The House

The House of The Dreaming is a group particularly chosen individuals who share a common philosophy: "One Honor, One Family, One Dream". Our Household is lead by our Matriarch, Madame X. Our Household offers interaction with individuals of like mind, a strong sense of community, structured ascension, introduction to donors, training, influence, tradition, protection, direction, support and resources; abiding by the 13 tenants of The Black Veil and The Veil of the Waking Dream.

Our Family, the Inner Circle, is a small close knit group, but there is no limit to how many people can be apart of our Household and it is not limited to one geographical location; we welcome members from any area of the country or even the world. Our Inner Circle Members reside in New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, Idaho, and in Portugal and Hungary in Europe. Interested in being involved with the House of the Dreaming?


We would love your company and participation in our Outer Circle – This is a place for those seeking a deeper commitment to the Dreaming. This forum was created for individuals 18 and over who wish to find out more about our family and who are seeking affiliation with our Household. Here our family will get to know our Dedicants better and we will base our selections for initiation. On this forum we will also find our donors (Kitral), friends of the family (Abbon), and other friends and associates (Black Swans).


Despite our diverging views on ageism, and only due to the myriad of possible legal ramifications, House of the Dreaming strictly prohibits mentoring of minors into the vampyre / therian / otherkin / magickal community and frowns upon any otherwise extensive interactions with minors. We respect the rights of parents and legal guardians to raise their children as they see best fitting, provided they observe any reasonable legal restrictions.


Although House of the Dreaming encourages member participation in other esoteric organizations including educational, social, spiritual and magical orders, we cannot accept members of houses, covens, or other family-like organizations.


All contributions, text or images, to House of the Dreaming become property of HotD, although the member retains the right to use his/her own intellectual property elsewhere (as appropriate). Members may edit and delete their own posts while their membership is in good standing (exactly as the software allows). However, all other maintenance and deletion of posts is at the sole discretion of HotD, as justified by context and permitted by time.