Chapter from my book on Female Sexual Energy

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Chapter from my book on Female Sexual Energy

Postby Kate » Sun May 04, 2014 11:10 pm

Introduction to the Hidden Worlds
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Chapter Sixteen

Introduction to Sexual Energy

I want to talk about all the things we are taught not to discuss sex, periods, childbirth, masturbation – no I don’t find this easy I am probably turning pink too, I am a product of my generation as well but this is such an important part of our lives and I have daughters that I want them to know this stuff and I am also tired of sex education and sexual spiritual disciplines being giving to women by men!

What do they know? Ok in the Taoist tradition maybe quite a bit, but I am not a man, I have never wanted to be a man – all those outside dangly bits….- I like being female and I like being in a females body. Sexually, I like men, but that is just my preference, I like the way mens bodies are put together and the… well that’s just me.

Women and men have been poorly educated about sex, especially about sexual energy and where it goes and what it can to for you. I am not a man and though this stuff that I teach has its mirror reflection in techniques for men I am not in a position to comment – I lack the equipment.

Ok what this is not. This is not Kundalini or Tantric, those are highly specialized practices that have been misused and misunderstood by many people. I was taught much of this from a group of women druids who call themselves the Sisterhood, they have taught sex education and sexual energy work for centuries you will find like I did that this is a practical and easy application that any woman can learn.

The basic function of sex is reproduction. Beyond that, each time we are sexually active we generate a lot of life-force energy.

When we have a normal orgasm, the life-force pours out of us into the universe. If we can learn to redirect the orgasmic energy inward and upward instead of out ward, the energy will reach a higher center of the body, and we will experience the even greater orgasmic experience known as a total body orgasm, an experience never felt as a result of normal sex. We can create more energy and store it and then transform it into life-force energy and thereby increase our total energy.
Sex is packaged and sold to you these days; naked skinny women’s bodies are everywhere. Flabby bottoms, stretch marks, cellulite doesn’t make you feel like you make the mark. Having kids for me really put me off the whole business for quite a while. Weight gain/loss and self esteem also come into play, loss of confidence because of bad partners or even better guilty partners also put a damper on the whole business. But I am not really taking about self esteem and confidence building that will just be a side effect of practising these techniques. I am talking more about self love and learning how you can love yourself better so that woman power is yours to use as you see fit. How you choose to use that power is your business.

Improving your sex life or even getting a sex life is just one of the many options.

Young people have a lot of life-force energy available, but they do not know how to channel it properly. Their answer is usually to burn off the excess in the fastest way possible by using drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, sugar or the many other stimulants – including chocolate. These methods of stimulation initially give the user ten or twenty times the energy, but they draw out all the energy from wherever it is available, namely the organs, glands and brain. Afterwards the user is left feeling flat and listless with more stimulants being needed to return to the same high – it is no wonder that by the time we are thirty we are feeling tired and ‘burnt out’ with no energy to go on.

Music, television, movies, computer games all work the same way as we are continuing to need more and more to give us the same stimulating experience eventually we all reach that point as Rod Stewart put it “I can’t get no satisfaction”.

The search for satisfaction has to start from within – I know you have heard this all before but it all starts with inner peace to create the outer.

It takes some practice but by turning the incredible amount of wasted energy that is stored in the form of sexual energy inward rather than spin it outward what is happening normally when you have an orgasm, we learn to turn this energy inward and refine it and recycle it and to increase it tenfold.

They did this and similar sort of practices in Ancient Egypt and in Britain the women druids called the Sisterhood kept the flame of knowledge of this practice alive throughout the Dark Ages, and also the Taoist priests of China have a wide body of information on this subject as do the Indian practitioners of the Tantric Sexual Arts.

The Taoist have a practice called Ovarian Breathing and if practised every day can start the process to conserve the life-force energy and I will show you this in a bit. It is very like the Conscious Connected Breath of the Rebirthers and the Kryia Yoga Breath that is talked about in the Autobiography of Yoga and that is taught by the Fellowship. So this is not new just applied to women rather than men – it is not often that you come across spiritual disciplines for women only.

The ovaries contain the seed of new life and every month we waste one – unless we are making babies that month – and all that energy of building an egg, releasing it, building linings and then shedding it. This is where females loose most of their energy. Periods sometimes just drain us dry, with many of us spending the rest of the month trying to recover for the next period; it is time to put that energy to work.

Lets start with orgasms, to assume that we all have those gut wrenching screams and cries of wild abandonment that we see in the movies is crazy, you hear stories – mostly from mens magazines about grunters, screamers, groaners and the silent ‘ohhh’ Years ago there was a film called When Harry met Sally and there was that famous scene in the diner where Sally demonstrated faking it, it was a classic. Cliches aside sexual orgasms are best started with by yourself, leaving some poor guy to know what button works best for you is mean and not really fair. If most of you think back to your ‘first time’ you can understand just how big a disaster two people fumbling around in the dark mostly drunk and with only a vague idea of fitting flap A into slot B.

Sex is mostly a two person event and our energies must have at least one level of basic attraction of each other before anything else. The regular practice of the breath work that I am about to show you will strengthen those ‘down below’ muscles, the ovaries, the cervix and the poor old bashed about vagina, all these areas need exercise. With exercise the muscles loose their tone and the ‘energy’ leaks out, turning the sexual regions cold. Periods are late or early, PMT happens as do headaches, nausea, pain all over and general weakness and tiredness. It also takes more time to become even in the mood for sex let alone an orgasm.

This subject is huge, Ask me if you want more.
If you cannot explain it simply, you do not understand it fully.
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Re: Chapter from my book on Female Sexual Energy

Postby lady_sequanna » Sun Sep 25, 2016 12:23 pm

It's taken me a while to get around to this but here I am now...

I too believe it is incredibly important to discuss and be aware of all the things that, as you put it, "we are taught not to discuss". Not only as a benefit to ourselves but also so we raise a younger generation that is more aware, more connected and more willing to push forward with their personal power.

My question to you is two fold. On one hand, sexual energy is not bound by the orgasm alone. There can be plenty of sexual energy in play regardless of actually attaining the orgasm, which is often not attained by women - as mentioned, our lifetime of learning with the movies where both partners climax effortlessly at the same time is, to say the least, misleading. So given that the release is not as obvious, can one still turn that energy inward and benefit all the same and if so, how? On the other hand, I'd like to bring up distance, as this has become normal in our new world of virtual reality. If two partners are far away yet share a moment, an explicit sexual moment, and are present in whatever way - through video, phone, sexting, astral projection or any other way - although physically their presence is not in the same room, their energy is felt, acknowledged and fed on by the other. What would you say of the sexual energy thus produced and its effects on each partner?

I ask you as the author of the above article but I would also like to hear from any of the other members of this forum with a thought or an opinion on the matter. ;)
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Re: Chapter from my book on Female Sexual Energy

Postby LaRue » Mon Oct 03, 2016 1:17 am

To me sex is a kin to climbing a latter. This energy could reside and remain between my legs, in a non-personal basic hunting way ..or it could move , pulse , flow from the base of my body through the crown of my head. If i pull this flow upward to centers longing for pulse ...i am feeding well. Releasing the concrete grave markers that keep me bound in a low swamp. Connecting with life force , regenerating through the focus of another's energy . I luv to study Tantra,.. there is something about intention and the breath, and working with it that makes sense to me.

In saying this ... long distance connections also make sense to me. There is no choice but to pull this energy through the body. Fill from a source that in a way is much more difficult to reach, much more subtle. Reaching and requiring a certain ..refinement to attain. In a way it seems to demand more from us, a different type of gleaning... Yes?
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