Linking the paranormal/supernatural to vampires & other Kin

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Linking the paranormal/supernatural to vampires & other Kin

Postby LadyGigiFrost » Fri Mar 08, 2013 1:04 am

As I understand it, many of us have sort of a connection to the paranormal & supernatural.
Why do we have that connection?
Do we have that connection because of what we are?
Did you have a connection with ghost & other spirits before your awakening?
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Re: Linking the paranormal/supernatural to vampires & other

Postby Hesperus » Mon Mar 11, 2013 9:38 pm

I've noticed a positive correlation between belonging to the vampire/'kin community and reporting paranormal experiences as well :)

Some of this relationship may owe itself to an increased probability of feeling safe discussing such experiences in general within the context of a community that is more likely to be understanding. I suspect, though, that, as you suggested, there is a deeper connection. A theory that has yet to steer me wrong is that the only boundaries that exist between our personal reality and those of others (including others who are not currently alive) are the boundaries that we erect and maintain ourselves. The many reasons for contemporary human culture on the whole to encourage everyone to develop such boundaries extend beyond the scope of this topic but I trust many of us who reported paranormal experiences as a child can relate to being told very early on that those experiences weren't real and that we shouldn't talk about them openly; all of that amounts to our actively shutting those experiences out and ignoring any reality that is not directly thrust into our view. For many of those who are forced out of the mainstream, however, it becomes necessary to question the assumptions made by majority-defined reality and, during the process of tearing down the old systems of thought and building up new ones, the boundaries that keep our awareness so limited come down too. Even more specifically, many vampires require an active awareness of the energies of others so our well-being depends upon being able to lower our walls enough to experience the paranormal :)
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