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Brian Matthew Kessler
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Leo (31 July)
Hungarian and Romanian
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Single and looking
Whatever I find wisdom in...
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The nomadic, creative, learned, and (by some accounts) wise, Bholanath currently resides in Budapest, Hungary. Among Bholanath's recent and ongoing tasks is the authorship of numerous articles of potential interest to the vampyre community. As diverse as their wordsmith, these essays cover a wide-ranging array of topics: from Magick and the Will to Mysticism and Truth, from Leaders and their need to Communicate to Communities and their need to form Social Contracts, Agism, Free Speech, and the dark-side of vampyrism.

From skeptic to rabble-rouser and reformer, from cynic to believer, from mystic to magician, Bholanath offers perspectives which are as insightful and challenging. Seeing truths in every falsehood and falsehoods in every truth, he will shamelessly offer paradoxical information knowing that the truth lies somewhere beyond rational understandings and human communications. His misanthropy weighs equal against his messiah complex. Love, Life, Liberty, and enLightnment are the only values he will agree to. Knowing that human nature itself is an enigma, he offers grounding towards the community: telling us to remember where our feet are. Knowing that "mere human" is itself a paradox, he seeks to foster a generation of walking-Gods. When it comes to vampyres, he raises questions whether and how the term should be applied but offers no definitive answers.

Bholanath's involvement within the vampyre community has had a heavy focus on improving communications. He was the Founder of The Order of the Crimson Tongues, a Vampyre Order recognized world-wide for its promotion of free speech throughout the Vampire / Vampyre community. He was the Founder of the The Red Pages, one of the most complete, well organized, and open Vampyre Directories on the Internet. He was also the Founder of Vampire Community Warnings and co-Founder of Ongoing Vampire Community Conflicts, both eGroups created to deal with the unfortunate problems that develop throughout our community. Bholanath has also been involved with Free Fidelity, an event to be held offline in celebration of free expression and in battle of censorship. He has also contributed several articles to the Sanguinomicon Liber Calmae (2004).

Born in New Jersey, Bholanath has been known variously as a recluse, a rabble-rouser, an artist, a student, a world-traveler, a computer guru, and a spiritual guru. His art is an eclectic array of experiments in various mediums, mostly textual or visual, but sometimes also audile. The work large collection of his work featured on his website and elsewhere is by no means representative of his constantly growing collection as a whole. By preference, when social, he associates with goths, metalheads, hippies, punks, vampyres, and other members of sub-cultural and counter-cultural movements. He occasionally attends political protests (where he has occasionally shown up on television in background footage). As a performer he has appeared on both stage and screen, both of which he also writes for.

Bholanath's nomadic tendencies have carried him to three continents. He has resided in The US, England, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland, Hungary, Israel, Morocco. Between residences, his travels have also taken him to Ireland, Luxemburg, Liechtenstein, Austria, Spain (including the Canary Islands), and the Czech Republic. He estimates that he spent nearly a third of his life overseas. His lifestyle has been no more sedentary on this side of the Atlantic and he has also traveled both the US and Canada. While he enjoys taking in sites and history, what excites Bholanath the most is the opportunity to meet and interact with new people and to experience their culture.

Bholanath's creativity and analytical abilities combine with his passion to see the vampyre community evolve in a direction which will be both more enlightening and enjoyable towards those who choose to be a part of it.


My Favorite Quote

"My highest ambition in Life is to Love and to be Loved.
It is not that I have no other goals in Life,
but rather I find all other ambitions to be significantly lower.
Without Love There is Nothing-at-All."


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