Seeking Affiliation with House of the Dreaming

This forum was created for individuals 18 and over who wish to find out more about our Family, Guilds, Community Projects and who are seeking affiliation with our Household. Here you will find important announcements for all forum participants.

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Seeking Affiliation with House of the Dreaming

Postby The Madame X » Sat Nov 12, 2016 8:31 pm

Affiliation to House of the Dreaming is an individual process that can be both lengthy and arduous. This process is intended to separate those truly interested in Our Family from those merely wishing to join a House. Our process is one of temperance, bonding and study; where recognition only happens when you have already achieved the standing.

We do not have membership dues, nor do we subscribe to merchandizing. Seekers are not expected to purchase tools, supplies, books, shirts, ascension packages or personal identifiers. All information, mentorship, study plans and personal or collective identifiers are either bestowed by the elders of Our Family or otherwise procured independently by the seekers. From time to time our individual members may announce items they wish to vend, like books, manuscripts or art; those are individual projects - not requirements for affiliation.

Whether you are looking to be a friend aka Black Swan or a full Member of Our Family we expect you to be present, available and utilize our Veil of the Waking Dream as a personal character guideline. While our Black Swans are dedicated to at least one full member of our Family, the Members of the Dreaming begin their Path as Dedicants. Dedicants are expected to be active forum participants, dialogue with the Family, meet at least 3 senior Family members in person, and implement a constructive project. Recognition as a Full Member only happens after the requirements are met and when the bond of Family is mutually felt.

House of the Dreaming offers every affiliate the opportunity to find, seize and deepen your path of discovery and understanding with dedicated work, guidance and support. Our Family offers a variety of special interest groups designed to broaden horizons and deepen consciousness. We offer a no-drama free, no-politics, dogma-free environment as a platform to self-mastery. Whether or not you become fully affiliated with Our Family, House of the Dreaming is an ideal place for seekers to meet, socialize and dialogue with likeminded Nightkind.
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