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Richmond, VA
Leo - Water Pig
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The Magician
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The Rosetta Stone
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Email: praniphagite@yahoo.com

FaceBook ID: Gordon Smith https://www.facebook.com/praniphagite



Called to more than a Southern Baptist upbringing could offer, Hesperus dove into occult studies in early adolescence. Always drawn to the mystique of the dark, it wasn’t long before that seeking led to information on real vampirism and the floodgates of self-discovery flew open. Learning that the unrelenting visceral need within had a name was just the beginning of this new course of revelation, however.

The unending process of Hunger-driven Awakening compelled Hesperus’ discovery that the most personally fulfilling form of energy from which to draw sustenance was insight and epiphany. A successful and celebrated career as a tutor naturally followed and not only helped countless students, but thoroughly refined Hesperus’ own academic skills. Well fed yet yearning for deeper connections with other Nightkind, those honed writing skills allowed for regular contributions to sites including The Vampire Observer and The Vampire Source.

While the OVC facilitated considerable growth, nothing satisfied the nagging sense that something was still missing until, after walking through each day clinging to a half-remembered dream of family, Hesperus and the House of the Dreaming made contact. The spark of deep recognition and inspiration was instantaneous and reinforced over several gatherings, personal connections, and collaborative efforts.

Hesperus is the founder and administrator of CLAVIS and continues to write articles relating to the vampire identity and subculture and the community that it could become. Constantly on the prowl for new experiences and insights from as many diverse sources as possible, Hesperus can frequently be found chiming in in an array of online vampire fora, engaging in a conversation on existentialist philosophy, cheering on the supernatural forces in the latest horror film, or with a nose buried in the most arcane book in the room.


My Favorite Quote

"“Did you see that hallucination?!”"


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