10 Ancient Stones You Simply Must Touch

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10 Ancient Stones You Simply Must Touch

Postby The Madame X » Sat Apr 21, 2018 2:12 pm

10 Ancient Stones You Simply Must Touch
by Madame X

Planning your vacation and looking to discover an ancient site steeped in history and lore? Looking to go back in time where the truth was easier to seize? Here are some of my recommendations of some ancient places I have explored first hand. If you can visit these sites, I recommend you go outside public hours, away from noisy tourists & tour groups. I recommend early morning hours or if possible spending the night on the grounds. Some of these locations are some of the most visited places in the world while others are off the beaten path and nearly undiscovered. I have spent time there among those stones and I'd love to share my experiences, so ask me more, let me know if you’ve been there yourself, and how these ancient stones inspire you.

1. St Michael’s Cavern, Gibraltar, Great Britain (40,000BC)
Stalactites and Stalagmites along natural tunnels and breathtaking colorful cathedral ceilings, Neanderthal skulls, Petroglyphs and Pre-Roman artifacts in honor of Hercules. Spend time in the silent darkness alone, feel the heartbeat of the earth. Rediscover the legend the Pillars of Hercules and the lore of St. Michael in this timeless location that will make you feel like you have been swallowed by the earth itself. (last visited 2005)

2. Menires da Barreira, Sintra Portugal (uncertain - 3300 BC)
Megalithic Sanctuary off the beaten path with high energy unfolds a mystical history of ancient standing stones, hanging stones and thresholds, surrounded by picturesque towns and natural surroundings. Older than Stonehenge, this is said to have been the first Atlantean location on European soil according to Edgar Cayce. Hike to the ocean & explore other dolmens and megalithic sites that abound in the area. (last visited 2012)

3. New Grange, Meath, Ireland (3200 BC)
Older than Stonehenge and the Egyptian pyramids this mound was an ancient ceremonial center with forgotten purposes, is often claimed to be a burial site, but its clearly something more. Said to have been built by the ancient supernatural race the Tuatha Dé Danann. Rediscover Celtic designs, artifacts, trepanation and even elongated skulls. Also explore the amazing Loughcrew & Knowth locations just a stone throws away with several mounds to visit. (last visited 2009)

4. Stonehenge, England (3100BC)
Large Megalithic site surrounded by “burial” mounds possible doorway between dimensions. Unknown builders – Celtic Priests, Druids, possibly Merlin, unknown purpose – possibly a healing center, wrapped in high energy – certainly not for the fait of heart. Spent the night on the grounds if you can. (last visited 2012)

5. Mystery Hill aka America’s Stonehenge, Salem, New Hampshire, US (2000 BC presumed)
Possibly the oldest manmade construction in the US bears only mystery with uncertain builders and an uncertain purpose. Place of high energy particularly during full and new moon evenings. Hoax or not, this conglomerate of standing stones, thresholds, hanging stones, chambers and sacrificial tables has transfixed many. Rediscover HP Lovecraft’s inspiration under a new eldritch light. (last visited 2000)

6. Citania de Briteiros, Braga, Portugal (1000BC)
Beautiful scenic location atop a hill on the mountains of Northern Portuguese country-side. This impressive Celto-Iberian urban citadel is comprised primarily of circular dwellings. Discover the legend of a fabled hidden treasure; the Giant who helped build its hiding place, and the magical enchantment that still guards it. Crisp air and soothing energy. Explore other similar archeological sites. (last visited 2011)

7. Sun Pyramid of Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain (1000 BC)
Petroglyphs and artifacts are only part of the mystery that encircles Tenerife. Visit the pyramids but don’t stop there, look for the burial caves in the mountains, scuba for artifacts, and hike the devil’s tooth. Stay away from the big black dogs (in Latin: canis) the namesakes for these islands. Black sands, black pines and giants abound. Discover the 7 Guanche tribes and their legendary leaders. (last visited 1998)

8. The Serpent Mound Park Ohio, US (300 BC)
The largest serpent effigy in the world this fantastic serpentine mound built on an ancient meteorite impact structure is best observed from a helicopter much like the Nasca Lines. Great place for connectivity work, meditation or drumming. Don’t just walk the grounds but explore the museum to discover the anachronistic artifacts, ritual tools and hypnotic copper masks. Fantastic energy! (last visited 1999)

9. Chichen Itza, Mexico (pre-Columbian)
One of the great mystical cities of the Mesoamerican world, this architectural wonder is impregnated with energy from the ancients; be certain they are still there watching you. Meditate atop El Castillo and by the Cenote, spend the night if you can. Don’t let the guides whitewash the turbulent bloody energy this place still bears. Don’t count the skull carvings, you will lose count; instead be open – open head and heart to creative flows, draw, write compose. (last visited 1997)

10. Ulupo Heiou, Oahu, Hawaii, US (uncertain/Pre-Tahitian)
Said to have been built over night, by the Menehune to mean ‘the others’, this terraced pyramid structure is aptly called Ulupo to mean ‘Night of Inspiration’. Fantastic undeniable energy. Still revered today as a sacred place, this is certainly a high-energy location best when discovered after a hike thru paradise. Don’t just stop here, get a map and explore all the Heious in Oahu. Magical powerful stones that activate the blood. (last visited 2009)
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