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The Becoming

Postby The Madame X » Sun Feb 18, 2018 11:16 pm

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Everyone speaks of The Awakening. Ok, it’s a process; we get it, but now what? We’re here, we’ve arrived, we have awoken and we are ready for more. What is the next step? Were ready to stop sitting in the ‘witchcraft & vampires 101’ class and move on to next. But what is next? Where do we take your new awarenesses and what do we do with them? … and then there is silence.
So today, we will break the silence and discuss what we can do to Become.

The Awakening is a process of discovery to possibilities. It is often an introspective journey of self-awareness. It is a realization process. The becoming is an exertion of your awakened self. It is a process of actualization of the will and of the dream self. It is doing, being, and putting our nature to work. Becoming is an exaltation of the self; it is manifestation and assertion. Much like the Awakening, it is a process, a journey and you certainly cannot expect to wholly Become over night.

As Nightkind, we have had our share of Dark Nights of the Soul, where we were surrounded by nothing other than anxiety, fear, hopelessness and our own set of demons. We’ve emerged from those long, long, nights with new found wisdom and direction, lessons were learnt, spiritual epiphanies unfurled which propelled us toward a deeper understanding of self … and looking back on it, we called it “just pealing back another layer of The Awakening”. So now we are ready to take the cumulative Nightside experiences and wisdom we’ve garnered, combine them with our Dayside and manifest our potential and Become who we were intended to be.

Health First

First things first; without our health, there is little we can accomplish. If there is one thing we must upkeep first and foremost it’s our physical and psychological wellbeing. Often we find ourselves so immersed in our dayside responsibilities that we forget the importance of maintaining and preserving the self with adequate diet, exercise and social life. Even if you are not an energy feeder, being with others who make you smile is very important, after all we are happiest when we are around those who are also happy. Should we be energy feeders, we aught to remember to feed regularly from healthy, happy donors, as poor donor choices will affect your overall wellbeing. Poor health is a terrible vicious cycle of malady and isolation. Getting out, socializing and finding moments of interpersonal joy are paramount in maintaining good health.

Dayside & Nightside Balance

Just being an adult can be near impossible at times. Dayside responsibilities are demanding and non-stop, and if you do stop, even for a break, then there will be worst holes to climb out of. Balancing Dayside with Nightside is not simply something you do once, it is something you must practice with the ultimate goal of doing it always. Some times we must create these opportunities, tear down the roof if we have to. But sometimes, if we just step back, we may be able to see the opportunities the universe has put before us. It may be offering us exactly what we asked for and what we need: challenges and opportunities where we can openly exert our whole selves – mind, heart, body and soul and truly Become. As we transcend the obstacles to our fulfillment, we begin to fuse with our true essence, seize our own brand of self-fulfillment and emerge into our own purpose, Becoming.

Discretion & Distractions

Of most importance in the process of Becoming is mastering the discretion needed to cut away what no longer serves us. These distractions are time consuming and draining, they are our worst enemies and we may not be able to identify them. They can be emotions, relationships, material possessions, clutter, addictions, diet, psychological crutches, ruts, ego even … It’s not easy to break away from these anchors, they weigh us down into the mire of mediocrity like led weights. Whittling these away will not happen overnight, even when we feel we have identified our anchors. In order to Become, we must step outside that box that confines us and take a risk. This certainly does not mean abandon our partners and children or sell our homes to become hermits in the mountains, no. This means we must take a deeper assessment of the importance and place of our comfort zones so that we may continue to build our happiness with what is truly important and truly valuable. We must assess our life and take stock of what's good, allowing good things to manifest and blossom and making sure we don't push away something just because it isn't perfect. Sometimes there is a fine line between building, and filling-in a bottomless pit. But its important to clear the clutter to make room for what is to come.

Embracing Change

As Nightkind we are particularly inspired to create, to discover and to transform. We are catalysts for change. We have learned not to fear change. Even if it doesn't feel good, change is the one constant in life. Change will happen, and so much more so when we are involved. So we must make contingency plans and emotionally brace ourselves for the experience. Change creates new opportunities, and new windows of possibility. We must be smart, be prepared, and develop a healthy approach to fear.

Finding Purpose

The laws of nature dictate that first we must learn and then we must teach; in teaching others we become part of something greater than we can ever be. If we believe we are contributing to the wellbeing of others, we tend to feel better about our own lives. We become builders. Granted not all of us are natural teachers or writers, but we can teach even more by example. Regardless of how far along we’ve come on our path, we can always help others and in doing so we often realize we improve our own horizons. Whatever we choose to do, whichever way we choose to manifest our potential, nothing is more inspiring than personal success and personal fulfillment. We will all have different ways of getting to this stage, however the best way to pave the way for Becoming is defining what may be its wellspring We must strive to define what we really want to do with our individual lives and visualize ourselves achieving it. Many avoid this goal setting process because they fear disappointment. Dreaming, imagining and visualizing getting to be where we want is a big part of achieving. We need to focus on those things we love to do, our childhood dreams and fantasies. Then we can combine these dreams with our talents and innate nature. How can we wield both? In this answer, lies your path to Becoming. Here you may just realize that you just need more tools, or perhaps you will see the time is right to embark on the journey of Becoming.

In Conclusion

Ultimately, only we ourselves know what fills our void. Our family, friends and even mentors may think we would be great at something that really doesn't satisfy us. It really comes down to following our heart, and it sure can be complicated. So much of our Becoming is about dreaming, communicating and being receptive to finally achieve. Pushing ourselves is key, because no one else is responsible for our personal fulfillment. Weather we are already on the path to Becoming, just awakening to the possibility, or weather we feel that we have fully embraced it, The Becoming is a personal journey laced with challenges and rewards.
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Re: The Becoming

Postby Lynskha » Mon Feb 19, 2018 12:43 am

What I found interesting was something I also mentioned in a text I wrote in another forum last year. Many come to the brink of "I am a vampire, and now?" Some remaining still in a state of "latency," others stagnating and clinging to the archetype only, and the more basic definitions, living a more superficial thing.
Others embark on a journey of self-discovery and "newness." And this does not apply only to vampires, but in a general way, to all those who awaken and depart in search of their evolution ... and their answers.
I found some interesting points that you mention, such as routine, health, distractions.

As for distractions, family, friends, this process actually interferes, because even behavior and personal taste can change. The way the individual interacts with the surroundings changes.

I'm glad to read such a text, because I think there are many people who arrive at the community without any previous knowledge about anything and can find interesting things in these texts, which pass information in a simple or even neutral way, much better than being received with arrogance, or aggression and sarcasm, which unfortunately has occurred a lot.
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