanced Civilization
How do you talk to someone you cannot see? or touch? If you had an important message to deliver, one you knew would break the walls of a foreign society, you would try your hardest to inform them, right? You would find a way to tell such a civilization what they’d forgotten, what they so desperately needed to know in order to survive.

What I’ve just explained to you, explains the occurences, of crop circles, alien abductions, ancient advanced civilizations in history, ufo sightings, and government cover ups.
I dont refer to Aliens as Aliens, so during this article we’ll rfer to them as extraterrestrials, ETS,the Annunanki, or AACs.
The term alien was coined to mea n not of this world, but in fact, the ETs are of our world, at least in the popular creation theory telling of the Nephilim, the sons of god spawning with the daaughters of man.
Biblically, the theory, is that The Nephilim or Annunaki as they are referred to most, came here in their spaceship so many years ago, to mine gold for their Planet Nibiru, which today is known as Planet X[a recent discovery]. A dwarf star, the atmosphere was diminishing and the Annunakis needed gold to keep their planet going and were here to mine it. Amongst their stay, the intelligant beings had many skills like we do today, science, gentetic engineering, artistic temperment, political and warlike personas. While here they tampered with our enviornemnt, from plants to animals, it was their nature to create theings probly for the same reasons we do today- medical advancement, scientific advancement..political. Amongst their creationgs, we came about, and the Annunakis realized they could use US as workers to help mine. in turn, mass production ensued. We were born unto to Annunaki as their slaves.

Historically the evidence is overwhelming.
Sumerian tablets were the first accounted writings, and Sumeria was the first civilization to ever take place asa full throttle civilization. Aside from our prehistoric cave friends, who painted pictures of our ETs on walls, and sculpted in the mud not long after they were picking fleas off each others back, and barely speaking words, Mesopotamia coined te first era of Ancient advanced civilization.
From The Sumerian Tablets,to The Ishtar Gate at Babylon, to the wall of daily and war life in Uruk, its obvious some form of intelligence was instilling its knowledge on our people.
At the time Sumer was booming, Europe also saw a boom in knowledge advancement, as did Africa.
This would have been the perfect time, for an existence of such continets like Lemuria, Mu, and Atlantis to have existed, since by now the Annunakis would have colonized in other reigions, even tho many videos, books, and other sources say the existence of such contients existed before the date of recorded history, being biblical history. However Such a claim dosnt match, because accounts of the great flood described in the bible is described in every religion, and its said thoeretically,that the great flood was the downfall of Atlantis, Biblically that God purged the earth of the evil that was going on because of the interbreeding between the sons of god and daughters of men. Many believe the translation of that into the Annunaki theory, is that the downfall of Atlantis is when we the humans rebelled against our creators for enslaving us, and our creators, the ETs, left in their spaceship trying to kill us, and other Annunakis left here, blwoing up Atlantis in its path. It would make more sense, then that might also fit the bill for Lemuria and Mu. Maybey. Most people say Atlantis, whose civilization had the technology we have today[thers that technology again...hmmm\] saw its demise because it becae too wealthy and power obsesed, and Lemuria and Mu later saw the desmise because it met the same fate, however teh Lemurians did scatter about to other reigions liek Souoth America, and teach their knowledge to the Aztecs and the Mayans.
The Anunakis took up camp in Meoptamia, as I said earlier, in Sumer,Babylon, Egypt, and some of Africa. It makes sense that different races would have taken over different areas.
I should define that the Annunakis, a reptilian humanoid race, are in fact different than the giant white silvery white haired Lemurians.
Sculpturally, the evidence of our Annunaki “gods” are everywhere. and there are petroglyphs and hierpglyphics depicting them.
Its said that due to our genetic makeup, we are embedded with memoried of the flood and other biblical events, we are just unable to unlock them because we dont know how to access them yet. We’ve forgotten our true history, and thats part of our problem to begin with.
When The Lemurians scattered to South American Reigions, they attempted to bring the msot important things they thought would tell about the AACs and the world’s accounts at the time. Sumerians wrote their accounts of astrological knowledge on stone, which they had to obtain somewhere, just like the African Dongo Tribe did. The Lemurians brought with them to South America, and other places that they immigrated to due to the knowledge that Lemura would Fall like Atlantis; the Crystal Skulls. These Skulls contained mass amounts of information, about the world and civilization at that time, and were used almost as governmental computers, telecommunication devices, and healing devices. People who have encountered the skulls claim numbers of different experiences, such as a “WOW effect” those who have been sick, have been healed, and some have heard voices emenating from the skulls. Life went on, preserving the royal bloodlines in Egypt, England, Freemasons, and super elite groups and royalty, were banded together, in sercret societies. all this was done to preserve the blood of the annunakis. Queen Nefertiti , an Nephilim/Annunaki is proven to be one, by the shape of her elongated skull, which many thought was from the hats she wore, but in esence, many skeletons with the same elongated eggplant like skul shape, have been found around river banks of italy and africa, where in the middle of the ocean, contientes lemuria, mu and atlantis once sat.
I find it quite funny that the egyptians who recorded evry birth, crop failure, and flood, did not record the construction of the pyrimids. As an art history major its discussed that the turning point of man and civilization is the construction of the pyrimids, because geolical concepts had to be learned, a hierarchy and work structure had to organized, so in turn, organization had to be created, and last nut not least, labor was induced, and tools were made. the only tiem prior to this we see tools constructed are prehistoric british cavemen creating tools, in a theory that they built stonehenge, an astrological calendar and what i believe was once a functioning stargate.

If you look at many of these modern marvels today, masany of them fit in essence with y theory that at one point our ancient world was ruled by AACs and housed many stargates. Stargates in essence were probably used in the way we use military bases today, and my list of theorized inactive and active stargates goes as follows.

1.The Bermuda Triangle, United States
2.The Dragons Triangle, Japan
3.The 7 gates of Babylon, Ancient Babylon/Present Day Iraq
4.Atlantis- the center headquarters for all stargates.
5.Stonehenge-Salsbury Plane,Wales
6.The Pyrimids at Giza-Egypt
7. I believe theres one located somewhere in south america. Think Ancient Mayans.
8.The Nazca Line cliff thats Missing..I think that was a landing strip, for soem kind of testing facility for their ships.. almost like an old fashioned airoport.
9. I believe theres one on the island of Cretes in Greece too.

The locations i provide you are real locations.

Modern Messages

Today The media is overflowing with tales of Alien abductees, crop circle formations, and documentaries on alien findings. It’s almost hard to find something utterly true in this world of video and photoshop, you kind of have to be the judge yourself.
Most Abductees describe a neurological link to their abducter, and even tho a questioner cannot see the abducter, the abductee can see them string them in the face, sometiems very closely. The abductees describe what is known in this day and age as TELEPATHY, or communication through mind.
Often in women, abductees descride being impregnated, and are often taken back at different stages to interact with an hybrid child. Males often describe being probed, sometimes anally, or taken samples from.
This is where the hysterical humersous part of our culture comes from. we laugh at those, because to us, its impossiblt to leave our houe while sleeping, be impreganted, have a baby, and not know it.

But what if these poeple where telling the truth?
SETI institute has been trying to make contact with the ET’s for decades, and sent out a binary numeric message, they hoped would get back a thousand years from now.
They didnt tell us it came back already, in fact in the form of a crop circle, next to a radio signal. Nice one.
The Message we sent, the Ets sent RIGHT back, with a few modifactions. they corrected our informatiin it seemed like, instead of a double helix, they showed a triple helix. instead of a human pixel they pixeled a alien being. Oh Yeah and they pixel shaded a human face, dot by dot, which looked errily familr to the faceon the mars. a year later on the same date, they sent a pictogram in crop circle style, of themselves pixel style with a planteray object next to them.
SETI just forgot to tell us I guess. There was a binary message encoded in their pictogram as well.

Too many Ufo sightings have e been accounted for, and the Us has recently released claim that they have found a crashed alien ship and are studying it for its technology.’
Oh yeah that binary message, said “dont take gifts from false givers, there is still much pain, we are opposers of deception” [i summed it up]

So i ask again, if u had to tell someone something, direly important, how hard would you try?
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Postby Aislin Ni MorRhiaghan » Tue Apr 21, 2009 9:56 pm

Fallen angels indeed. How can one fall if one willingly jumps off the boat?


Aislin Ni MorRhiaghan

Re: Odd shapped skulls!

Postby The Madame X » Sat Sep 20, 2014 4:57 pm

If you are interested in the subject, this is a video you should watch.
http://worldtruth.tv/true-story-of-sata ... -nephilim/
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