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While We Are Here

Postby The Madame X » Sat Feb 24, 2018 3:37 pm

While We Are Here
By Madame X © 2018

We are living through unprecedented times. We can easily become obsessed, stressed and frustrated with the incessant social media about what the right approach is to politics, environmentalism, and even spirituality. Within us there are strong compulsions to escape, withdraw, disassociate from the internet, all media and perhaps even avoid all social drama completely by just staying home and burying our head in the sand. Or, perhaps we can use these times of inadequacy and dig a little deeper, to make better choices for ourselves and, by extension, for our community.

Perhaps this is the best time to explore the great traditions of the sages of the world, draw upon and utilize the wisdom available to us in the fields of psychology, philosophy, spirituality, and creativity.
Perhaps this is the time to engender stillness, expand our listening ability, broaden our understanding of self, realize our worth, unveil our purpose, and, instead of reacting in despair, choose to take positive action inspired in acumen and love.
Perhaps this is the time to focus on our inner calling, develop our energetic skills while developing a stronger sense of personal truth, and empowerment thru service.
Perhaps this is the time to develop the internal discipline that encourages openness, fraternity, synchronization, and community building.

It seems like only a few years ago that I moved back to NJ from Savannah, GA where I was a producer of a variety of amazing art and music nights. Savannah is one of the most amazing destinations in the East Coast. Its natural beauty and spectacular setting is both sacred and haunting. The swamps, the rolling fog, the forlorn history, the haunted cemeteries, the cobblestone alleys, the ebb and flow of new faces… even Tybee Island’s evening ocean waters and sand dunes were electrified with sparkling magic. All this contributed to my growing desire to rebuild the once lush Goth & Metaphysical Community in one of the most haunted and art-minded cities in the US. Together with a few friends, I set out not only to strengthen my spiritual family, House of the Dreaming, but I established Black Oaks & Black Atlantis, two regional Nightkind Havens, as well as Club Illuminati, to produce a myriad of eclectic and eccentric Nightkind options filled with music, culture, creativity and fun. Unfortunately, my stay in Georgia was not long enough for the new havens to endure my absence, and these once so fruitful organizations soon disbanded; after all, it has been 10 years now.

Today I cherish the opportunity to serve as the elected Prince of the New Jersey Skylands-Gateway Halo. I can genuinely say that New Jersey is just as spiritual, just as art-minded, and just as haunting as my beloved Savannah. In New Jersey, on any given night we can witness and participate in celebrations that will elevate our spirit and elate our senses. Be it music, art, poetry, explorations of the soul, the supernatural, or the paranormal, the thriving NJ community has something for everyone. Random acts of kindness, expressions of love and the wonder of collaborative networking can be found in the most unlikely places; like the Iron Garden serving the Skylands-Gateway Halo. A great community is being cultivated here. It has taken root. It is growing and blossoming.

The Skylands-Gateway Halo offers NJ residents a wonderful activity calendar filled with social, networking and learning opportunities that inspire heart, body and soul. Our halo, originally founded in 2016, evolved from a basic desire to explore and support each other’s search for inner spirituality, self-discovery and personal empowerment. It was always our desire to provide New Jersey with a centralized forum for ideas and experiences that support our creative interconnectivity. Take a moment to discover our NJ calendar of events. There are so many opportunities to explore, inspire, connect and transform. Join our group, invite your friends to share in this opportunity and pass the word. Whatever our journey may be, and wherever our interests lie, we are certain to find something to fit our diversely specific needs in the Skylands-Gateway.

It is important to keep in mind that even as we are working toward personal discovery, fulfillment and wellness, we do not need to wait for a time when we finally feel completely balanced in order to offer ourselves to a worthy cause. Each of us, regardless at what level we may feel ourselves to be, can still serve and help evolve the culture around us. Larger events are always looking for volunteer facilitators, we always welcome such requests on the Skylands-Gateway Halo plus there are always local hands-on charities that would welcome our involvement.

I thank all who have supported this ongoing effort that begun in 2012 with NJ Bloodlines, all who have contributed and attended the Iron Garden, all who have joined the Skylands-Gateway Halo, and all who continue to share our favorite New Jersey based activities on our NJ Community Calendar. New Jersey would not be this strong without the first community leaders that ventured forth to share their mission and efforts with all of us.
Thank you for sharing our vision!

https://www.facebook.com/groups/Skyland ... r=calendar

Yours in Service
Madame X
Matriarch of The Dreaming, est. 2000
Chapter-head of the NJ Chapter of Bloodlines Int’l, est. 2012
Primus of the Iron Garden, est. 2014
Prince of the Skylands-Gateway Halo, est. 2016
Ex Somnius Scientia
Madame X
Matriarch, House of the Dreaming

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