Herr Wülfsunus
Herr Wülfsunus
New Jersey, US
Leo (2 August)
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Mradu / IT Analyst


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Email 1: wulfsunus@yahoo.com

Email 2: houseofthedreamingforum@yahoo.com



Herr Wülfsunus first and foremost refers to himself as animal. It is as animal where his root instincts, insights, and his unique vision of his world thrive. To eye a touch, feel the texture of sound, breath the life of joy, swim in song, to be your environment in all its facets. You could only imagine that as human this helps him greatly as the poet, but maybe you might know him by one of his many other incarnations, hydraulics tech, motorcycle enthusiast (including motocross), exotic animal collector, herpetology aficionado, antique pocket watch tinker, class A ASE certified automotive tech, Tai Chi Quan/Qigong practitioner, cross-country runner, skier, skater, seeker of the Holy Grail, a not-so-devote born and raised Roman Catholic Christian, (you already figured that one out from the Monty Python's reference), but a deep curiosity in most all beliefs, (he enjoys to study religions for it gives him a good insight on how people tick).

He has taken on the posts of both Webmaster and Gatekeeper for the Dreaming site, and has been the primary sponsor of most of the Dreaming gatherings, ceremonies, projects and acquisitions. Wülfsunus was involved in the New Court of Gotham in NYC as Keeper of the Veil, and is currently the Ambassador for the Dreaming Embassy within Dark Nations.

He is a traveler of a good part of Western and Eastern Europe, North America, China, India (literally been around the world once), Loves being in the safety of TREES (and his family is pretty cool too). He is a PC/Mac desktop and LAN analyst for Victoria's Secret of NYC remote office services… wow what a job! And he admits to having a bit of fun there. Wülfsunus delights in the nexus of knowledge that occurs when savoring being alive, processing, the way insightful minds connect in a community as one in House of the Dreaming.

Herr Wülfsunus has become a member of The Dreaming knowing that this kind of sharing could only help in his spiritual and terrestrial journeys. Wülfsunus has been a part of the House of the Dreaming since its inception and in that relatively short time he has "grown a multitude of times". Wülfsunus is currently fulfilling his Mradu right of honor in the House of the Dreaming as Elder. Perhaps you have met him in New Jersey or NYC as he participated in the Strigoi Vii LBV reunion Ritual, the private ritual at the Temple of Cats also in NYC, and also hosted events for "The Rift Arts Forum", a creationist's not-for-profit guild, which for many years offered an outpour of cultural/art-related happenings throughout the Tristate area. He was often seen in NYC and NJ participating at events hosted by The Magical Child and Enchantments, or at Robots, The Bank, Mother’s, The Raven Café, The BatCave at Downtime, The Bat Cave Night Club and Restaurant, The Court of Lazarus, The Black Abbey, The Edge, Aldo’s, Connections, The Loop Lounge, Dressing for Pleasure, The Court of Eden, The Iron Garden, and of course QXT’s. He loved the atmosphere of The Coven in Nyack, NY. While some of his favorite hangout spots in Philadelphia are (were) The Black Banana, The Middle East, Shampoo and The Painted Bride Arts center.


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