The Order of the Crimson Tongues finally has its own Domain!

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The Order of the Crimson Tongues finally has its own Domain!

Postby Bholanath » Fri Mar 05, 2004 4:02 pm

Because (once an excellent free hosting service who hosted the original House of the Dreaming website, as well as many of my other sites), I have decided to *finally* register

I'd like to thank The Madame X for allowing OCT to canabilize some of The House of the Dreaming's [ ] surplus webspace.

As you may already be aware (being as you are presumably reading this on a forum hosted by OCT, this Order has been founded upon the idea of preserving (or possibly creating) free speech within Vampyre / Vampire Communities.

The Order of the Crimson Tongues' website pulls together OCT's wide internet present over about 100 websites, eGroups, WebRings, TopSitesLists, and other services.

The site's interface allows you to logically navigate through

* Forums

* Chat Rooms

* Polls

* File Areas

* Picture and Photo Gallerys

* Events Calandars

* Data Bases

* WebRings

* Link Areas

(including the extensive "Red Page" listing hosted on OCT's primary eGroup.
See for more information.)

* Classified Ads

without going through the "front door" of every applicable site.

BTW, while I'm sending this out, I'd like to specifically invite everyone who isn't already a member to join OCT's primary forum. Being a member of OCT is not just being a member of yet another eGroup.

Being a member of OCT is is about asserting a long neglected right within our community, and it is for the sake of the entire community that I ask you to join. Even if you are a passive member (rarely if ever post, or even read messages), your membership is valuable: Free speech is only valuable to the extent that it might reach an audience. Having your name on the membership list is your endorsement of the idea of free speech. It also places you as a potential witness for anything said, adding weight to everything that any of us say. Your membership thus helps to empower all other members of this group to speak with the possibility of being heard and being listened to.

You can join OCT's primary eGroup at: ... ngues/join

If you have a website and you who feel strongly about free speech, I encourage you to also consider some of the options offered at

and I would also like to invite you to join the OCT's primary WebRing at ... so&addsite

BTW, a few people asked me in private e-mail "How do I become a 'full member' of OCT?" and "How do I qualify to be allowed to list Order of the Crimson Tongues in my signature?"

The only requirement to being a member of OCT is the willingness to endorse free speech within the vampire community. You can be as passive or as assertive as you wish. We have no formal indoctrinations. You do not even need to be a member of any eGroups or have access to the internet . Just say you are a member and you are a member.

All members (which means anyone who wants to) may add "Order of the Crimson Tongues" to their respective signatures. This is not a requirement, but it can help to spread interest in the Order and thereby endorse the cause!

Dark Chylde of The Madame X

Webmaster, House of the Dreaming - "One Family, One Honor, One Dream"

Founder, Order of the Crimson Tongues - "Preserving Free Speech within Vampyre Community"
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