Urging caution

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Urging caution

Postby The Madame X » Tue Mar 19, 2019 6:00 pm

From time to time, I am faced with the decision to disregard bad form or to otherwise warn others about potentially harmful individuals. This is one of those times and I have decided that it is my duty as a friend and mentor to issue a warning.

Over the years my interaction with an individual named Milo Simmons, once also known as Crucifane on this forum, continually demonstrated his behavior and ethics to be consistently malicious, duplicitous and destructive. While I seek to avoid unnecessary drama, I feel it is important to issue this warning cautioning you against engagement with this man, who I firmly believe is a hostile and dangerous individual, not just to my person, but to many others over the years. I have been acquainted with this man since 2004 and failed to issue this warning in 2013 after a public slander; which also affected our house - I will not make that mistake again.

Furthermore, I am personally unable to support any project or organization where he is a fundamental part. Supporting the development of a new organization implies friendship, mutual high regard, and is an important way to communicate respect and trust. Unfortunately, this individual’s continued manner to pit people and organizations against each other, fabricate and garner pity while doing it, has only earned my distrust.

I encourage everyone to stay away from this person and ask you to consider with great care any level of personal contact you may need to have with him.
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