Emotions and magick : Fuel and poison

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Emotions and magick : Fuel and poison

Postby JeanSebastien » Thu Apr 14, 2016 4:17 am

Magick exposes the practitioner to many different kinds of energy. Many of these are as addictive and marvelous as others can be dangerous even toxic. One of the energies that ironically enough fit all these characteristics come from ourselves. Emotions and passions drive our actions and push us beyond our limits to achieve many things we would never otherwise conceive of ever doing. Yet what of emotions and of their role in the fueling of spells and magickal effects. Magick is an art form where every single correspondence enacts a specific function within the framework of a closed piece of psycho theater that we as magickians use to project our wills upon the reality around us. Whether for lesser magicks or high magicks, emotions can be a powerful force, an enhancing vehicle for our intentions.

The one danger of this however is that emotions are a seesaw, a tittering double-edge sword. On days when we feel good, positive emotions can push forward a ritual and grant us epic results in a relatively short amount of time. However on days when our emotions are negative, they can either fuel curses and darker effects or simply paralyze us into depressive fits from which we cannot wake for days on end. That fact by itself begs the following questions. Are emotions a fuel with which we should empower our spells or a poison that pollutes our intents and rites? Can we even avoid fueling spells with emotions? Considering they are analogous to more than energy but also to electric impulses and hormones in the brain as well as empathic resonance waves in our auric fields, it is almost impossible to avoid them, or to attempt to render them cold and neutral as a spell is cast. Emotions are both a fuel and a poison in the realms of magick.

The seas of emotions : the empathic planar layer

There is a planar layer, one I like to refer to as the sea of emotions. Like the astral planar layer or the spiritual planar layer, the empathic planar layer is an overlapping part of reality that exists co-joint to the material plane we all live in and experience through our five senses. The sea of emotions is watery, fluid yet it shares many properties with the oceans we know in the material realm. It can go from placid calm to sudden storms in an instant. It is a very unpredictable place to visit. Yet it is the source of true and pure emotional energies for our entire universe. Any attempt to travel there using means akin to astral travel would lead the experiencer to suffer from potential traumatic events as an emotional overload would be likely to follow. The emotional plane is not necessarily dangerous on its own, it must however be approached with caution as with any realm co-joint or outside of our own that we may visit for the first time. Approaching this particular plane can be seen a bit like learning to swim. It might be preferable to wear floaters, have a swimming teacher or even go in dipping in your big toe to make sure the water is at the right temperature and not too deep for us to handle. That will prevent the aforementioned traumas or emotional overloads from even being an issue. The empathic planar layer can be used to connect with one's own emotions to better understand ourselves. It can also be used to connect to the emotions of another person by using a sympathetic link such as a picture to serve as a conduit thru which one can project emotions, charged memories, superficial surface thoughts tied to those emotions or memories, even create a binding/non binding empathetic link towards said target.

Meditations and the price of repression

There are many ways to still emotions. A common one that is often suggested is meditation. From breath counting and object visualization/concentration which could be classified as internalized forms of meditation to intense dancing and the whirling dizzy-spells of foreign dervishes which would in turn be classified as excitory, a myriad of methods exist that can be used to repress, control even neutralize emotions. That can be a great set of tools to use in ritual when an effect could be tainted by the weight of particularly strong empathic energies. Gateway spells, evocations, invocations, the thought processes behind certain low magick spells can be skewed, poisoned even ruined by strong emotions. In fact meditation can be a great way to not only demonstrate greater self-control as a magickian, but also to allow intent within a specific ritual to be more focused, purer. Magick is a science. Magick is an art form. Like powerful emotions like lust and love, the practice of magick can be intuitive and instinctive. Meditation here is but one suggested method thru which one may achieve a balance, a certain control even an overwhelming tide of these energies. However like the well trained hands of a surgeon, a focused, emotionally detached flick of a wand or ceremonial knife can have an equally impressive effect. That being said, there is a price to be paid if emotions are constantly repressed, in real life as well as in the realm of BDSM or magick. A chaos magickian(Peter Carroll) once wrote: "a god denied is a demon born". He/she/they who represses love will find deviant ways of fulfilling the need to feel cared for. He/she/they who repress anger for too long will hold back the crimson tides of hate until he/she/they blackout and find a bloody knife in their hands and their vision clears to witness the dead body of a relative at their feet. Repression as well as self-control have their place in magick as much as emotions do. But everything should find balance within its natural state of chaos, a dynamic balance.

Harnessing the beast : emotions, passions and instincts towards self-empowerment and cursing

It has been mentioned that emotions may be directed thru meditation or ritual proper. But there are other applications still to emotional energy in magick. One of the most important ones that come to mind is self-empowerment. How many times has any single one of us felt so low, so depressed, so negative that we have no other recourse but to languish in bed suffering for hours sometimes days or weeks in the worst of circumstances. But what if it was possible to simply wake up into full awareness and decide to change that and instead use the pain, sadness, anger, and inner darkness and letting it swallow the cause of it. That being said we as human beings are the owners of our ego, our personality, our emotions. Self-empowerment can be gained by connecting to our core, thru pathworking, meditation, underworld journeys, vision quests even through harsh black high magick rituals meant to work through those emotions, finding resolution within ourselves and coming to terms with these traumatic depressive states. This kind of work is quite an endeavor. It is not for the faint of heart. It can lead one to a padded rubber room if one does not have the inner strenght, perseverance and the constructive touch of madness to endure the grueling transformation, the almost fanatical dedication it requires. Another alternative is to turn these emotions into a weapon. These kinds of intense emotions can be harnessed towards curses and dark enchantments. Thru meditation and pathworking it is possible to use this nigh unlimited potential of darkness as a well of energy to fuel these spells, taking down the target or targets which have damaged us into these inward shifting states of pain that were never ours to experience in the first place. But the most important thing one must remember when choosing the latter route is that the cause of this pain must then be abruptly forgotten. The sought out result must never be allowed to fester within us, to gnaw at our consciousness, turning into an unforgiving obsession that will make the pain we once experience worse than before we ever tried to return it to the sender.

A short keynote on emotions and psi vampirism

As a final note to this lengthy article, I felt the concept of psi vampirism had to be introduced here. Many left hand path authors, including Uncle Chuckie, E. A. Koetting, Konstantinos, to name but a few credible sources have all delved extensively into this subject. Although this almost necromantic approach can be deemed parasitic even sycophantic by some, it is nonetheless an integral part of the subject of emotional energy manipulation in general. It is often understated that stealing the life force of others comes with a price for the vampire. The emotional states of the people being preyed upon, either by offering themselves as voluntary donors sometimes reffered to as swans or by an unwilling victim of a dark magus, psi-vampire, necromancer or strong psychic, can sometimes influence not only the quality, the quantity and also the "nutritional" worth of the energy collected. It is advisable that such an energy stealing and redirecting experience be done with the utmost care, making sure that the right emotional flavor is being experienced by the chosen prey at the moment it is collected. The potential price of feeding, the emotional backdraft can be very harmful even linger on for days sometimes. I only advice caution but make no value judgment on your need to feed dear readers. Wisdom is just advice. What you do with it belong wholly to you.
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