Your experience with possessions

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Your experience with possessions

Postby nyxfury » Fri Apr 04, 2014 4:06 pm

I have decided to write an article about possession from a neuroscience view as I find the subject very fascinating. I would like however to get a more grander view of how it affects my fellow members and people in the community. I would like to hear a story about a time you felt possessed whether it was channeled or uninvited whether in a dream, or conscious. I would also like to know how it affected you afterward and what you took from the experience. I can't wait to read your accounts!
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Re: Your experience with possessions

Postby The Madame X » Fri Apr 04, 2014 5:08 pm

Many spiritual paths believe in possession, and it can be a desired or undesired thing, but generally spiritualists perceive that it always comes from a malevolent source.
Some even believe that when you delve into the astral during such practices as scrying, divination, Ouija board, OBE, become open to such influences. Some even believe that visiting cemeteries, meditation and dreaming open you up to possession as the disembodied wonder those regions.

Some Nightkind claim that they are possessed by disembodied vampiric spirits or entities, and this is how they obtain their 'wisdom', understandings and special needs. Some feel they have unlocked some door and invited in these entities (human, vampiric, animal or otherwise), others feel that they were taken somehow as in the case of walk-ins or the younger crawl-ins. The truth is people change slightly everyday in accordance to life changes personal discoveries and environmental pressures. Cathartic events, of course, change people more suddenly. Possession/astral influence is often associated with drastic life changing events, like NDE or surgeries.

There is also a fine line between communicating, channeling and possession. Channeling and communicating with spiritual entities can open you up to unwanted energies, and sometimes we simply can't help being affected by astral cooties or yucky energy. It weighs on our shoulders, it drags us down even makes us ill. And often we wonder where its coming from.

Science explains this aberration as one of many forms of psychologic or neurologic mental disorders like dementia, delusions, or schizophrenia. But perhaps there is more to that.

At the risk of being classified ;) When I enter the astral in deliberate meditation or in ritual, I adopt a different sense of self. Sometimes I see, hear and interact with others while immersed in this space. Some times I loose notion of time and space. Some times I listen, sometimes I am compelled to take heed. Sometimes I feel watched, judged or protected. Sometimes I am drawn to write or create some amazing things.
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Re: Your experience with possessions

Postby LadyGigiFrost » Thu Apr 10, 2014 10:01 pm

I was on a paranormal investigation. The location of this investigation was at a place that now sit's as a coffee shop. But back in the 1800's it was where they killed slaves who where to sick from the journey, they where not worth the sale. Then it was a salon, where many a drunk men died including a prostitute.
Then many years later it became the headquarters's of the KKK. So, you can imagine the negative energy.

Where had just started setting up equipment, it was about 20 degree's in the part of the building that I decided had the most activate.
Started with little things, hearing and old Victrola Piano. Then crazy things started happening. Balls of light started bouncing a round and we notice a red mist forming. It's important to note that as it was forming the bottom was like fire shooting out.
(Those photo's are posted in the paranormal photo's link)
The energy was really heavy and suddenly, I became very hot. I was taking off my coat, shoes, and sweat was running down my face and body. Suddenly I hit the floor. Then my team got me awake, even though I could see all around me, but had no control over my actions or words. Yes, the team called the local Catholic Priest. I was the black man that was brought to the KKK headquarters for one of there ceremonies.
The Poisson started at 9 pm and went on till 4am. The next day, I was to weak to drive home, truly tapped out.

This just happen to be the night that Baylor University's Parapsychology students and Professor's, where with my team to collect data and then each student wrote there term paper on.
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