Preparation of the Dedicants

  1. Provide left pinky ring size.

    The ring is a symbol of your commitment and level of participation to the House of the Dreaming. The pinky has been chosen for its mystical and magical significance, also it is the finger associated with subconscious thoughts and the dreaming process. The left side represents the left-hand path we have chosen (introspection vs. emulation). Each level of participation is represented by a custom silver band - Initiates boast one band, Calmae two and Elders three.

  2. Complete and submit the following statement:

    "My Quest is..."

    with a word, a sentence or a paragraph. This personal statement will be included as part of your Initiation.

  3. Declare your path of Ceremony:

    Path of Fire (pranic) or Path of Blood (sanguine)

    Your chosen path will delineate a major part of your Initiation Ceremony, as your Elders will be sharing themselves with you. Keep in mind that the focus is on the offering, not on the draw; so please sip and do not indulge the offering. If you choose the path of Blood, please indicate if you rather take our offering from a wine chalice or directly/transdermally.

  4. Declare your chosen Cast

    (Guardian of Dreams, Seer of Dreams or Nurturer of Dreams) upon request during the ceremony.

  5. Keep Silence and Fast on the day of the Rite from sunrise to sunset

    so that your body and mind are readied by desire, restraint and introspection. We will brake fast immediately after Initiations.

  6. Be prepared to seal the oath in blood

    by making a small incision in your hand with our Ritual Knife and as a symbol of unity commingling your blood with ours in the wine wood Chalyx of Initiation.

  7. Be in attendance at the set time:

    5PM (unless otherwise advised), because Sunset will not wait for us.

Preparation of the Space

(Details undisclosed)

Preparation of the Elders

The Elders that will conduct initiation shall:

  1. Keep abstinence on the day of the Rite from sunrise to sunset,
  2. Ready themselves to share their fire and blood with the initiates, and
  3. Prepare to seal their promise with blood.


[Details undisclosed]

The Rite of Initiation will consist of an oath:

Dedicant’s Oath of Initiation

“I’ll find the truth deep in my heart.
And dream the dream of live eternal.
Accept these words as my binding oath.
My Quest is ______________
My service is to the House of the Dreaming
And to its doctrine which I embrace and defend
My path is not only for personal gain,
But for personal surrender and understanding,
Thru it I will grow and become stronger.
I will submit to my elders and teachers
And uphold the Veil of the Waking Dream
I will not use what I have learned to harm others,
But will always defend myself and my principles.
I accept this path and serve it with all my heart and Soul.
As below so above.”

Dedicants will also undertake The Three Trials of Initiation:

  1. The Drawing from the Burning Water
  2. The Journey of the Rock of Dreaming
  3. The Blood Seal

The Dream Book

The newly initiated members of the House of the Dreaming receive a binder containing a list of topics of concentration. Before ascending to Calmae, the initiate is expected to write their interpretation and experiences dealing with the list of terms in essays or 50+ words each.

The Dream Book should also include the initiates’ experiences with lucid dreaming, meditation and energy draw, as well as any other ethereal or astral experiences like vision quests and shifting. The book can be used as a ‘book of shadows’ to document rituals, spells and significant correlations. It can be used as a journal or as a meditative focusing tool. Significant experiences like self-discoveries in a Yoga, Reiki, Tai Chi or Harmonics class should be included.

This book will be reviewed by the Mentor as soon as the initiate feels that he is ready for Calmaeship. It is the Mentors’ responsibility to discuss and bring to the initiate attention any misconceptions and or topics where the initiate conveyed to lack foundation. The completion of the dream book is a justification for your first steps toward understanding of your-self, you nature and the community.