Energy manipulation, sex magick and ethereal mysteries

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Energy manipulation, sex magick and ethereal mysteries

Postby JeanSebastien » Thu Apr 07, 2016 8:26 pm

Energy manipulation is an arcane art form with which I have a great affinity. The human body is a physical pattern that contingently exists in the astral plane, the spiritual plane and the emotional plane. Though many other planar layers as well as parallel universes surround us at any moment, the ones I just mentioned are the ones that affect in the most direct manner. The energies in the body radiate from the teeth and the skull all the way down thru the body and to the extremities(the fingers and the toes) as known by eastern martial arts(pressure point techniques for example) and medicine for millennia. Reflexology and acupuncture charts illustrate this at length alongside Chinese, Taoist, Hindu medicine and chi gon. A large factor in such manipulations is the emotions that imbue our minds and spirits while we manipulate energy.

It is sometimes believed that we have a projective and a receptive hand yet this is highly debatable. Among otherkins and advanced magickians for example both hands can be used interchangeably for the aforementioned purposes. Energy manipulation and sex magick share one important common feature. Both use the entire human body as a conductor and an instrument for casting. Emotions in such a context are the polarities and the fuel for the processes used. Though Tantra and Kundalini yoga can and are used often to enhance the arcane art of sex magick they are not a necessity or a pre-requisite knowledge for the neophyte practitioner entering into the practice. Some of its principles such as orgasm control, meditation, breath counting and others can be applied alongside direct energy manipulation techniques with much success. Circles, often used for protection can also be used as accumulators, portals to dimensions of infinite potentia(places where free-form mana runs wild, ready to be tapped for magickal purposes without ever using one's own life force as a source), conductors, cycling transformers and even as mana circuit technologies incorporating the use of a plethora of components to increase and direct energy. Elaborate astral temples can be created alongside astral constructs and astral machines to further increase the possibilities of these techniques of sex magick and energy manipulation.

As with all forms of magick, it is encouraged to stimulate all five senses as well as any other psychic ability one may possess naturally or may have developed. The arcane arts are a rarefied, artistic and complex form of psycho theater. Smells(incense including herbs such as tonka beans, damiana, yohimbe bark, saw palmetto berries, galangal root, gingko leaves, hibiscus flowers, rose petals as well as resins especially dragon's blood, chourai, aloe wood and benzoin), sounds(music for meditation, resonant soundtracks, dark ambient music as well as any song you feel may be appropriate), visualization techniques and possibly excitory culinary stimulations such as chocolate fondue, sweets and honey may be combined with oil massages, intense foreplay and petting to increase the lust, passion even connection between the casting partners of such rituals. No expense should be spared if the ritual intent is beyond the normal range of a simple spell. In fact the more intense, improbable and unrealistic the expected result, the more the energy raised from the rite should be continuous and intense as well. In certain cases, altered states of consciousness produced by the use of illicit substances and aphrodisiacs including but not limited to marijuana and mandragora liqueur should be used to further intensify these experiences.

From my own experience however, ideas such as complex magickal circles, sigil magick, divine and daemonic names, sacred geometry figures(such as 7, 8 or 10 pointed star pentagrams), as well as runes and other arcane alphabets may be used in conjunction with the principles of sex magick and energy manipulation to create energy wells for use in follow-up rituals with a precise intent such as when doing wishcraft, binding and linking spells, heavy duty banishings and even when empowering magickal items and talismans. I even have ideas that I haven't had the chance to experiment with such as spirit fetishes, the summoning of carnal spirits and even demons or angels. I look forward to experimenting with these ideas and writing about them in future posts and articles on my profile. All this being said, feel free to experiment and incorporate your own ideas into such rituals I am curious to hear from experiencers and others who try my ideas as well as their own. Feel free to comment as well.
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