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Deacon Gray
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Mradu / Prison Medic

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A writer with budding talent Deacon Gray resides in the high deserts of South Eastern Idaho where he currently works on various projects. With two horror novels underway, and a small but active web based magazine, he splits his time at the keyboard, and investigating the local growing scene.

Deacon has become known in the Vampire Community through his work as a Council member in “The Vampire Nations”, a moderator for “Smoke and Mirrors”, a moderator for “Real Vampires”, an Honorary Senior Elder with the House of Ma’at, and as an active participant in over 50 web based vampire groups of various distinctions. Some of his informative articles have been listed at “” and can be found regularly on the pages of “The Graveyard Press” ( were he organizes and leads this most eclectic journal. Deacon has also created a collection of gripping short stories inspired on the real Vampire Community. His goal is to combine his Community experiences with his impending desire to write good imaginative fiction to illustrate the Community as it truly is, complete with the dynamics of its characters in an excitingly charged dark atmosphere.

Deacon has lived in South America (Panama) and traveled extensively throughout Latin America, Costa Rica being his proclaimed favorite destination by far. He has also spent time discovering Europe; in his best memories are Ireland, Germany and Turkey. Most recently he was deployed to Afghanistan with the Army having had not only the opportunity to save more than a few lives, but also to explore the Middle Eastern culture. Deacon has a strong desire to continue his travels, and one day visit Portugal and Hungary amongst others.

With interests as eclectic as few, Deacon can often be found at wineries tasting the newest efforts, and various wine festivals in Idaho, and has been involved in things like the stage show “EL CORAZON DEL DIABLO” (The Heart of the Devil) at the Alternative Lifestyle Expo in Boise Idaho, where he worked with stage production and as head of security. He has become a real cigar enthusiast recently and when there is a chance loves to break out his ‘Humidor’ and fire one over gourmet coffee or a nice brandy.

Deacon is actively building his local Gothic, BDSM and Vampire community by organizing, hosting and participating in both on-line and in-person events and gatherings. He has also been trying to bring together the vampires of the Northwest. It is his desire to have activities like “The Vampyre Ball” out of Portland, become a local Mecca for the subdued community of the Northwestern Vampires and Otherkin.


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“God Forgives, Sooo feel free to indulge.”


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