Ezikiel Tempted
Ezikiel Tempted
Boise, Idaho
Libra/Earth Dragon
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Pigs in a blanket wrapped in bacon
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Ezikiel is an artist, as well as a student of the occult living in Boise, Idaho. Using his writings and illustrations to convey to others what dreams and visions he can. Before joining the House of the Dreaming, he often posted his writings and articles on the Dusty Grimoire.

In his own studies, Ezikiel has often found himself as a Ramkht. Whenever he is doing a working in a group he finds himself redirecting and programming the energy, intensifying the intent of the ritual. With his scribe nature, he has got hundreds of pages of research notes and even more of journals, random essays, and articles. While he claims not to be much of a community organizer, he often organizes discussions, meet and greets, and pow-wow of all kinds in reference to the magical community. Ezikiel has come up with several different rituals and workings of his own devices. As a Ramkht, these tools are important aspects of his Road.

While Ezikiel identifies with a darker aspect of himself, calling it a particular name is difficult. He feeds as a vampire would, taking the life energy of others in order to sustain a sense of homeostasis. With out it, he becomes at first irritable, then downright ill with headaches, chills, an impressive appetite that never keeps him satiated, muscle pains, night terrors, and general intense unease. While he was going through these bouts of binge and such, he started to question why it is that his nature lends itself to the predatory parasitic. His Otherkin nature remains a mystery to him. A mere shadow, though sentient. He has memories of several eons where he would float from dream to dream, earning from the Dreamer. Through these subconscious travels, he learned my first thoughts, the uses of magic, the importance of the arcane symbols and began to understand himself through the experiences of others.

Ezikiel is spearheading the Somnium Homunculi Otherkin Guild, operating as the head administrator. His studies include most of Donald Tyson’s written works, the Tarot, and Ceremonial Ritual (structure and practice); as well as several other form of the occult. Most of all Ezikiel practices are to find the techniques that suit him and his kin at the Somnium Homunculi, not relying on written theory to develop his own worldview.

He can often be found at the local club; dancing until they lock the doors.


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Father Sebastian


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"There is no nightmare more potent than a memory."


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