The shortest distance between low vibration/manifestation

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The shortest distance between low vibration/manifestation

Postby JeanSebastien » Sun Apr 17, 2016 2:46 am

The term "low magick" as opposed to "high magick" designates a spell done with the intent to produce change in the external and temporal reality of the magickian. High magick is different in that it is what occultists of the western traditions refer to as "the Great work", a magickian using his abilities for ascensions, self-knowledge, wisdom and surpass his/her/their limitations. The term low magick is vague as it spans a wide variety of different occult arts, spell genres, magickal traditions and cultural mythos. For the context of this article, let's focus and limit its scope to define any spell that produces empirical and repeatable manifestation by the will and intent of the operator in his/her/their immediate environment, within a near future, within a short amount of foreseeable time. The earliest form of this magick that most of us will encounter is making wishes and "playing pretend" as children. I personally remember creating pillow forts to protect myself from monsters under the bed and things that go bump in the dark, sometimes going as far as encircling the bed with my plushies to act as bodyguards and defenders of my young slumber, protecting me from magickal predators and bad nightmares.

Spells to heal, to influence the minds or actions of others, to curse or destroy one's enemies, to protect the life of an innocent or one dear to us, they all share one important trait in common they all serve to create an intended and focused beneficial result or set of results that will change parts of our lives that we are not satisfied with. We are all guilty of seeking control on our environment or the people that surround us for good or ill at some point our life for within every magickian or willworker resides a person seeking power, illumination, ascension and power to feel more satisfied with themselves and their own life. It is a mirroring of the ego complex and the often identity challenging tricks played by our own mind upon us when humility, cultural and social norms or because of the way we are raised by our parents and our families that manifest as guilt, self-doubt, diminuation of our own importance withing certain context and the overbearing weight of our flaws and weaknesses.

Defining manifestation

It is important to specify in the present context that manifestation is the expectation of a concrete, empirical and to a certain extent material/temporal result in the magickian's immediate reality or perception of reality within a reasonable amount of time. The word expectation is used here because the result that is likely to be created depend on several variables including the experience, competence, emotional stability, discipline and inner strenght of the operator as well as the general likelihood of the effect happening "on it's own" as well as surrounding synchronicities, probability and morphogenic fields(the latter being a term coined by Peter Caroll to denote the "self life" and range of most predictions or divined context outlines with most methods of divination, the usual extension of which is always plus or minus 3 to six months in the past or in the future), among other things. Thus the results manifested by the focused will of the magickian often takes the form of a wish or spell of sorcery, the direct application of will using correspondences, pagan holidays, ritual implements, incantations and other such utilities in a ritualized manner are nothing but a combined measure of interaction between these aformentioned circumstances and variables.

Energy, signature and resonance

Mana, chi, life energy, are all term that designate the primordial flotsam and jetsam that make up every single element in our field of perceptual reality and beyond. This same energy field, is such a term can really be used to sufficiently examplify and described the tapestry of our inner worlds and the surreal sometimes amazing scenes of our daily lives, is composed of different schemes of information and descriptors. Patterns delimit the different apparent structure that we perceive and classify through conscious and subconscious analyses of the script of our path. The human brain has a tendency to seek out patterns within the synchronicities that we encounter. An object is an object because it is a closed system, that in to say that mana goes through it and it only retains a set amount according to its density, composition, dimensions, origins and material qualities though unlike living patterns it does not process and cycle it through in different observable ways such as breathing, blood circulation, the ingestion and excretion of food, the intake of water and other fluids. That is how psychics and psychometrists are able obtain information, impressions even visions by touching the belongings of a person thought to have dissapeared or a suspected murder victim. By the same principles, a talisman is an object that is imbued and enchanted with the wish, intent and will of the magickian to radiate a constant effect. A curse is a scheme of information set loose within the aether that affects the probability fields surrounding a target which produces and manifests a desired outcome or set of results.

Living patterns such as those of animals, human beings, spirits, and other forms of life are different than material patterns are though some animist viewpoints may imbue them spirits and souls according to their qualities, they are nonetheless lacking the instincts, thinking abilities and identities of living patterns. It should also be of note that every single pattern has the quality of being marked or composed of an energy signature and a resonance unique to itself. Each signature is different and can be represented in functional terms by sigils, symbols, magickal correspondences, quality descriptors, and observable behavior/characteristics. This separation between such categories serves here to join together temporal elements of the reality that surrounds us into the delimited context of low magick. Just as electric current always follow the shortest distance between two or more conductive elements, magick normally follows the path of least resistance. Which brings up the question, "what kind of vibration is unique to a spell of manifestation?".

Low magick, low vibration, quicker results

I theorize that a lower vibration would characterize a spell of result-oriented magick since sorcery and other traditions often use sex, drugs, different props and ritual implements as well as meditation, dancing, automatic writing, object visualization, sympathetic magick, etc. I further hypothesize that a focused intent wishcrafted or spellcrafted by the operator's own artistic license and inner genius from his/her/their own inner mythos. In this day and age of streaming videos, youtube borne video series, podcasts, social media and internet memes as well as pop culture elements such as movies, mangas, animes, book series, and video games, there is an abondance of material to choose from when keeping up a personal mythos and imagination that identifies an individual with his/her/their own personality. Mages that favor a more traditional view may choose to envelop themselves in the mysteries of different cultures and pantheons of their angels, daemons, deities and spirits, adopting instead a reconstructed view of the past and marginal sets of beliefs and philosophies. Their codes of ethics often following certain identifiable denominators for which we have terms in occult circles such as Asatru, Diaspora religion, Celt revivalism, Arthurian traditions, Modernized shamanism and Theistic Satanism.No matter the tradition almost every magickian can agree on the markers that make up the generic scheme of a spell.

The will of the magickian is focused though gnosis and the right psycho theater and then a series of ritualized actions to produce an intended result. Thru sex magick, kundalini yoga, tantrism, the use of circle and line magick, ritualized BDSM scenes and applied wishcrafting and spellcrafting, an operator can channel this low vibration resonance to obtain a set of expected results that by alchemical standards amount to the ritualized reconstitution of a process observable in nature, the way living patterns process life energy. The spell must of course then be acted upon. For example, a spell to get a better job opportunity would require a certain amount of demonstrated effort, invested time and concerted strategic action such as dropping resumes or going to a job fair. The lower vibration could theoretically make commonly occurring results have a greater chance of manifesting for the wishcrafter. Or possibly make material results have a greater chance of occurring such as find a job, finding a quick influx of money, finding a new girlfriend, or protecting a loved one from harm, since these kinds of reults are likely to affect us all at some point. Laws of averages alone would add that sometimes though not always cause leads to effect. The standard form of the spell reflecting this context must contain a set of ritualized physical acts such as sex, frenzied dancing, katas, meditation, yoga or reiki poses that focuses the will and intent of the caster using magickal correspondences and the appropriate customized psycho theater that will produce a low vibration resonant signature that will then project and release a wish into the aether.

The weakness of the human senses

Descartes, originator of the scientific method posited that one cannot fully trust his/her/their senses. The man never lived to know how right that is. The astral plane, the plane of formation for ideas, concepts and paradims, is subjective and can all too often confuse and boggle our imperfect human minds. Thus it is always good to remain with your feet on the ground, and not take everything you divine or experience from the visitation of these realms for granted. Belief and fact are divided by many different philosophical fallacies, perceptual errors and crimes again reason. It needs to be said that that appearances are often deceiving and that many things, people and spirits are as they seem. Human senses can be mislead into dangerous paths if left unchecked. Critical judgment and a healthy sense of our humble constitution in a universe far larger than our imagination can bear witness.

Our biggest weakness resides in the way we are brought up to disbelieve the realm of magick and the paranormal. Yet it is only one fallacy amongst many when it comes to the way we interpret the information we process coming from both the normal world and the unseen world. Our past trauma, our bad memories, possible mental conditions as well as our the way we live our emotions in general may greatly skew the way in which we categorize and judge certain people and situations. Self-knowledge and grounding must always oversee the path we take when looking at the veracity and empiricity of observed results lest we attribute any random event in our life as a sign of manifestation. Desperation, obsession, lust for result, and depression can quickly detract one from obtained the object of his/her/their desire.

Paradigm shifting and wishcrafting

Therefore a magickian's ability to trick his/her/their own mind into willing a result and then forget about it, choosing instead to continue his/her/their normal life routine, pursuing their own passions and self-interests, while not minding or actively obsessing over the expectation of an occurrence. This detachment and nonchalance insure that the result is released into the aether to complete its task, the object of manifestation thus not being restrained from its planned desired outcome. Chaos magickians Peter Carroll and Phil Hine have theorized about the use of paradigm shifting and neuro-linguistics programming to allow an operator to change his/her/their behavior and alter their perceptions to permit for actions outside of his/her/their comfort zone. For example, should random circumstances lead to an enemy being cursed, guilt, self-censorphip and ethical restrictions may not allow a magickian to act even if it would be in his/her/their best interest to do so.

In the latter circumstances, techniques of paradigm shifting can potentially allow a magickian to act despite all these pitfalls and limiting chains of happenstance. Wishcrafting means simply channeling the controlled influx of will, belief and faith into a single intent yet when paradigm shifting it also means to be able to shift from one model or scheme of thought to another as needed to make the outcome expected more likely to occur. These chances of this may be heightened by taking key factors into consideration such as the cycles of the seasons, pagan holy days, planetary hours, astrological or numerological influences, objects of focus, and color schemes to amplify subconscious identification between the mind of the magickian and his/her/their manifest desire. Adopting a completely different mode of belief requires immersing oneself deeply into the trappings, symbols and mythos of the target paradigm scheme.

Empirical results for the trained willworker

It is also worthy of noting that the term empirical results within the scope of this article means results which can be observed, reproduced, that carry repeatable results within similar amounts of time. That is one of the many uses that a magickal diary can have in the development of the studies of a magickian wishing to ascend and to educated himself/herself/themselves autocratically. Also worthy of note is the fact that the results sought out for the sake of this discussion are to answer the question about low vibrations when applied to result oriented spell traveling faster from the plane of formation to the material plane we perceive through our senses and interact with through our action. The logging of observations, the analysis of repeatable results and the adjustment of the steps of each operation can insure the most empirical and consistent results.

The trained willworker must be able to use the aformentioned insights to spellcraft a rite that will produce the desired result as fast and as realistically as possible while remaining authentic to the exact desire that led to its creation. Practice, trial and error and discipline can quickly yield incredible results over time as one grows the required experience and intelligence to make his/her/their wishes come true. I posit that the only point in time that "exists" is the present, time existing in the past only has memories and interpretations and the future consisting only of hopes and expectations. On the currents of time, the raft of the present floats and only the direction we choose to face determines the events we can perceive and the the degree to which we can see either backwards or forwards in time. Thus divination and astrology can greatly enhance an attempt at spellcrafting a spell over a period of tracking with a magickal diary or experiment log.

Intuition, Perception,Past experiences and Misdirection

As is has been mentioned several times through this text, the senses can deceive, emotions can beguile, trauma can twist and bend reality. One must train to amplify the fidelity and the focus of his/her/their intuition and the malleability and adaptability of his/her/their belief systems. Perception can be directed to serve rather than to harm. Past negative experiences can misdirect one's perception of the truth and lead to fallacies of the ego, paranoid delusions of grandeur or depressive fits. We are each and everyone of us, responsible for how we handle the events life throws at us for good or ill. Fluidity is important. The ability to let go of certain events and the toll they place on our actions and the things we reframe from doing sometimes in a misguided attempt to spare ourselves from harm we have encountered in the past.

Refined intuition can lead to self knowledge which in time can curb the tendency to let anxiety, past trauma and negativism pull us into spirals of repeated pattern behaviors. Many of which are only counterproductive and incite self limiting traps and pitfalls which can be avoided practical knowledge and self training. With time, situations that would pose a perceived threat can be handle by the individual as if their importance was manageable, so the level of stress of emotional tension doesn't to worst states of conscious contriving the work of a magickian on a quest for better results. All should be done to maximize the efficacy of a developing spell. These misdirected beliefs and negative patterns of behavior can be refashioned by the conscious reinterpretation in the way we perceive facts and in the way perceive our own worth and self-interest within any given context.

Guilt, shame, humility, self flagellation, and prejudice

Other major pitfalls can be directed by erroneous personal traits such as guilt, shame, humility, and self-flagellation brought on by prejudice, by the way we are raised, by cultural, social and religious moors among other common factors and the laws of what is and what is not socially acceptable. It is worth opening a dialogue about these limitations lest they should never be overcomed. The magickian can become the architect of his/her/their own emotions, thought processes, codes of ethics, and sets of beliefs. One must be ready to go through trials, dark nights of the soul, difficult ordeals and tests of faith when attempting to overcome such personal limitations.

The shortest between two points is a straight line. That is why the magickian should learn to re-frame from any kind of self-hindering behavior from ruining or reducing their results either. There are already too many variables that can lead him/her/them to ruin themselves. The adoption of a low vibration resonance while casting a spell crafted as previously described can be too much for an hypersensitive empath or for a person diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. It can lead to guilt trips and bouts of crippling depression. The greatest of care is suggested.

The pitfalls of assumption and overanalysis

Self-confidence is also an important point which allows inner strength and courage to shine the missing light at the end of one's otherwise empty black tunnel. It has been said about assumption that it makes an "ass out of you and me", sardonically suggesting that there is wisdom in using logic, reason and critical judgement when examining a situation with all the relevant and known facts involved. One must also avoid to over-analyze and speculate the impressions and emotional complexes arising when exposed to negative events which mimic negative past experiences. Repeated patterns of behavior can be reshaped, people can change and perseverance can lead to a greater control of the generated results. It is important to keep up to our own rules, to always be able to re-examine oneself when mistakes are made to know where to go next. But as a rule of thumb, it is wise to remember that intuition is a good judge. As a final note, there is always room for improvement.
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