The origins of Parapsychology Research

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The origins of Parapsychology Research

Postby LadyGigiFrost » Fri Dec 06, 2013 10:24 pm

The origins of Parapsychology Research
By: Gigi

I am not sure about you but I have called it spirit communications. Sure, Sure, Parapsychology is a very large spectrum. However, my belief has always been that our abilities within the realms if Parapsychology, has come from the high and lower spirit realms.
Now some might say “ I do not work in the realms of angels and there fallen (demons)” or “I do not work in those realms”. I beg to differ. But, that is another topic and speaking of topic, I have a hard time sticking to topic.

So, were is the first document origins of Parapsychology Research?
Ask me, and I well tell you it's far passed biblical and that it has much if not all do do with the angels set to earth and somehow ended up teaching the human, and spawning with the human's. Which, lead to the fall of many. Take the word psychometry, it comes from the Greek words Psyche and Metron, which basically means “Soul Measure”.

But, I follow The Lessor Key's of Solomon and writings which proceed it dealing with such matter's..

However, according to 1989, H, J, Irwin - “An Introduction to Parapsychology”, Library of Congress cataloging in Publications Data and the British Library cataloging in Publications Data.”The commencement o parapsychology, or psychical research as it then was called, generally I put at February 20, 1882, when the Society for Physical Research (SPR) was officially constituted in England.”

“The Commencement of parapsychology, or physical research as it then was called, generally is put at February 20, 1882, when the Society for Physical Research (SPR) was officially constituted in England.”

Some of SPR's members where Henry Sidgwick, Arthur Balfour, William Crookes, Rufus Osgood Mason and Charles Richett.

In fact, the study of the of parapsychology is heavily rooted with in science and lavatories across Universities around the world today. More wildly excepted today, than many moons passed. But, like witch craft, where even the world of spirit communication or even the study of it, made you a witch. So, like so many other witches, things where done behind closed doors.

One of the major studies is Kinesis. Which, I find interesting as I know many of us has a level of gift in maybe all, but we all specialize in one more than the other.
Some common Kinesis are:
Telekinesis – which, is to move objects.
Magnokienesis – (On of my fav's in a lighting storm) ability to manipulate magnetic fields.
Hydrokinesis – manipulation of water
Aerokinesis – manipulation of air
Cryokinesis – manipulation of temperature
Pyrokinesis – manipulation of fire
Geokinesis – manipulation of earth

These are just a few of course there a more.
There's are also thought of as paranormal
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Re: The origins of Parapsychology Research

Postby The Madame X » Tue Dec 10, 2013 3:15 pm

I love that list. Telekinesis and Pyrokinesis are possibly the more familiar terms.
I would love to see more. Such terms are important because they make us aware of the possibilities and that those possibilities have been considered enough for specific terms to be created for them. I don't know about you...but i want to believe.
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