Nyx Fury
Nyx Fury
Atlanta, Georgia
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Buffy, Charmed, Cartoons and Thrillers
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Professional Domme

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Nyx Fury is named after the Night Furies, mythical creatures who punished and tortured offering repentance and justice for mankind. She is a loving dominant woman who reaches out to you in your dreams and explores your deepest darkest fantasies.

She is a member of House of the Dreaming following the path of the Kitra, releasing interpersonal energies is her darkest flair. You might have met her at Endless Night 2003, in New Orleans, at the last few Black Atlantis gatherings in Atlanta, GA or at the V Lounge in Savannah, GA.

Nyx has explored dominance her whole life and has become a professional domme simply because she enjoys it. She knows her dark side and dares you to explore yours. She pushes your limits and guides you through the BDSM lifestyle. She can punish you harshly and she can reward you deliciously.

Why deny yourself when you can have a beautiful, creative, intelligent creature walking you through the darkness of your mind on a leash. She is a Mistress who is looking to bring out your slave potential. Her style of Domination is sensual, creative, and classy with a gothic edge and a romantic essence. She is very much into the psychological aspect of this exciting world. To her, BDSM play is a mere tool that she uses to take control of you and lead you to where she wants you to go.

Some activities she enjoys are Goddess Worship, Role Playing, Interrogation, Intimidation methods, Intricate Rope Bondage, Corporal Punishment, Sensory Deprivation, Cupping, Age Play, Chastity, Cling Film, Depilation/Shaving, Feminization, Gags, Humiliation, Latex, Leather, Masks/Hoods, Retifism (Shoes or Boots), Rubber, Therapy play, Tickle-torture, Trampling, Wax Play, some forms of medical play, Kidnapping and Blackmailing… to name a few.

Nyx Fury is also a physical trainer specializing in nutrition, kinesiology and massage. Some of her other interests include cosmetology, classical music composition on the piano, website design, multimedia interplay, comparative religions and The Looney Toons.

She is a gothic vampire princess. Victorian Corsets, flowing gowns and boots are ways to her heart. Her favorite places to shop are: Eros Boutique, Fetish Factory, Fredricks, The Stockroom, AMF Corsets, Corset Maker, Pennangalan Boots, and Baroness. Currently she is building her very own romantic style dungeon and worship space… and who knows maybe you’ll come visit soon…


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