The Family

The Household of our Family is comprised of Elders, Calmae, Initiates, Black Swans, and Dedicants, that form an Inner and Outher Circle. Membership shall only be allowed for reasonably mature adults (18+), as advised by our experience of the applicants and with due consideration for any applicable local laws.

Our household welcomes those who wish to be our donors and friends to participate in our Outer Circle of Dream Seekers; but if you are interested in becoming more involved with our events, parlors, study, or programs of ascension, we invite you to let us know. We will require a paragraph stating your personal intent of dedication and why you think our Household is a good match for you. We also encourage you to interact and meet at least some of he House members in person. Then, just give us some time to get to know each other, and you will be notified of our decision and, if selected we will consult you on your ring size.


As creator, founder, front-person and mother figure to The House of the Dreaming, Madame X the Matriarch of the House must be recognized as the person who has the most tenure within The House, is and has been more steadfastly vested in the growth, progress, expansion and improved relations of House of The Dreaming, as well as, in the individual Members of the Family. If we trust in our Elders’ judgment, then we must even more so trust and believe in our Matriarch vision, intention, direction and goals toward the advancement of The House and toward the Greater Good. In times of internal turmoil, indecision, instability, apathy, or conflict, we find it necessary that our Matriarch step in with a final Word to swiftly resolve the matter in the best possible light strengthening The House. The Matriarch’s Word is Incontrovertible. Dishonesty, subversion, insubordination, insurrection or sedition on the part of any Member or Dedicant will not be tolerated and will result in disciplinary action that may include temporary or permanent leave. The Matriarch’s Word is the calm to ease the storm.

The Dreaming (The Inner Circle)

The Astral Travelers - Elders

Outstanding individuals who have achieved significant maturity on all levels (mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual) and who have proven to have a strong understanding and constant application of the Household's philosophies and have achieved highly for themselves and the Family. Elders ought to be exceptional role-models who are looked up to by other members of the community for their community endeavors and mentorship skills. Household Elders are there to provide guidance, a sense of direction, settle disputes, and help wards establish themselves in the community. Like Calmaeship, ascension to Elderhood is determined within our household according to tradition. The traditional ascension celebration to the title of Elder; is referred to as "The Rite of the Spheres", where the Elder receives the third and last ring of the Dreaming. Elders are encouraged to actively participate in both Inner and Outer Circle discussion forums.

Elders’ Consensus

Given the premise that our House Elders with regard to House and Community are wiser, more vested and more informed; it becomes advantageous to both The House and to the Greater Good to put in place a system where our Elder’s voices are thusly recognized.  The Elder Consensus must represent solid interest in the growth, progress, expansion and improved relations of House of The Dreaming, as well as, goodwill toward the Members of Our Family.  The Elders’ Consensus will be presented to the membership as a proper statement with due reasoning after a private in-chamber discussion and a majority agreement between Elders.  Such a Consensus may be issued with regard to any motion pending vote, which may place a temporary hold on such a motion, or with regard to any aspect of The House generating discussion and positive action.  Affirmative action may be taken on any Elders’ Consensus ‘without majority endorsement by the membership’ if the Consensus bears the Matriarch’s endorsement. The Elders’ Consensus is the rudder that steers the ship.

The Ethereal Walkers - Calmae

Those who have proven to understand and abide by the philosophy of the Dreaming. Calmae have chosen, or have been given by their Sire or Mentor, a scene name. Calmae are expected to attend social Household functions and to participate in all Dreaming Parlors. To take on a Chyld or Ward one must be at least Calmae. Becoming a Sire is a great responsibility. The Sire is responsible for the behavior, education and development of all their Wards (the junior members of our family). Calmae status is determined within our household according to tradition. 'The Rite of the Body of Light' is the family's ascension celebration when an Initiate embraces Calmaeship; there they will receive the second Household Ring and Dream Stone with which to continue their path. Calmae are encouraged to actively participate in the House of the Dreaming Inner Circle discussion forum.

The Lucid Dreamers - Initiates

Those that have recently fully joined our house. Initiates are those who are new to our community, they are coming to terms with who they are, and are testing the philosophies of Our House, while under the mentorship of their Sire or Mentor. Initiates are fully initiated members of our Household; and as such, initiates are welcome to attend all social Household functions and are expected to participate in all Dreaming Parlors. Initiates will be offered the first Household Ring and a Dream Book to begin their journey during the "Rite of Fire and Blood" our initiation celebration. Initiates are expected to use the name of their Mentor and the name of House of the Dreaming as part of their signature in any formal internet correspondence. Initiates are welcome to actively participate in the House of the Dreaming Inner Circle discussion forum.

The Crimson Circle

Click here for the Crimson Circle discussion forum.


Individuals who willingly surrender their life-force to nourish those of a vampyric nature. Donors are encouraged to actively participate in the House of the Dreaming Donor Forum.

The Black Swans

House of The Dreaming welcomes our Black Swans as part of our greater Family. Black Swans must be at least 18 years of age. Our Swans are trusted friends of individual Members of House of the Dreaming. We grant them our respect for their assistance, talents and knowledge that they provide to us.  House of the Dreaming recognizes and distinguishes our Swans based upon continued merit, friendship and service to one or more members of Our Family. As such, Black Swans will be sponsored and recognized by at least one Family Member and acknowledged by the Whole of the House.  House of The Dreaming grants a public mention and welcome of newly recognized Black Swans to our Family. HotD recognizes Black Swans our membership page identifying them as Black Swans who are respected and prized by our Family.  HotD grants those Black Swans who are interested, access to the Outer Circle, Crimson Circle and the Silver Circle areas of our forum, where they can potentially volunteer to assist Members and Dedicants with ongoing projects, initiate their own project(s) and contribute to the exchange of ideas.  HotD will only grant Black Swans access to the Inner Circle on a ‘need to know’ basis in accordance with the projects they may be involved in.

The Silver Circle

The Dedicants

Those who intend to become 'fully initiated' into our House. This is a temporary recognition, as they often begin the journey as Interested Parties or Black Swans only to become Initiates. Like Black Swans, Dedicants must present a valid reason why they would like to be part of our Household and then must be approved unanimously by the Elders and by a majority of the whole of the House. Dedicants are welcome to attend Household Functions but may only attend up to 2 Dreaming Parlors. Dedication is a personal decision, Dedicants are discouraged from publicly advertising their affiliation to HOTD as it causes community misconceptions; this usage of the term dedicant is exclusive to our family. Dedicants are encouraged to actively participate in the House of the Dreaming Interest discussion forum.

The Dream Seekers (The Outer Circle)

Click here for the Outer Circle discussion forum.

Honorary Members

An Honorary Member of our Family is an esteemed individual who while not being eligible for official full-membership within House of the Dreaming has displayed a continued dedication to promoting and championing the efforts of Our House, has made constructive contributions to the growth, goals and advancement of House or Membership, and is therefore already considered Family. Once this distinction is conferred, it generally becomes a permanent credit despite future involvement, service or participation. Honorary Members will be granted first invitation to Family events and functions, both in-person and on-line, will be granted complementary log-in credentials with un-moderated posting access to our House of the Dreaming website’s Outer Circle Forum, access to any other Circle may be granted on a ‘need to know’ basis in accordance with the projects they may be currently involved in; and, an invitation to our Facebook Group will be extended, to encourage continued sharing in our Family’s ventures and warmth. Honorary Membership was first awarded in 2011. The roster of Honorary Members contains the names of the select individuals who have been bestowed this honor. Click here for the listing of our members.

Interested Individuals

Those who have signed on to our House of the Dreaming interest group and who have expressed interest in The House of the Dreaming either because they wish to find out more about our family or they are seeking affiliation with us. Interested members are welcome to attend Household Functions but may not attend Dreaming Parlors until they meet the requirements to become Dedicants or Black Swans. Interested parties are also welcome to participate in the House of the Dreaming Interest discussion forum.

The Abbon

House of the Dreaming also welcomes representatives from other Households, as friends of the Family to represent their House and participate on our Dream Seekers' discussion group.