The Guilds

Guilds are groups established with the purpose of studying or exploring a specific matter. A Guild can be led by any Family Member regardless of their rank within the House. Guilds may also welcome participants that may not be part of the community for socialization and learning.

House Guilds

Serões da Quimera - GuildMistress Madame X

Serões da Quimera is a vampiric guild hosted by House of the Dreaming. Madame X conducts  a series of real time chats on MSN for Portuguese speakers on both sides of the Atlantic (and anywhere else) who are interested in exploring Vampirism, Vampyres and the Vampiric Journey. The group came together in November of 2008 and engages in thematic discussions, research, meditation, ritual, astral work, as well as other forms of personal and interpersonal study. This group is open to Portuguese speakers 18+, who have exposure to the vampiric condition and are seeking further enlightenment.

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Somnium Homunculi – GuildMaster Ezikiel Tempted

This Guild hosted by house of the Dreaming explores Otherkin by incorporating a variety of spiritual and metaphysical understandings, theories and practices, by channeling the Otherkin energy into a manifestation the will and an evolution of the soul, and by generating higher workings of self-transformation and realization while concentrating on developing and manifesting the Embodied Consciousness. This Guild formed in February of 2010 is open to all interested who are 18+, who show aptitude for embodied awareness and who have (at least) a basic understanding of magical concepts and practices.

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Other House Guilds of historic significance:

Order of the Crimson Tongue - GuildMaster Bholanath

The Rift Arts Forum - GuildMistress Madame X