Madame X
The Madame
New Jersey, US and Algarve, PT
Aquarius/Fire Horse (Feb 7th 11:45PM)
House Status:
Matriarch and Dark Muse





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Yahoo! ID: madamex_hotd


AIM ID: TheMadameX

Skype: madame.x7



Journeyer and scholar, Madame X, Matriarch of Our House, holds residence on both sides of the Atlantic, in the United States and Portugal, where she sets her passions on many community projects and personal projects alike. Madame X has also been recently featured in "Vampires in their Own Words", "The Sanguinomicon - Liber Calmae", several editions of "Vampyre Almanac" and "V" reprinted in part as "The Black Veil". These vampyre subculture books, controversial in nature, present a collection of philosophies, traditions, and techniques designed to challenge and inspire this rapidly growing subculture. They focus on community conduct, spirituality, awakenings, energy work and provide an excellent compendium summarizing vampyre folklore throughout the world.

Madame X has taken part in the conception and development of several regional vampyre societies, including: "The Iron Garden" (NJ), "The Court of Lazarus" (NY), "Black Atlantis" (GA), and "Black Oaks" (GA). Madame X has also co-hosted "Black Abbey" (NYC), co-founded "The Dark Nations" and more recently the Portuguese Vampyric Guild "Serões da Quimera". She is a frequent interview host for "Vampyre Lounge" and is currently spearheading an educational interview video program, called "The Collective". Madame X attended private gatherings at the old Mission, The Cat Club, those hosted by The Baroness and by the Old Court of Gotham in Manhattan. She also collaborated with "Vampyre Magazine", "Endless Night", "Pagan Pride" and "Bloodlines", among others.

Among Madame X's many volunteering efforts, she has performed at the NJ Renaissance Faire, an orphan's charity, has offered her time and service to more than a few "Convergence" gatherings and has also volunteered as literary panel mediator for the AIDS charity, "GothCon" once held in New Orleans and Atlanta. The Madame was also recognized as Kharrus, or priestess, of the OSV a Vampyre Order recognized worldwide; she particularly enjoys crafting rituals and spiritual ascensions like wedlocks and naming ceremonies.

Over the years Madame X became a muse to aspiring artists, through her brainchild "The Rift Arts Forum", a creationist's not-for-profit guild, which for many years offered a constant outpour of cultural/art-related happenings. If you delved in such, perhaps you have met her in some dimly lit cafe, heard her lyricism on the radio or on the cable TV programs or even read her words on "The Goth Bible".

Being an eclectic spiritualist and a chaos magician, Madame X's views on metaphysics and Vampyrism are sacred and diverse. Knowing that the vampyric nature is not easily explained, she feels that the desire to decipher it opens portals to a kaleidoscope of personal ideologies; transcending an insatiable love for life, spheres of spiritual awakenings, and transformations into the completion of the self, where the journey itself is the ultimate key.

Searching for others of like mind, she has explored most of the United States, Canada and Mexico; much of Europe: Portugal, Spain, France, England, Italy and Romania; South America: Venezuela and Brazil and many off shore islands like The Canaries, The Bahamas, The Virgin Isles, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. While exploring the culture and myths of these foreign lands, she is fluent in the poetry and the fictions of the heart, as well as their native tongues.

Madame X's mystique and influence walks hand and hand with her creative flair in a pointed effort to cultivate the interests and spiritual movement that truly define the Vampyre nature. Feel free to reach her via or through YIM as Madamex_hotd.


Madame X's Oath of Devotion

I accept this path for I believe it to be true - I accept the responsibility of Matriarch of the House of the Dreaming and I offer my profound allegiance to this family I call my own in duty and love.

My service is to the Family and to its doctrine which I embrace and defend, and to the Veil of the Waking Dream which I value and uphold.

I dedicate myself to our Family as a mentor, by love, advice and example.

I accept this path and serve it with all my heart and Soul.

So it is written, so it shall be done.

As above so it is below.


My Favorite Quote

"no thanx, Im allergic."


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