Alterra Von Feuers
Alterra Von Feuers
Boise, Idaho
Cancer/Leo Cusp
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Working the world of energy is Alterra’s most pursued personal goal. From the physical to the metaphysical she is constantly researching and practicing the many forms and variations within the power of energy. As a Kitra and a dedicated Reiki student she enjoys focusing on healing and feeding energies discovering what degree she can achieve in understanding and application. Alterra has been a long-time associate of House of the Dreaming having been a participant of the family’s hosted High Sanguine Mass of 2004 at Endless Night held in New Orleans. Alterra has also been the moderator of the Kitra Caste discussion forum once on YahooGroups and most recently moved to MSNGroups. She is the newest addition to House of the Dreaming embracing her role as a most capable Kitra.

Writing is a passion she has submitted to; Alterra is not just her scene name, but her pen name as well. With her first book “Bad Polka” published featuring mysteries of ancient gothic lore and centuries gone by, another manuscript in the works and a delectable short-story “Pernicious Guiles” also published within an anthology, its clear to all who read her tales that she is truly enamored of erotica, horror, science fiction, vampires, and the fairy realm; as much of her research is spent learning of their many aspects and entwining the variations for a fresh view on her ultimate subject. She is also co-writing a novel with a friend on their shared view of the Bohemian Revolution. Being a connoisseur of 'The Green Fairy' Alterra seeks to entwine the allure of Absinth (the ever-so-notorious liqueur) to a controversial tale; and although it may never go to print, Alterra assures us that they are certainly having fun!

It is no wonder that to Alterra “time is of the essence” as she works diligently on both dayside and nightside projects, in order to satiate her thirst for grasping the universal interconnectedness. Having raised three beautiful children that now endeavor on their own roads to success, Alterra has learned patience and pride as well as where her path will lead her anew. Professionally, Alterra is a handler of Conformation Show-dogs and she is a Master Groomer by trade. She has spent years perfecting bloodlines and working diligently to educate the public in breed awareness of the types and temperaments of our canine friends. Animal companions offer abundant positive energy willingly; knowing this Alterra finds the most compatible match to best benefit peoples’ lifestyles and needs, often dramatically improving their overall mental and physical well-being with this type of nurturing contact.

Traveling to new places and meeting new people is important in Alterra’s quest for adventure and wisdom. Aside from the US and Mexico, her main focus has been what lies beyond the Atlantic divide - Europe. She has spent some time exploring the ancient footpaths of France, Italy, Germany (Bavaria being a favorite), Greece and Austria. With so many more exciting destinations in mind, her adventures have only just begun.


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Father Sebastian


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"~Change ~ Nothing stays the same, embrace it, wield its possibilities with power and enthusiasm!"


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