Taurus - Fire Snake
Caribbean American
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Shadowborne is a fearless soul, eager to seek and learn as much as he possibly can. Born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in Queens, since a child, Shadowborne has found a strong connection with magic, occult symbology and the Vampire archetype. He has always had a sense of loyalty, community and family values, as he has always cherished true meaningful friendship. Shadowborne's journey to the Vampire Community has not been an easy one having come from a mundane society that is so different from where he longed to be. For years Shadowborne remained in the shadows, knowing that once he dares to manifest in the Vampire Community, he would never return to the place he hailed from. And so, until that time came, he held on to his childhood friends, as long as he could, until it was time to finally say goodbye, and emerge anew as part of the Vampire Society.

Shadowborne became an active member of the VC on November 2021, when he signed his name as a Citizen of The Court The Iron Garden. There, he received one of the greatest gifts in the world: His Nightside Name Shadowborne. This name was given to him by his Sire and Mentor, Madame X at a personalized naming ceremony conducted by Madame X herself. Being that Shadowborne was finally coming out of the shadows to now live his true life as a Vampire, the name Shadowborne is a perfect fit.

Shadowborne has since become the Guardian of the Iron Garden with aspirations to become the next Marshal of this good court. Aside from participating in several ceremonies held at the Iron Garden, he has attended the Vampyre’s V Ball 2022 in Pittsburgh, where he assisted Madame X in a Full Moon Ceremony, the Witche’s Ball and Vampire Salon 2022 in New Orleans, the Endless Night Vampire Ball 2022 in New Orleans, the Dark Gift Alliance Resurrection’s Ball 2022 hosted by CotA in New Orleans, he has also been blessed to assist in a ceremony in the remembrance of Authoress Lady Ann Rice on Samhain Eve 2022 in New Orleans. Not to mention in between all of these Nightside festivals and celebrations, Shadowborne proudly became a fully initiated member of The House of The Dreaming.

As most Vampires are, Shadowborne too is very passionate about life; his passion of food, wine, culture, art, music, women, and magic (not necessarily in that order) make him sincere and true to his spiritual beliefs. Shadow finds time to connect, through meditation and dreamwork which allows him that space to be grateful for who he is and who he has become. A poet, a musician, a father, a friend, a brother, a son, a student, a Mradu. With all these things that he is truly grateful for, Shadowborne still persists to push forward to fulfill his purpose on the planet and he will always be fully confident in the dream.


My Favorite Quote

"“Now you know what we are and now you know what you are.”"