Its about Building Community

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Its about Building Community

Postby The Madame X » Thu Jan 25, 2018 3:17 pm

The road of a community builder is paved with hardship & adversity. Everyone has haters, particularly those people who dare to be the public face of what they are trying to create. This haters will create rumors, find supporters and gleefully spread their seemingly corroborated experiences on line with pretty images and words of caution. I have seen this repeatedly and ask that you use your best adult judgement when you read articles and posts that feature hearsay and crimes that have no police substantiation. Anyone can say anything they want on line and in person and get supporters of their cause, because its easier to destroy than it is to build.
That said, no one is perfect and people do make mistakes of action or of lack of action. No one is immaculate. And no legitimate community builder wants to see their work go up in smoke. Some of it may be ego, no community builder wants to lose face, but its also about community and letting down others, who share the vision.
Community builders do not emerge over night. Behind them lies a trail of failed attempts. Lots of personal emotional and financial investments. Efforts of years ago you never even heard of because noone attended. Failed efforts that made you break your word to properly compensate your team. But community builders don't give up. They try again and use the knowledge of their past to build a better future. Look around. look inside and outside our small community of vamps, witches, goths and geeks - who is building? Who is destroying, and what have they done to built?
We are in the age of ThinSkin. Everyone gets offended and outraged by words, compliments, friendly touches and even smiles... its become nearly impossible to draw the line of discretion in in-person situations. We are in the age of the Internet, where one person easily has multiple online alias and tremendous online bravery to say and libel whoever they want without repercussions.
Crimes, real crimes like assault and theft need to be dealt with the police & official charges & convictions need to exist.

I have been hosting gatherings since the early 90's, at my home, at cafes, art galleries, bars, and clubs. I have had countless misunderstandings about finances, personal boundaries and who's on first.
I have invested my time, my brain and my heart in many many projects over the decades most you never heard of. For the sake of Community.
I have promoted others work, promoted other talents and abilities completely above my own. For the sake of Community.
I have put out thousands of dollars out of pocket over the decades to build this community. With a few exceptions that I can count on one hand, have I ever walked away with money i didn't have before. I do this because I want to build community.
I've said No and walked away countless times, when I should have fought. Heck I have even pressed charges against community leaders that put my life in jeopardy to later lift the charges for the sake of community.
Yet, I have been bad mouthed, libeled and ostracized repeatedly and sure have cried silently many times.
Im not perfect. Far from it. Afterall I hang out with vampires and witches, how saintly can I be?
Just keep in mind that its not about me or Rolando, or Jeff, or Sebastian, or Jett, or Damian... its about the community.
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