Death magick for adepts - an article about death poppets

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Death magick for adepts - an article about death poppets

Postby JeanSebastien » Fri Apr 01, 2016 4:33 pm

Magick has so many different applications and facets. One of the greatest and almost forgotten forms of this art of making poppets of people for use in healing, binding, cursing, among many other applications. One of the most taboo applications of this form of magick is death magick or death curses where the object of any such given spell is to end the life of a target by using a black poppet as an effigy tied to the intended target as a means to end their life by pumping an endless amount of entropic energies. While there are other means of casting large amounts of entropy into a poppet such as focused will, hours of mantric meditation and certain techniques of black magick/sorcery. None could theoretically cast as much as a double-entry dimensional gate to a dimension of pure entropic potentia emptied continuously into said poppet. It should be noted that such spells are the dominion of necromancy sometimes sorcery. Such practices are also current in medieval folk magick, Lousiana hoodoo, Brujeria or Haitian voodoo.

The making of the death poppet itself is a lost art form. Choice of materials include different kinds of organic cloth such as cotton, linen and fabrics made from hemp fabric. In the absence of such fabrics semi synthetic fabrics or questionably organic fabrics such as felt, flannel, wool, acrylic or polyester may be used as a substitute as long as they are black in color. The use of organic materials create a deeper, more reliable bond to a physical/material pattern of a living being such as a human person. Hair, nail clippings, spit, blood, sexual fluids and personal items such as a piece of clothing, a toothbrush or an hair brush belonging and used consistently by the victim help in further insuring this bond. The affixing of hair or nail clippings to the body of the doll should be made using molten tree sap, melted beeswax or some kind of organic like those available in art supply stores. Should such materials not be available however your favorite glue gun or molten paraffin from a candle applied sparingly will do just fine. A recent picture of the victim is sewn into the head of the poppet. The picture should be cropped and/cut to encompass only the head of the victim before being placed into the head. It should be noted that the full birth name/true name of the target is to be written along the length of the picture used. Graveyard dirt as well as ashes from a sacred fire like a celebration of the pagan holy day of Samhain along with herbs such as mullein, belladonna, hemlock, patchouli among others are used as reinforcing correspondences which then fill the body and the head of the poppet. The color black is used as a correspondence for the death/entropic energies that will later infuse the poppet.

Before the poppet can be used, it must be activated which means that the name of the target must be incanted in a short naming ritual which ties the poppet to its living target. It is even possible to a certain extent for the caster of this death spell to decide how the target will die. Needles may be placed in particular organs to induce organ failure or to target the known weak points on the body of the victim insuring a quick death. Needles may also be used to blind a target. Specially prepared/custom cast needles made from alchemical alloys may be required to cause cancers or serious/terminal diseases within the target or to hasten their continued progression until death results. Large stones may be used to break the bones of the target or to cause an accident which results in severe damage to the bones, muscles, skull of the victim. These examples only serve to underscore the myriad of possibilities open to one intent on causing the death of a target, victim or enemy thru the use of a death poppet.

A vessel such as a rectangular wooden box or a miniature coffin may be used to contain the poppet once the aforementioned procedures have been used to permanently damage the target. This coffin is normally made of wood such as maple, birch, yew or black oak. Ebony however is still the best choice if one can obtain it as it is often imported from another location and quite pricey. The coffin is then painted or stained black to further concentrate to powers of death onto the poppet. It is highly recommended that the poppet not be kept in one's place of residence but that it should instead be buried outside under at least 3 to 6 feet of black earth. Keeping the resulting completed artifact in one's home will have the effect of drawing death energies, ghosts, specters and a whole menagerie of carrion feeding spirits as well as the risk of self-destruction to the caster and to everyone within the premises. The house especially the place of casting should be purified by whatever purification/banishing ritual you normally work with as soon as the procedure is completed.

As a note to white magic freaks out there this spell is not meant for you so stay away from this article if you don't like its content. It is meant to disseminate the information to those who are interested in using it properly. Also don't leave me warnings about the price on one's life about such a procedure/technique for if you cannot cast this kind of death curse without guilt again this article was not meant for you.
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